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Guest Post : Royalties on the road of Philippines
Author:  Strawberry Princess
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Country: Philippines
 She sent me the article to share the story of her country with this part of the world.

You may take the jeepney away from the Philippines, but you can’t tell that the country is Philippines if you don’t have the jeepneys in.
A big and defining part of Philippine culture, jeepneys rule the roads after the World War II, being recycled from US military jeeps after the war. The military troops who started going back to their country left hundreds of surplus jeeps. The Filipinos in turn, ripped these to accommodate more passengers, and added metal roofs for shade.
What made this simple feat and an avenue of profits and living for many is how these kings of the road bear creativity. All jeepneys, even the ones which are nearly dilapidated, are intricately designed and beautiful, unique to every eye, and boasting of freshness, friendship, and fashion.
These jeepneys also boost inspiration for daily living since they flank quotes and loving and inspiring one-liners or cheesy lines in the sides, in the head of the jeepney, or in its inside. Some drivers take pride of their family and show it nonetheless by putting the names (yes, each and all) of his family members in the walls of the jeepney inside.
Where else can you find a jeepney that calls itself the Hogwart’s Express, or the Parisian Explorer, or the Love-is-not-blind jeepney? It only happens here in the Philippines and every Filipino takes pride for that.
Mostly, the jeepney is revered for being the sign also of Filipino hardwork and struggle. It is the witness of the Filipino’s quest to make a something out of him. It is the jeepney that transports the people to going through their daily lives, but more than that, the jeepney is actually the one that also helps them fulfill their dreams and wishes. It is the one that pushes them to where they study, build careers and relationships, and best of all, to make their country a better place to live in.

Guest Post 2
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Top Directories To Submit Your Blog

Author: Rakhi Roy
An easy way to get traffic to your blog is to submit your site url to a blog directory.In this case you must need to choose some blog directories which will give you the best result.Below are some top blog directories which will give you back links and will help you blog to some extent for driving traffic towards your blog.
  1. ”Best of the Web Blog Search” is a directory which list only some aged and matured blogs.
  2. EatonWeb Blog Directory is another one.To submit your blog url you need to pay.But the payment is only few dollar and you will get a  good result.
  3. “Bloggernity” is another one which you give you some easy process to submit your blog.
  4. “Blogarama” is a blog directory which is having over 65000 blogs listed and where you can submit your blog easily.
  5. “Blog Catalog” also provides you a simple way to submit your blog.
  6. “Bloglisting’ is a blog directory where you can also exchange links and the page is colorful to attract attention.
  7. Super Blog Directory is a great site that offers tools to posters that others do not. You can see the latest submitted links and blogs on the site, which is a perk that draws traffic into the directory.
  8. Blogio may be a small blog directory with few listings, but it worthy of a submission. Despite its small size, there are quality blogs and a solid ability to search on this site.
  9. Blogging Fusion is a blog with over sixty categories. These categories include photo blogs and family focused blogs. Blogging Fusion has an good amount of blog listings within the directory, and it also has visitor stats available.
  10. Bloggeries has the best categories and subcategories home page on the internet. The layout is clear and concise, and readers are able to find what they are looking for in a snap!

Guest Post 3:
Title :Top 10 Tips to Care Your Pet Animals
Guest Blog Name:Petcare

Pets are the creatures that provide us company when there is no one beside us.So,it is important to know how to treat with pets.Below are 10 quick steps or tips to make your pet comfortable:

1. Try to speak with your pet.Try to understand the body language and act accordingly.If you will not be understand your pet then both of you will feel uncomfortable with each other.

2. Do not put the collar of your pet so tightly and do not pull it so hard.It makes him feel pain.Rather try to train him such that even if there is no collar still you can control your pet.

3.Try to provide such kind of food which is not very rare and you can also share it from your meal.

4.Always try to clean the dirt made by the pet.

5.Choose a comfortable bed for your pet and keep eye on the hygienic issues with it.To get more information about pets bed you can visit "Tips to buy dogs bed"

6.Always keep sometime to have an walk outside with your pet.

7.If you have multiple pets like dogs and cats together ,then make sure that they are in a friendly mood.

8.Always keep any eye on the baby or a children whether he is not too much close with the pet.

9.Keep the body of your pet clean ,otherwise your house will not be clean.

10. Always wash your hand after playing with your pet.
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