iPhone 4s Siri Now for your service !

iPhone 4s just unpacked from a package!

iPhone 4s

This fellow just bought the iphone 4s

The new application SIRI on action

SIRI wants to help the user!

Those who are fan of Apple and used to use iPhone and products from Apple then this is for sure that another man named "SIRI" is coming to your life.Siri is a very simple person who does not care about the flash player in iPhone,do not know about the A5 processor,do not care whether the iPhone is making business or not.He just knows how to help the user of iPhone 4s.
Another new thing in iPhone 4s is to make the phone and the search engine more smarter.When you search for the Apple,you do not search for the fruit apple.So,Apple has already made this thing changed and you are going to get only the related answers.This is not like Google cause Google only matches the keywords and sometimes we go away from our topic which we were searching by not getting the appropriate one.
So,this is a great advantage of iPhone 4s.
So,this can be written that iPhone 4s is seriously smarter with the application person named SIRI.

Motorola Founder Bob Galvin Dies At the Age of 89

The founder of the great mobile company Motorola,Bob Galvin dies at the age of 89.He died yesterday (11/10/2011).He was died in Chicago.
In this duration of time when he started Motorola,there were many ups and downs in the company.But when BOB was in the company the situation was not like that.Many Motorola leaders came to Bob when they faced hard times.
Bob Willam was the long time CEO of Motorola.Bob Galvin took over the company Motorola from his father V. Galvin and he was CEO and chairman of the company for around 29 years.
The company Motorola was initially named as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.This is Bob Galvin who made this company a global company and the company value reached $11 bilion in the year 1990.
Below is the press release announcing Bob Galvin's death:

Under Galvin, Motorola led the creation of the global cellular telephone industry. It installed the first prototype cell phone demonstration system in Washington DC in 1971; unveiled the first portable cell phone prototype, the DynaTAC, in 1973; enabled the first commercial cell phone call, which was made on the DynaTAC by Ameritech, in Chicago in 1983; and introduced MicroTAC, the industry’s first compact cell phone, in 1989.
Finally, in 1996, with Galvin serving on Motorola’s board, the company manufactured the first pocket-sized ‘flip phone’, the StarTAC. These innovations paved the way to a cell phone market that now includes some 3.8 billion subscribers worldwide.
Throughout his career, Galvin made crucial investments in cellular R&D and advocated tirelessly for competitive telecom regulation across the globe, never wavering in his belief that cellular technology would revolutionize the way people communicated.
Another thing which i need to inform to you people which may be you know that Google is planning to acquire Motorola by the dollar $12.5.
LiFi the latest technology in Wireless Communication

LiFi the latest technology in Wireless Communication

Two latest technologies in telecommunication is been revealed in the last few weeks.The CEO of TED Global demonstrated that the data can be transmitted through LED light.So,the data will be transmitted through the LED light without any physical optical fiber.If there will be a LED light ,there will be data.
Meanwhile Steve Perlman of Rearden Labs has introduced another technology named DIDO which will break the Shannon's limit by 100 times.
So,in a very short time we are going to forget to connect to internet with the Wi-Fi and we will be used to connect to Wi-Fi through light bulb.
Whether you are using the internet in a coffee shop or trying to steal the internet from the next door of your friend or in a conference when you are facing the internet speed problem.As the user increases ,the speed of the internet gets decreased.
What if the speed gets constant though the user increases in the place.Normally we transmit the data through EM wave in the sky,what if we use the other part which is like?
A German Physicist named Harold Haas has come up with a solution which he says is "data illumination".Through this technique he has taken the optical part of the fiber out of the fiber optics and sending the data through light bulbs.
Harold Haas calls it as D-light and he examined that the data rate through this technique is almost 10 GB which is better than any of the internet connection.So,in a near future you will see that the street lams are transmitting data,the headlights of the cars will be also able to transmit data!

Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output(DIDO): A new solution to multiuser wireless network

Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output is a kind of solution which has allowed the multiuser wireless network to access a user a full data rate though the spectrum is shared among a specific number of people.This eliminates the interference between the users which are sharing the same spectrum.In the conventional wireless system the data rate drops as the number of user increases who shares the same spectrum .But with DIDO the data rate stays steady though the number of user increases.

DIDO solution is much more convenient and efficient and needs less amount of cost to establish the facility.The network structure is also not that much complex.DIDO has very high capacity and performance.
DIDO works in all places including indoor and outdoor,also in urban and suburban area.In rural area DIDO works upto a distance of 250 miles.
Scientist from different parts of the world were working on the DIDO technology for more than a decade.
To understand DIDO you first need to understand the procedure of Wi-Fi then one will understood which places are replaced by DIDO.

Doel Laptop : Laptop of Bangladesh Hits Market Today

At last the waiting ends.The Bangladeshi Laptop product "DOEL" hits market toady.Prime Minister of the republic of Bangladesh today launched the marketing and distribution of this "DOEL" laptop which is the fast ever laptop product produced by the country.
The mother company of this DOEL laptop Telephone Shilpa Sangstha (TSS) has launched with four models ranging between Tk 10,000 and Tk 26,000.
Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the laptops in a great ceremony at Dhaka's Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) around 10.30am on Tuesday morning. Some other officials were also present in the ceremony.
Tough the marketing and distribution is been launched,this is still not yet ready to be sold by the general people.At first the laptops will be distributed in the governmental organizations later this is be open to public and public will be able to buy this at that time.But this time will come very shortly.Within a short span of time.
The total project worth take 1.84 billion.
This project is been implemented with the help of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology ,Malayasian thin film transistor and foreign experts.

Model 2102
10.0" LCD Panel
VIA 8650 800MHz
512 MB RAM
Integrated 0.3 MP
WiFi 802.11b/g
2 USB 2.0
SD Slot for Max 32 GB
Google Android
Price- 10000/=

Model 0703
10.1" (1024*600)
WXGA LED Backlit
Intel® ATOM
Processor N455
Samsung SATA 250 GB
Integrated 1.3 MP
802.11 bg/n
3 USB 2.0
Linux Based OS
Price- 12000/=

Model 2603
13.3" (1360*768)
WXGA LED Backlit
Intel® ATOM
Processor D525
Samsung SATA 320GB
Integrated 1.3 MP
802.11 bg/n
3 USB 2.0
Linux Based OS
Price- 21000/=

Model 1612
14.0" (1920*1020)
LED Backlit
Intel® Celeron Dual
Core T3500 2.1 GHz
Samsung SATA 320GB
DVD Writer
( Samsung )
Integrated 1.3 MP
802.11 bg/n
4 USB 2.0
Linux Based OS
Price- 25000/=

The prices above are not fixed and may vary as the company want to reduce those after the release of this product among the people.
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