Hachi : The New Social Network Linking LinkedIn,Facebook,Google and Twitter in One Platform

Yes,this is new dimension of social networking and this is cool! Hachi the new networking utility is named as Hachi which is taking some of the best functionality offered by LinkedIn (Searching by name,title and company etc. and checking how you are connected to other people in the network) and they will also merge it with Facebook,Twitter and soon with Google and even with Outlook Express contacts to establish a graph of your connection.In this way you will be able to know who you know where,which means that it will show the connection path between you and another person provided that you are not connected in LinkedIn.

This is smart connection!

This is really cool!You are also not limited to 2 or 3 degree connections.The connections will go deeper than that connection and you will find more people.It will also provide you cross network path from point A to point B.

For example,it can show you how you are connected to a person A in LinkedIn who knows also person B in Facebook and also connected to Person C in Twitter.(Thought the Twitter Connection will go live next week.).In this type of multiple paths Hachi will compute the shortest path to connect with that people which is something called as "Path Score".According to the founder of Hachi,Rachna Singh,the path score will be determined on the basis of the connections on path and the parameters to determine the score will be the relationship,company,school and common friends.Later in this month she is hoping that more real world behavior will be added to the Hachi algorithm.

Using Hachi is very simple.Right now if you do not have any invitation you need to submit an email id and they will invite you as soon as possible.Then sign up and make connections and make more connections in a smartest way.

Although this is in the phase of private alpha but Singh told that those who will mail to hello@gohachi.com using the subject line "Techcrunch" will be able to registrar in Hachi today.

Something which needs to be noted that Rachna Shingh is a non-technical person and made this Hachi with the help of a small intern team which was and which is a big big challenge for her. Being a non-technical person it is difficult to manage this type of social networking.

How To Regularly Clear C Drive of Your Computer

May be some people already know how to clear the temp files from the C drive of your computer.Some people manually clear the C drive to make the C drive clear.But my post is for those who still do not know about this temporary files.
When we use our computer always some temporary files get created .If we use internet then history file and cookies get created.This things getting together makes the PC slow.Sometimes computer gets hanged for this kind of temp files and cookies.Some people search for those files and clear those manually.But this is time taking.
There is one tool which will do the cleaning of your C drive .The tool is named as CCleaner.CCleaner will clear all your cookies,history and temp files and you PC will never be slow for these reasons.To download this tool please CLICK HERE.

Best Video Editing Tool Online

Everyday we do some video editing for our own purpose.Like we take some still picture from the video,we save some small part from a large video,we only save the audio from the video.We download youtube videos from you tube.So,video editing is important while using internet and computer.
But to do all these things we switch from one software to another.So,it would be great if we can combine all the video tools together.Such kind of application is "Free Studio Manager".In this application software you will get total 20 tools like Youtube Downloader,Video convert,Video to still picture convert ,audio CD burner ,disk burner etc.The software size is about 66.11 MB.To download the application please CLICK HERE.

How to Recover Deleted File In Windows PC?

May be you have deleted some important file or picture from your windows mistakenly or after the system crash you are not getting some file.Then what is the solution to get those files?Is there any solution or you will loose all those data?

Don't get worried.You have solution.In most of the cases you will get the deleted files by using some recovery software which finds you deleted files.But in most of the cases they are very expensive and to recover large amount of data the price is about .2 million.So,for the general user it is not possible to buy those software.

For the general user there is one software which is named as Recuva.Recuva is such kind of software which will tell you after deeply scanning you drive whether if that file is recoverable or not.If it is recoverable then by pressing the "Recover" button you will be able to recover the file.This is not only functional for hard drive.It can also recover data from external hard drive,digital camera and pendrive.You can download the software from HERE.

How to Get Apple Surface In Windows PC?

Who does not want to use Product of Apple? May be this is smart phone or Laptop or any product from Apple which are having stunning user interface and extraordinary user experience.But it the product price is more than 3 to 4 times of the same configuration that your are using .So,all are not fortunate enough to use those Apple products.But if you want to experience the user interface in your Windows PC then you can try by installing one application which is named as iPadian.By installing iPadian you will be able to get an Apple surface and will be able to experience like this.You can try this.It will not slow your PC and can be installed easily cause it is a portable software and you can install it just after download.Below is the screen of my windows PC after installing iPadian:

You can download the software by CLICKING HERE.After downloading install the iPadian.exe file and enjoy the interface from Apple.

How to Reset Mozilla Firefox Master Passowrd?

Sometimes we click the box to save password for future button not to put the password for many times.But this also causes many difficulties and this is risky.If you are using some email in the lab and check market the box of "remember my password " and forgot to reset it before you are living the lab then anyone can enter into your account and can change your password.
Now what to do if such thing happen and what is the prevention.One solution is that use master password.Now the problem is what you will do if you forget the password or if someone already put the password?
In this case you can go to this link chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul
By going to the above link you will see the below screen:
 Now you need to press the "reset" button and then you will be able to reset the password which is mozilla master password.Hope you have liked the above technique.

Airtel Providing Bad Service In Bangladesh

Some of the regular readers of my blog just complained about Airtel in Bangaldesh and sent me email about the problem problems and they want me to write about those problems in this blog so Airtel authority takes proper steps to solve those problems as quickly as possible.

The first case is about a wrong billing information.This person had got one call from the Airtel from the number 20505 and received the call and got down the mobile phone as he knows that this may be about some offer or caller tunes.At that time his balance was 21 BDT.After that he had spent around 2 BDT to make two calls.But when he checked his balance he found that he is having only .01 BDT.So,he called to the customer care from another number and described everything.Then the caller agent told him that he cannot take his complain as he is calling from another number.
Then after recharging the person again called the agent and again described everything.As you know the IVR is very lengthy and you need to wait for a while to get the agent.After checking all these things the agent replied that he will take the complain.But after one week he still did not get the money back.

The second case is about the internet facility of Airtel Bangladesh.This complain is from a person who lives in Khilkhet.He described that when he wants to use Airtel internet it gets connected after 10-15 minutes.Then after getting connected he is only able to use it for a minute cause in between this time it gets disconnected again.

The third case is from a reader who lives in Uttara Azampur.He wrote me that sometimes he gets very good network strength but sometimes there is no network at all.As he is an employee in a company he misses very useful and important calls.So,he is planning to change his GSM operator.Though he knows that Airtel is having 8 FnF facility and FnF can be done in any operator and the call rate is cheap,still he is switching to Airtel.Because the network quality is not upto the mark.

So,i hope Airtel authority will take all the points seriously and will do necessary steps to upgrade their network quality and also make the billing system incorrect.This is their duty to return back the balance of the customer if there is any billion error.If this goes like this then Airtel will loose some real customers.This is not good at all.Some people are calling Airtel as "HaramiTel" just because of its service.

How to Partition Hard Disk Even Without Reinstalling Windows and Restarting

May be you are thinking i am joking or just put an interesting name of my article just to attract readers.But this is not like this.Seriously i am going to show tell you one way through which you will be able to partition your hard disk without reinstalling windows and even without restating your computer.

Some days back someone installed my computer in my Lap without any partition in the hard disk.So,this is a problem when you want to put something in your computer and you do not have any partition in the hard disk and you do not know where to save your file.

Sometimes you are having partition in your computer and you do not have enough space in each partition.So,you need to redefine your partition.But if you want to do it by reinstalling the windows then this is a big pain.So,for this reason i have searched for some easiest way in the internet and find one which is very convincing and do not even need windows to restart.Hope you will like it.

The solution was possible just because of

Free Partition Software - MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.


It was possible just because of the above tool.Using this tool you will be able to partition your hard disk without doing any re installation of the windows and you do not even need to restart the computer.

 At first DOWNLOAD the tool by CLICKING HERE.Then do the above steps shown in the figure.Now apply ,it will take some time.But the whole thing will be done without restarting the computer.Assign the space in each partition as you like.You can do other useful steps with the hlep of this tool.It is very useful.Please share this in Facebook or Twitter so that people will get more help from it.If if helps you do not forget to leave one comment.Thanks!

The Biggest Smartphone Market In The World - China !

Yes, China has overtaken US in the number of Smartphone using in the world.The US based data analysis company Canalys published in their report that in the current quarter of this year the number of shipment that China made is almost 50% more than the previous year.Where US just shipped 16% increase in the shipment.
The number of Smartphone that China ordered shipment is 146 millions.The total growth in the Asia pacific region is around 81%.This is quite impressing.

If we compare the whole world and all the cell phone numbers then US only ordered 16% of the shipment but China ordered 22% of the total production.

Samsung is the number one smartphone vendor company and China ordered 22% of its production.Apple took second place with the total percentage 19% and Nokia with the third position.But it is approximated that Nokia will rise its position because of the release of Nokia Lumia.

The local produces like ZTE,Huawei and Lenovo are also in the rising position.Android smartphone are doing quite well in China.

Telecommunication Job Interview Question Sample-1

After passing out the B Sc. people enter in the job market and they do not carry any industrial or job experience.But the telecommunication company that is offering job must need some quality among that guy and they also question the boy accordingly.They try to judge whether the guy that they are hiring whether he has the capability to learn the things that they are going to teach him later or not?So,they try to ask question which are basic and according to this they judge the interviewee.In telecommunication field there are lots of question which are basic and the person need to know.This is not possible for me to list all the questions related to telecommunication job interview.But i will try to publish them in this blog in parts.This is my first part of the job interview question.Below are some sample job interview questions with answers:

First of all try to remember that the people in the interview board do not have enough time to judge you.They also want quick answers but having the main point.So,do not try to explain in a lengthy manner and try to be to the point.It will help them to judge you.It also shows your smartness.
Question 1: What is modulation?

Answer: Modulation means sending one signal with the help of other signal to a long distance.We use carrier signal to send the base band signal to a long distance.Generally the frequency of the baseband signal frequency is less so we use the carrier signal with high frequency to transmit the baseband signal to a long distance.If you want to through a piece of paper to a long distance then it will not go to a long distance.But if you try to throw it wrapping up a brick piece with that paper then it will travel a long distance.Modulation is like this.

Question 2: What is Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation ? Which one is better?

Answer: In amplitude modulation we modulate the amplitude of the signal.But in frequency modulation we modulate the frequency of the signal.

In amplitude modulation the coverage is very high but the quality is not that good.But in Frequency modulation the coverage is not that high but the quality is good.

Like in Bangladesh Betar we use Amplitude modulation that is why it is having a large coverage area but in FM radio station we use frequency modulation so the coverage is not that much but the quality is high.

Question 3: What are the steps to make the signal from analog to digital?

Answer :To make the signal from analog to digital we do the below steps:
  1. Sampling
  2. Quantization
  3. Pulse Code Modulation
 Question 4: What is quantization error?

Answer: To make the signal from analog to digital we do Quantization which means leveling the signal in some certain levels.While doing this leveling the signal loses its originality and the push to the upper level or to adjust it to the lower level some error happens which causes the error.This is called quantization error.

Question 5: Why we do modulation?

Answer: 1. We want to transmit the signal over a long distance so we do modulation to send it to a long distance.
2. If we do not use modulation then we might need a large size of antenna which is not possible in practical case.

Question 6: In the air the signal is analog or digital signal?

Answer: In the air all signals are analog cosine or sinusoidal wave.There is no question to have digital signal in the air.

Question 7: What is mobile station?

Answer: Mobile station is nothing but our Mobile handset + SIM (Subscriber Identity Module).

Question 8: One E1 is having how many timeslots?

Answer: One E1 is having 32 time slots.

Question 9: Which type of technique we use in WiMax?

Answer: We use OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) in WiMAX.

Question 10: In GSM we use CDMA or TDMA?

Answer: We use Time Division Multiple Access in GSM.

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Mobile Operators Logo In Bangladesh

Teletalk Logo 

 Robi Logo

Airtel BD logo:

Banglalink Logo:

 City Cell Logo

Grameenphone Logo

Below are the logos of the 3 WiMax Companies
Banglalion Logo

Qubee Logo
 Ollo Logo

Banglalink Office Address and Pictures In Dhaka

Banglalink Head Office Address:
Tiger's Den
BanglaLink Head Office
SW(H),Plot # 04,Gulshan-1, Dhaka. 

Banglalink, which is one of the top GSM service provider in Bangladesh is having one beautiful office in Dhaka,Bangladesh.Many people need to the location of the office to go to the office for different purpose.Some people who are outside Dhaka are not familiar with the location and transportation facility of the Banglalink office.Many people know the location of the office but do not know how to go to the office.To help those people i am just trying to describe the transportation details to go to Banglalink office.

How to reach to Banglalink office? :

To come to Banglalink office at first you need to come to Gulshan#1.If you are coming from Mohakhali then after reaching Gulshan 1 you need to take right turn and you need to walk at least for 10 minutes.Then you will get Banglalink Head Offic.

If you are coming from Notun Bazar then you need to take left turn after reaching Gulashan 1 and after walking 10 minutes you will get the office.

If you are coming form Gulshan 2 ,you need to go straight from Gulshan 1.

If you are coming from Nabisco square then you will get the office just beside the Niketan park.

Core i3 Laptop Price In Bangladesh

May be you are going to buy one laptop which is upto date and you do not have any clear idea about the price.So,you are asking your friends about the price and different friend is telling you different price.This is very normal.That is why i am just trying to give you a rough idea about the core i3 processor laptop price in Bangladesh.Below are the prices with Brand:

Gigabyte E1425M Core i3
Laptop Price in Bangladesh - 38,300 BDT.
Specifications :
Intel Core i3 380M 2.53 GHz
14″ WXGA Display, DVD Writer
Webcam, Bluetooth, Card Reader, WiFi etc.
4.5 Hours Backup, 2 Year Warranty.

Gigabyte Q2432M Core i3
Laptop Price in Bangladesh - 42,800 BDT.
Specifications :
Intel Core i3 2330M 2.2 GHz
14.1″ LED Display, DVD Writer
Webcam, Bluetooth, Card Reader, WiFi etc.
3 Hours Backup, 2 Year Warranty.

Gigabyte M1405C C2D SU7300
Laptop Price in Bangladesh - 61,500 BDT.
Specifications :
Intel C2D SU7300 1.3 GHz
14.1″ LED Display, DVD Writer
Webcam, Bluetooth, Card Reader, WiFi etc.
Windows 7 Home Edition, 2 Year Warranty.

HP G42-453TU
CPU - Intel Core i3 380M
Display Size (Inch) - 14.1
RAM (GB) - 2
HDD(GB) - 320
Warranty (Year) - 1
Price :40,500 BDT

HP G4-1025TU
CPU - Intel Core i3 Second Generation 2310M
Display Size (Inch) - 14.1
RAM (GB) - 2
HDD(GB) - 320
Warranty (Year) - 1
Price :41,000 BDT

HP Compaq CQ42-168TU
CPU - Intel Core i3 350M
Display Size (Inch) - 14.1
RAM (GB) - 2
HDD(GB) - 320
Warranty (Year) - 1
Price :41,500 BDT

HP Pavilion G4-1035TU
CPU - Intel cote i3-390M
Display Size (Inch) - 14.1
RAM (GB) - 2
HDD(GB) - 320
Warranty (Year) - 1
Price :42,000 BDT

HP P4420S
CPU - Intel Core i3 380M
Display Size (Inch) - 14
RAM (GB) - 2        
HDD(GB) - 320
Warranty (Year) - 1
Price:43,000 BDT

HP P4520S
CPU - Intel Core i5 480M
Display Size (Inch) - 15.6
RAM (GB) - 2
HDD(GB) - 500
Warranty (Year) - 1
Price :47,000 BDT

Apple Macbook air Price is Below:

11-inch : 64GB
(Price : 90,000 BDT)
11-inch : 128GB
(Price : 112,000 BDT)
13-inch : 128GB
(Price : 120,000 BDT)
13-inch : 256GB
(Price : 145,000 BDT)
1.6 GHz dual-core Intel core i5 Processor 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel core i5 Processor 1.7 GHz dual-core Intel core i5 Processor 1.7 GHz dual-core Intel core i5 Processor
2GB of 1333 MHz RAM 4GB of 1333 MHz RAM 4GB of 1333 MHz RAM 4GB of 1333 MHz RAM
64GB flash storage 128GB flash storage 128GB flash storage 256GB flash storage
Intel HD Graphics 3000 Intel HD Graphics 3000 Intel HD Graphics 3000 Intel HD Graphics 3000

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IPS Price In Bangladesh 2018 Latest !

You can check the latest article regarding latest article price here "Latest Prices of IPS as of 2016"
'); }());
Rahimafroz IPS

Rahimafroz IPS

Rahimafroz IPS

Ingane IPS

This is summer in Bangladesh now.In summer time we all know that loadsheding is a common problem in Bangladesh.Specially in Dhaka city loadsheding is a common problem because this is mostly dense city in the country and people are just usual with the loadsheding.But it becomes very difficult for the people to tolerate the loadsheding when the temperature is very hot and they cannot use fan or AC.Also people face difficulty to see the TV program and the students cannot read without light.

So,this is very important to find one alternative of this problem.You can easily find one alternative by buying one IPS which is affordable.Below are some price for the good quality IPS in Bangladesh.Hope it will help you to judge the market.The price list is the latest one and based on your need.Below are the prices:
Rahimafrooz IPS
Rahimafrooz IPS 300 Watt BDT 19,000
Rahimafrooz IPS 400 Watt BDT 25,000

Ingen IPS: 175 watts. price BDT 13,200
Ingen IPS: 320 watts. price BDT 19,500

Anik Telecom
IPS AP 250C (50A Auto) - 150W - BDT 11,765
IPS AP 350C (100A Auto) - 280W - BDT 13,780

To get second hand IPS which are in good quality you can check some website.Just CLICK HERE to go to the link

Besides this you will also get some IPS which are without any brand and made by the electrician of your local electric shop.Just contact any electric shop in your area and they will make you a IPS which is according to your need.Below is one contact persons details in Purana Paltan who makes good IPS and the price is also reasonable.

2 Light + 1 Fan = Taka 13,000/=
3 Light + 2 Fan = Taka 18,000/=
4 Light + 3 Fan = Taka 23,000/=

Contact: 01929912903, 01929912902

3/4 Purana Paltan, Dhaka.

You can also call Rahimafroz directly to get the latest IPS price right now:
The website link is here.Just CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE WEBSITE
Corporate Office
1A Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Tel: (880 2) 989 9834, (880 2) 989 9216,
(880 2) 989 9802, (880 2) 989 3442-3
Fax: (880 2) 882 7780

Some other useful sites which are also having latest IPS Price information in Bangladesh.Just clcik on the links to go to that page.The links are below:
To get the latest price according to 2013 you can check the post "Latest Price of IPS in Bangladesh As of 2013!"

Link1 : Janaojana
Link3: Anik Telecom
Link 4:Alibaba.com
Link 5:ClickBD You will be able to get second hand IPS over here.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Price In Bangladesh

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a handset with brand new look and having cool black design.The handset is having stunning appeal including the black case.The handset is available in Bangladesh.To know the price of the hand set you need to read the below specifications:

Price : 46,000 BDT
Brand New Or Used?: The handset is used in condition.
Color of the handset: It is black
Memory: 16 GB Memory
Camera Pixel: 8 Mega Pixel
Display of the handset :Super Amolded
WiFi enabled or not?: Yes,it is WiFi enabled

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