How to prevent illegal VoIP in Bangladesh

People arrested for using illegal VoIP
Though Bangladesh government is taking strict initiative to prevent illegal VoIP set up in Bangladesh but still some people are trying to do illegal use of it.This illegal use of VoIP is not tolerable at all and this should be stopped immediately.Below are some steps through which illegal VoIP can be tracked.

1.Setting up DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) in IIG (International Internet Gateway)
2.In those VoIP links uplink and downlink data traffic is always asymptotic
3.By tracking the SIM and checking those SIM records it can be seen that there will be no SMS transaction from those SIM's.
4.The bill for those SIM is always higher.
5.By using SIM box detection it can be detected which SIM are used in those purpose.
6.By using GPS it can be checked which SIM are stationary and generating a high bill.

Government should take care of this immediately cause using illegal VoIP Bangladesh is losing a lot of foreign currency.

One From Each 7 iPhone Can be Unblocked by Using the Below Passwords

iPhone Screen Pass-code pad
Yes,this is quite interesting to hear that how-come the passwords become so public that one can easily unlock without knowing the real password for the iPhone.But this is true.An updated data collection by the Big Brother Camera Security app anonymously collected the screenlock passcode and out of over 200,000 passcodes recorded, the top ten were:
1234, 0000, 2580, 1111, 5555, 5683, 0852, 2222, 1212, 1998

If you see the above passwords correctly, you will find that most of the password follows a common pattern in the keyboard.The odd one here is 5683.But if you analyze the code carefully you will find that it means LOVE.The password 0852 has also a pattern.After pressing 0,the other three numeric's are  vertically placed.
The analysis on the other numbers like 1998 is may be the graduation year of the person or may be marriage year.
So,it will become more easier if anyone knows the user personally.Then trying with the birthday,marriage date can match the password.
So, guys be cautious when setting your password for iPhone.

Some Definitions in Telecommunication

Some Definitions in Telecommunication

What is Churn Rate?
Churn rate in mobile communication means the number of operator switch from one operator to another in a year.So,the lower the churn rate the maximum number of user exists in the existing network.But if the churn rate is high then the service provider needs to be get worried about.Cause people is not choosing their service as their first choice.
What is Space Diversity?
Space diversity,also known as antenna diversity,is one of the most popular forms of diversity used in wireless systems.Conventional wireless systems consists of an elevated base station antenna and a mobile antenna close to the ground.But in space diversity there are multiple antenna used for both in the transmission end and in the receiving end.Space diversity can  either be used in base station of mobile station.
What is MIMO?
MIMO means Multiple Input Multiple Output.This is a kind of space diversity.This means you are using an antenna array for transmission and reception.So,in the transmission end there is multiple antenna and in the receiving end there will be also multiple antenna.The length gap between the antennas should be the half of the transmission wavelength.
What is Front Line SMS?
FrontLine SMS is a software which is used to send a large number of SMS to the mobile users.This FrontLine SMS is an open source software and everyone can download this software.By using this software one can send SMS to a large number of people in the same time.
What is Satellite phone?
Satellite phone is a phone which does not use any specific carrier for communication.It uses satellite signal to communicate.So,it does not matter whether or wherever you are.It only matters whether your device is with you or not.If you have the satellite phone device then you can communicate anywhere in the world.This is necessary if you are going to travel or adventure in a remote area.Then by Satellite phone you will be able to communicate.
What is VLR?
VLR means visitor location register.This is a part of a GSM architecture.This is basically a storage device.When an user switches from one MSC(Master Switching Center) to another MSC then the data is updated in that VLR.When one user goes from one MSC to another the VLR data is used to acquire the users location.
What is Android?
Android is an operating system which was developed by Google and the coalition of OHA (Open Handset Alliance).OHA was involving more than 30 software,hardware and telecommunication companies.Android began its life as a Palo Alto-based startup company, founded in 2003. That company was subsequently acquired by Google in 2005.
Android is a Linux based platform.Android first time was release under Apache v2 open source license.
What is Bandwidth?
There are many meaning for Bandwidth in telecommunication or communication.Like in internet speed or digital data transfer the bandwidth means the
In analog signal or digital signal communication the bandwidth means the spectral range of the frequency in hertz.Suppose if the uplink frequency is 935MHz to 960MHz then the bandwidth is 25MHz.

In spectral line width this means that the width of an atomic or molecular spectral line.This is also measured in Hertz.
What is MNP in Telecom?
MNP means mobile number portability.This means that your number will remain the same but you will be able to use a different companies SIM or facility.This is a good option cause sometimes your existing company does not give so much facility which other mobile operator is giving.So,you can switch your operator.
What is ARPU?
ARPU means Average Revenue Per User.This indicated the amount that a mobile user spent per year on an average.This is a parameter which is regularly observed by the mobile operators high management to monitor the revenue.Cause if ARPU is high it means that people is talking more and using their facility more.So,the profit will be high.
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