The Launching of Bangabandhu Satellite is Finalised !

Bangladesh is going to launch satellite in space and it is projected that there will be net 5000 million taka benefit from this project per year.It is also been projected that Bangladesh can become a country of Medium earning country.
On 29 th March BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) has signed one condition with world renowned company SPI.
According to the bond,the SPI will engage one company within three years who will launch the satellite and they will get 820 million BDT for this purpose.
According to the bond the satellite launch should be completed within 2014.Bangladesh is spending 150 million us dollar each year for the satellite purpose.If Bangladesh will have her own satellite then there is no question for spending the money.Rather they will get some benefit around 50 million USD.

Bangaldesh Army Asked For the 1800 MHz Band to BTRC !

Yes,Bangladesh army asked for the 1800 MHz band to BTRC.On 28 th March they had a meeting with BTRC and they also presented one seminar on the Spectrum usage in Bangladesh.
This is to be noted that the large area of spectrum is owned by Bangladesh Amry in Bangladesh.When the asked for the 1800 Mhz spectrum,BTRC told to the journalists that they will not ask for the whole bandwidth rather they need some couple of Megahertz in 1800 MHz band.
They also told that as Bangladesh Army has asked for this band there is no way to say no to them.It is very easy for them to grant and pass the formalities to import the equipments for 1800 Mhz band.
This is also to notify that as 1800 MHz is user friendly as the equipments and transmission process is much more simple than  other bands commercially the mobile operators were using the band.
Just for privacy Bangladesh did not explain anything to BTRC for which purpose they need this bandwidth.

Will Anonymous Group Will Crash The DNS Server Today?!?

Earlier before 31st March,2012 the Interpol General Ronald Ross declared that on 31st March the Anonymous group will crash the whole internet of the world before April Full.Interpol told that they have sufficient data which can prove that the anonymous team will crash the 12 DNS server in 12 places and after that no one will be able to use the internet in the whole world.
Cause if the internet server gets crashed then it is impossible to connect to each other cause the computer will not be able to search the target computer.
But today morning the anonymous group has declared in some Twitter account that they are not going to hack the DNS server.They also claimed that some group is just spreading some rumor about this.
But interpol still arrested some members of the anonymous group and in Bangladesh also the police force is searching for those hackers.

Privacy of iPhone is Now in Question ?!?

Yes,the most reliable smart phone,the smartest smart phone iPhone's security is now in question.This is been proved when the 20 years old lady gets her naked picture in a store where she kept her iPhone to get repaired.
The lady is from China and she discovered that one of her nude picture is printed in a phone repair shop in East China.The city is named Ningbo.
After that when she asked the shop owner then it is been said that the shop owner recovered all her data which were deleted from the phone by using a special kind of software.
So,this is now proved that it is possible to recover the deleted data from an iPhone.Now,we have to see what iPhone do to prevent this.

Zakaria Swapn's Article in Priyo Tech About Spectrum Fee in Bangladesh and Some Questions

Today i was reading one article written by Zakaria Swapan in Priyo Tech,which is a technological blog in Bangladesh and Zakaria Swapan is the Editor of this blog.In the article he was comparing the spectrum license fee with the license fee of India.Also he was telling that the license fee should be mitigated like India.

His points were that if the licensing fee gets mitigated then the operators will not impose much more charges of the calling rate and data rate.He was trying to tell that Bangladesh government should mitigate the license fee and if it happens so then people will be more happy and they will be able to use the facilities by spending a little amount of money.Which is kind of patriotism.
But from my point of view,the scenario in India and Bangladesh are not the same! Cause in Bangladesh most of the companies except Teletalk are outsiders.Airtel is from India,Grameen Phone is from Norway and so so.So,they will transfer their revenue to their home country and Bangladesh and the people of Bangladesh will get nothing.So,the maximum amount of money which we can get from the telecom operators is the spectrum fee.So,from my point of view Bangladesh government is doing good by imposing a more amount of money for the licensing fee.

But in India,most of the companies origin is in India and their money is not going to get transferred outside their country. So,if they can minimize the licensing renewal fee then the people will get better service with a low price.

But in Bangladesh operators are not thinking with the people.Their policy makers will impose much more calling rate.They do not really care whether they are paying more money or less money for the renewal.They only care about their revenue.

We have seen these scenario when Grameen Phone just started their business then the call rate was like 7 BDT.At that time they did not have to pay a big amount for the licensing .

I understand the big amount of licensing fee is good for two operators in Bangladesh and lots of politics are going behind the licensing scenario but still the high amount is good for Bangladeshi people.
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