Brac University Is Going To Participate In NASA Competition

We all know that the space research institute is NASA.There is a competition which is conducted every year and this is named as Lunabotics Mining Contest (LMC) which is related to produce and show new robots.In the current year Brac University Bangladesh is going to participate in that contest.The Computer Science and Engineering Department of Brac University has built one robot which is going to be shown in that competition.

The telecom operator ROBI AXIATE is going to sponsor the students of Brac University.This competition is going to be held in Florida ,United States in "Kennedy Space Center" form 21 to 26 th May,2012.
The name of the robot is named as "Chandrabot".In this competition other two universities from Bangladesh "Islamit University of Technology" and Military Institute of Science and Technology are also participating in this competition.

Techtunes Got Hacked Again, May 20,2012 !!!

Today May 20th,2012 when i was searching and was trying to open the page of Techtunes i found that the page is not opening.Rather i was getting one Text in the screen which is "DTB".I was not aware of the meaning of "DTB" so i searched in Wikipedia and found that this is a Text Slang and it means "Do Not Text Back".As this is having a harsh meaning i was surprised whether it is been hacked or not?
Then i tried for around 10 minutes to enter Techtunes and got the same response.So,it seems to me that "Techtunes" has got hacked again.

This is very unfortunate that the Bengali website which is having Alexa Rank 17 is getting hacked again and again.We the readers who get some useful information from this blog feel very unhappy.I am not sure who are doing this but i just want to tell them that they are not doing something good.This is depriving the readers to get some intellectual and useful information.
Hope Techtunes will recover soon.

iPhone 5 Release Date In UK

The next stunning product of Apple's iPhone series is the new iPhone 5.Many online websites are making predictions and lots of rumors are spreading about the design of iPhone 5 .May websites and blogs are releasing some designs and from the pattern it shows that those are not real designs.

It was published earlier in many high page ranked online blogs that iPhone 5 is going to be released in the first week of September this year,but later the date is been changed when we got a press release from the iPhone product speak man.
Now let us come to the main point of the topic. 

When iPhone 5 will be released in United Kingdom (UK) or when iPhone 5 will be available in UK? 
The answer is the new iPhone 5 will be available to the consumers and it will hit the UK market by the November 21 st of the current year. 

Now the question is how you are going to believe that the date is true??
Readers you need to believe this date because the producer of the company Apple has made the announcement on May this year.So,the date is very much predicted now .

What about the specifications and the contents of the iPhone 5?
Though you will get many features and many specifications in the web but in fact those are just to make those articles popular.Cause Apple still did not release any specifications about iPhone 5.So,you are not sure what will be the specifications.

Some Specifications that are highly recommend?
This is highly expected that the iPhone 5 will have some certain key feature like larger screen with high resolution to make the movie and video experience better.

Mark Zuckerberg's Picture With Family And Friend

Mark Zuckerberg While Developing Facebook in his University Life

Mark Zuckerberg with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg with his friends

Mark Zuckerberg's Grill Machine and His pet dog

Mark Zuckerberg in a dinner with Obama

Mark Having a party with old friends

Mark With His pet dog

Mark Zuckerberg IWith school friends

Teen ager Priscilla Chan

Telecommunication Job Opportunities In Bangaldesh And Some Suggestions For Fresh Graduates

First of all thank you my reader to choose this post for getting ideas about Telecommunication job opportunities in Bangladesh.May be you are a student from a technical background or a student who just passed his bachelor degree or may be you are a job holder who want to switch job or may be you are a final year student in an Engineering field or may be from some other background who want to explore his career in Telecommunication field.

The positive part in Telecommunication job sector in Bangladesh is that the number of job is a lot and some posts are always vacant.The negative part is for the fresh graduate it is bit difficult to get a telecommunication job which is having handsome salary.But this is not a valid point to get disappointed.Cause you must need to adopt some procedure or need to boost some technology to build your career.

The telecommunication sector in Bangladesh welcomes graduate and post graduate students form all background.This is not like you must have to be a technical guy to get a job in Telecommunication field.So,everyone can build his career in this field.

What are the possible job areas in Telecommunication in Bangladesh??

Yes,this is a big point.May be you are thinking that you want to build your career in Telecommunication field,but may be you are not aware that there are various Telecommunication job field in Bangaldesh.

Job Area 1: Telecommunication Operators:

In Bangladesh you will get main stream Telecommunication operators like Grameen Phone,Banglalink,Robi,CityCell,Airtel,Teletalk.Who are the main stream telecommunication operators who provide the telecommunication service to the people. 

The above mentioned companies will provide you a high salary in the starting and the job is secured and you will get rapid growth in those operators. But if you want to get a call from the above mentioned operators then this is bit tough.You will have to apply to their online job application procedure and they will call you if they short list  you.If you are a fresh graduate then you need to prove yourself in your CV or Resume that you can do the job that they are looking for.Sometimes some good connections inside the office is very useful.Which is not legal but true.

For the fresh Graduates my suggestion is that if you do not have any previous experience in Telecommunication related job then work in some small ISP or other subcontractor companies to gather experience and then apply for the big one.It will work.

Job Area 2: Telecommunication Equipment Vendor Companies:

Yes friends,this is another super Telecom job field where you will also get a handsome salary and the job is also secured and you do not need to think for future.The telecommunication equipment vendor companies that are working in Bangladesh are Ericsson,Huawei,Nokia-Semens,ZTE.They also recruit a lot of people for their country operation.You will have to apply to their online application system to get selected.They also advertise in the local newspaper and you will also get their advertisement in Prothom Alo jobs and Bdjobs online job advertisement system.
There is a chance for the fresh Graduates to get a job in those companies.Some good connections will work and if you do not have any not much to worry about.If you can prove yourself then they will choose you.

Job Area 3 : WiMax Operators:

This is the easiest one for you now at this moment if you are a fresh graduate.If you represent your CV in a very good format and if you can represent in your CV that you have basics of telecommunication then they will select you.The WiMax operators that are operating in Bangladesh are Banglalion,Qubee and OLLO(Multinet).If you are a fresh graduate then you can join there as a costumer solution engineer,customer support engineer,transmission engineer.If you are from commerce background then you can join in the administration or you can join in the marketing team.If you are from the arts background then you can join in the HR department.There are lot of opportunities in the WiMax operators.

Job Area 4 : Subcontractor Companies:

This job is tough and most of the time they will not provide you a good handsome salary.But this is the best platform to get some good knowledge about telecommunication.You will have to do all the job with your own hand.The job sites will be out of the capital or in the capital and you will have to stay out of the capital most of the time cause you need to build the network and you need to set up the BTS.
There are many subcontractor companies who usually do the BTS commissioning ,drive test,BTS setup and other kind of BTS maintenance for the operator or for the vendor companies.So,you will get a job easily if you can get a company like this.You will have to search these type of companies from your seniors and you will get an opportunity this is for sure.

Job Area 5: ICX,IGW and ISP:

There are a lot of ICX,IGW(International Gateway) and ISP(Internet Service Provider) in the country.You will get lot of them in the capital of Dhaka.If you join in an Internet Service provider company then you will get to know a lot about the networking for this one CCNA is a plus point and if you and to do good then CCNA is must.
For ICX and IGW there are lot of job opportunities which are still on in the country.So,go for it.You will get those jobs if you keep an eye on the online job advertisement webpages.You will also go to  their office to drop the CV.I hope you will get one.

Job Area 6: Other Telecommunication Companies:

Besides the above mentioned companies you will also get some telecommunication companies like the companies who give support for VSAT and optical fiber and they supply the equipment for microwave and also drive test equipment like Swissqual etc.So,you need to search in the internet for those companies and you need to increase your connection in LinkedIn to get a person from that type of companies.
If you try like this then i am sure that you will be able to manage one job which is suitable for your.

What you need to do to get a job in Telecommunication industry ??:
Tips 1:
Friend must have to have some quality to get a job in the Telecommunication sector.As per my opinion most of the smart people are doing job in this field.So,you must have to be a smarter one.You will have to do some courses while doing your degree.You can do courses like CCNA which will provide you some good ideas about the networking.

Tips 2:

Try to do internship in a mobile operator or in a company which is telecommunication related.In most of the cases they will take those people who are having previous experience in their company.So,try to do the internship in a Mobile operator or in an WiMAX operator.This is not that much tough.

Tips 3:  
You can do some telecommunication related course which will provide you and boost up your confidence.  There is such kind of training center in Dhanmondi.The name of the Training center is "CSL Training".Here they teach the students about the handling of telecommunication equipments.So,people will get a clear idea how to work with the telecommunication material.They will also provide your certificate which you can show while your interview and i am sure this will boost up your confidence and you will get more clear idea about the telecommunication industry in Bangladesh.If your performance if good then they have their own company to accommodate you.

I think the above suggestions and information will help you a lot if you are a beginner in the telecommunication field. If you have any further question or need any information then you can contact me at or you can put your question in the comment.I always reply my readers question. 

Best of luck for your future life in the Field of Telecommunication!
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