Elfoid Humanoid : Robotic Mobile Phone From Japan

The Osaka University Robotic research team has teamed up with NTT and Qualcomm to develop a humanoid handheld which will bring a new dimension to the mobile communication.The prototype of the device called "Elfoid P1".This was unveiled at a presentation in Tokyo in March,2012.

This phone is a miniature creation of the Telenoid R1 Robot developed by a research team lead by Osaka University Professor  Hiroshi Ishiguro.This is having the same genderless look like Telenoid and this is also having one ageless look.

The control button of this humanoid is been placed in the chest and it glows green when it is in operation.This is equipped with a motion-captured system and a camera .This will be able to watch the user's face and will be able to transfer the motion data to another Elfoid.Which can then reproduce face and head movements in real time.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Finally Gets Married !

Mark Zuckerberg,the founder and CEO of Facebook and his long time Chinese Girlfriend finally gets married in a surprising ceremony at his home Palo Alto,California in a private wedding on 19th May,2012 ! What a moment it is !

Mark Zuckerberg,who has recently become billionaire and released Facebook IPO in the stock market has reportedly placed one ring designed by himself as (per Zuckerberg) which is designed by a very simple ruby stone.

According to the people and guests and the press who were presented in his house at that time described that before around 100 guests in his house they married each other.The guests were guessing that the party was about getting the Medical graduation degree of Dr. Priscilla Chan.But later it was turned into a marriage ceremony and all this happened in his house back-yard.

If you take a look at the Personal Page of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook you will be able to see the above picture of the marriage ceremony.Mark Zuckerberg also changed his relationship status in Facebook just after the marriage ceremony.

The couple Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg met each other when they were both in Harvard University and they were together for 9 years.

Photo of the above marriage ceremony is been taken from the profile of Mark Zuckerberg.So,the photo courtesy goes to Personal Profile of Mark Zuckerberg.

We wish them a very happy married life !! 

Top 10 Telecommunication Service Provider Companies in the world in 2012

This is the tanking of the “Top 10 Telecommunication Service Provider In The Year 2012 “This ranking is based on the popularity,service,number of subscriber,brand value and online service of the companies.We did not try to expose any companies and there is no brand marketing is related to this ranking.This ranking is neutral and based on real time data.If any one has any question they are free to ask through comments.

1.China Mobile:


Total Number of subscriber : 667 Million

Company Profile: This Chinese company is having a huge network in terms of both voice and multimedia services.In Pakistan this company is operating under the name of Zong Mobile.China Mobile limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in the year 1997 and the date was 3 rd September.The company first listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and New York Stock Exchange in the year 1997 and on the dates 22nd and 23rd October.About 66.5 % of its total subscriber is from Mainland China.So,you can imagine how popular this moblile company is in China.


Rank: 2

Total Number of Subscriber : 333 Million

Company Profile: Vodafone is a British Origin multinational company and this is ranked second because of its large market value,number of subscriber and quality of service.The company headquarter is London,United Kingdom.Vodafone has network over 30 countries and has partnership network in over 40 countries.The interesting news is that Vodafone also owns 45% of Verizone Wireless,which is the largest mobile company in the United States measured in terms of Operator.
English Website: http://www.vodafone.com


Rank :3

Total Number of Subscriber : 202 Million

Company Profile : Telefonica is a Spanish mobile company and is having the ownership of O2 which is a famous brand.Telefonica provides both fixed line services and mobile communication services.It has network in Europe, United States and Latin America.It is doing monopoly in Telecommunication business  in Spain and the company head office is in Madrid.

English Website: http://www.telefonica.com


Rank : 4

Total Number of Subscriber: 201 million.

Company Profile: America Movil is Mexico owned Telecommunication company and the company headquarter is in Mexico City.It is in the 4 th position in terms of subscriber and it is one of the largest companies in the world.It provides service in 18 countries in the world and this is a venture of Carlos Slim.

English Website: www.americamovil.com

5.Telenor Group:

Rank :5

Total Number of Subscriber :172 million

Company Profile: Telenor group is providing Telecommunication related service for more than 150 years.Telenor is a Norway based telecommunication company and the company headquarter is in Fornebu which is close to OSLO.Today Telenor is a prominent brand in the countries in Asia,Eastern Europe and Scandanavia.In addition to these services it is having broadband and TV distribution operators in Nordic countries.

English Website: http://telenor.com/

6.Deutsche Telekom:

Rank :6

Total Number of Subscriber: 151 million

Company Profile: Deutsche Telekom AG (In English:German Telecom) is a German based telecommunication and is having headquarter in Bonn ,North Rhine-Westphalia ,Germany.It is also one of the largest telecommunication company in Europe.All subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom is started with “T” which is like T-Home (A legacy provider in broadband,IPTV and Telephone),T-online(Internet Service Provider),T-Mobile(T-Mobile is a mobile network),T-System(A business division providing service to public and business sector).
English Website: http://www.telekom.com

7.China Unicom:

Rank :7

Total Number of Subscriber :148 Million

Company Profile: This is also called as China United Netcom(Hong Kong) LTD.This is a chinese state owned company in the People’s Republic of China.This was initially founded as a state owned corporation back in July 19,1994 and was approved by the state counsil.It was initially started as a wireless paging and GSM Mobile operator.Now it provides long distance communication using GSM mobile network,local calling,data communication,internet service provider and IP telephony in mainland China.

8.Telia Sonera:

Rank: 8

Total Number of Subscriber: 148 million

Company Profile:This company is a dominant telecommunication operator in Sweden and Finland.This company also operates its company operation in Northern and Eastern Eupore ,Central Asia and Spain.The company headquarter is in Stockholm.This company formed by combining two companies Telia and Sonera in the year 2002.Telia was a Swedish company and Sonera was a Finnish company.

English Website: http://www.teliasonera.com/

9.France Telcom:

Rank :9

Total Number of Subscriber: 133 million

Company Profile : France Telcom is the biggest telecommunication company in France and it is third in Euprope.This company is third largest in Europe.This is one of the largest companies in the world.This company currently employees around 1.8 million people and half of these are outside France.Upto 1988 the France telecom was named as Direction Générale des Télécommunications and was under the ministry of post and telecommunication.The company becomes autonomous in 1990.

English Website: http://www.orange.com

10.Bharti Airtel:

Rank : 10

Total Number of Subscriber : 125 Million

Company Profile: Bhariti Airtel Limited or commonly known as Airtel is an Indian company and currently operates in 20 countries in the world.This network operates in South Asia,Africa and Channel Islands.This network of Airtel provides GSM in all the countries that it operates and provides service like 3G,2.5 G and 4G according to the form of service in the country.It is the largest telecommunication service provider in the world.Bharti Airtel Headoffice in Mumbai,India.

English Website: http://www.airtel.in

About Telecommunication In 2012 (Analysis)

In 2012 telecommunication is going to take a new turn with its new generation technology. About the telecommunication scenario of 2012 is quite deterministic. In 2012 the telecommunication giants in the world are going to change their traditional telecommunication transmission technology. They will start up with some new technologies and your life will be full of those technologies.

In 2012 the global telecommunication industry will switch to LTE (Long Tem Evolution).This will increase the data rate traffic in telecommunication industry. Though WiMax technology is providing high data speed but as the technology from the Internet guyz so the global telecommunication organizations are not taking and adopting this as their own technology. So, they are trying to stick on their own track cause this will benefit them. So,they are trying to switch to a technology which is named as Long Term Evolution (LTE) and it will provide high data rate in telecommunication. This will use a frequency band which is rare than usual. It will take the frequency band of 700 Mhz which is used for domestic television transmission.
So,if the telecommunication industry want to switch to LTE then they need to grab this spectrum of 700 Mhz and for this they need to make alternative of domestic TV channels.This is the reason why every country is switching Direct to Home TV transmission.So,that the domestic tv will get less number to watch.
The another revolutionary topic that is going to rock the Telecommunication in 2012 is Machine to Machine (M2M) communication.In this type of communication there will be no human between one machine to another machine communication.So,this is going to be like.In this type of communication machine will communicate with machine automatically and the machines will decide the decision and will take action accordingly.This machine to machine communication will be done in wireless medium.If you check some renowned operators TV Commercial in Youtube you will be able to see that they are encouraging Machine to Machine communication.
Device to Device communication is another type of communication technology which is also in the focus in 2012.Device to Device communication will use the resources in a telecom network but it will not transmit the signal to the BSC and MSC rather the devices will communicate independently.So,there will be not use of Bluetooth.
There is no doubt that the telecommunication in 2012 is going to be very interesting.Let’s hope for the best in telecommunication in 2012.

What Is Telecommunication?

Telecommunication is a kind of technology which will provide the exchange of information over a certain distance with electronic equipment. Usually a telecommunication user equipment is enabled with two equipment’s one is Transmitter and another is receiver. As in the telecommunication the transmitter and receiver are combined together in one place so it is called as Transreceiver. The medium of transmitting the signal can be of copper wire or optical fiber or electromagnetic field.When the transmission and reception medium is electromagnetic field then it is called wireless communication.

If there are more than one transmitter and receiver in an environment then it is called a telecommunication network.
Data is transferred in a telecommunication medium through a carrier or carrier wave.To convey the information from transmitter to receiver some kind of technique is required which is called as modulation.The mode of modulation can be either analog or digital modulation in telecommunication.If we do analog modulation then some aspect of the carrier is been varied with the accordance of the carrier wave.The oldest form of analog modulation is amplitude modulation.
Digital modulation is the latest form of modulation and this dominates the analog modulation in terms of quality of the signal.Cause in digital modulation the quality of the received signal is far more better.In the early 1900 many digital modulation techniques were introduced in the field of telecommunication.
Some people only think that telecommunication is only telephony. But they are not actually right form the technological point of view. Because Radio and TV communication is also a kind of telecommunication. So,this is not necessary that you must need to hear and talk in a telecommunication network and only that type of communication is telecommunication.
The telecommunication and broadcasting of telecommunication is been observed by International Telecommunication Union (ITU).The headquarter of this ITU is Geneva,Switzerland.

How To Write Bengali and Hindi In Any Mobile?

Many people want to write Bengali and Hindi in their mobile handset.May be they have already searched in the internet and found some guide.My article is for those who want to first time use Bengali or Hindi in their mobile.I am explaining the whole procedure in a very simple way.Please follow the steps to write Bengali and Hindi in any mobile.

1. You will have to download the browser application from http://boltbrowser.com/in/bolts2.jad

2. Now you have to install it in your mobile phone.

3. Open the web browser.

4. Now Click on "Menu preferences".

5. Now you need to click on "Install Fonts"

6. Now you will have to select "Bengali/Hindi" as per your requirement.

7. The last step is "SAVE"

8. Now you need to press OK where you need to write and just press "#" if you want to change language.

If you like the post then please do not forget to like my page in Facebook and if you face any problem then just leave your comment.I will try to solve it as soon as possible.
You can check other links about writing Bengali and Hindi in the mobile.The links are below:

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Tricks to Get You Fogotten Mobile Number Easily

Many time it happens that we forgot our mobile number when someone asks for it and we feel very uncomfortable as we do not remember the mobile number.But you can recover your mobile number in a very easy way.To get back the mobile number in Bangladeshi operator you can follow the below simple steps:

Just press and dial the below numbers from your mobile choosing your operator and you will get the mobile number at that moment.

Grammen phone:  *111*8*2#
Robi: *140*2*4#

For Indian Users the codes are like below:
 Idea - *789#
 Bsnl - 24365
 Vodafone - *555*0#
 Docomo - *1#
 Reliance - *1#
 Airtel - *141*123#
 Aircel - *888#
 Videocon - *1#
 Virgin - *1#

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Machine To Machine Communication : A New Era Of Communication !

Copy Right @ All rights reserved by "Teleinfo" and the writer.

Machine To Machine or M2M Communication is a kind of communication in which Machine will communicate with machine using wire or wireless.Right now this is the latest topic in the table of telecommunication community.

This Machine to Machine communication is totally a new business concept in the telecommunication industry.This is born from the original telemetry technology and can be done either by cable or radio.Machine to Machine (M2M) technology includes a number of technology which needs to be combined to make the deployment of this Machine to Machine communication.

Technically Machine to Machine communication addresses or refers to the communication between computers ,mobiles,sensors, actuators and mobile devices with or without human intervention.Why this Machine to Machine communication and what the scenarios in Machine to Machine communication?
1. A networked machine is more valuable than an isolated machine.
2. When there is a group of machines instead of a single machine then a lot of work can be done using the data and the information which are contained in the machines.

The importance and impact of machine to machine communication is increasing day by day as the previous prediction.Researchers are predicting that there will be more than 1.5 billion devices which will communicate in between them without any human intervention except the mobiles which will be connected wirelessly.Right now various application of Machine to Machine communication is already been explored in many areas like cyber transportation system (CTS),Smart robots,health sector,manufacturing system and smart home grids.

Using the capabilities of decision making and autonomous control ,the machine to machine communication can be upgraded to cyber physical system (CPS).

Mobile operators are trying to make this Machine to Machine communication mobile for users. But data loss and recovery is a great challenge. Scientists are using one new coding named Network Coding to enhance the performance of the decoded packets.

It can be blindly said that the new era of communication will be machine to machine communication and you will not be there to take the decision,The machine will take the decision for you.

Editorial: Blogging Is the Best Platform To Explore Ideas !

Dear Reader, thank you for your attention on this post.May be you are a new reader to my blog or may be you are a regular reader.I am not sure whether you have the habit of regular writing or not but i am sure that you have the curiosity to know new things and you are creative and your creativity has moved you to read this post.Continue reading,i am not going to cheat you with some good word combination.The post will help you to think out of the stream.

Before creating this blog i was searching some platform to contribute my ideas and thoughts and was eager to explore those ideas.I wrote for some paid platform but i thought that this is not the best platform to explore my ideas cause that is related to money and my creativity is not fully explored.At that time i was not aware about the free blogging platform.I searched for different things and finally i have got to know that Blogger is a free platform which will allow me to explore my ideas.So,i opened one blog in blogger.

At that time this blog was also named "Teleinfo".Then i started writing some small stories about telecommunication and wireless communication related writing.One day i have got to know that i can also earn from my blog by integrating Google Adsense in my blog.Then i integrated for Google Adsense and applied for Adsense.I was so lucky that my Adsense account was approved very quickly and i started showing Ads in my sidebar and blog header.

At that time the blog was not that much decent.Then i started to search for different topics about how to make my blog more beautiful.I tried with different themes but was not really satisfied with the blog style.

When i was busy with these things people were laughing at me and they were thinking that i am just wasting time behind this blog.But that was my passion.I did not leave this passion.I started to search for suggestion and was searching for blogs who are having passion for blogging like me or more than me.One day i have got one person as i was reading one post from his blog.The person's name was Shamim Nasir.His blogs name was Shamim Nasir's Blog.The blog was just like a story and i love the blog and it inspired me a lot.

I also got the mobile number of that blogger on his blog and email address also.Then i emailed him first about asking him some suggestion.He replied me very quickly.

He told me that my blog is not like a professional blog.As per him it shows like rubbish.As it was too much shiny and was having a lot of unwanted material.Then he suggested me to make my blog decent.I still respect that man for his creative criticism. Though it was not that much easy for me to digest a comment like that but keeping those points in my mind i started changing my blog and i think i got a decent look of my blog.At least people will not go away from my blog as it is not that much immature blog.

Then i started writing more and more and trying to increase my page rank in Google.I was trying to write more unique post and was trying to get more backlinks.I tried different techniques.I applied guest posting in my blog.I also got some guest writing in my blog.

One day i was just checking my blog Page rank and i have found that my blog is having Page Rank 3 which was a great achievement of my hard work.I will tell it hard work cause i just started from the zero and now i know a bit about blogging in Blogger and about Adsense.

On May 2012 I have got my first Googel Adsense Cheque.The amount was not that big amount but it was like a dream for me when i received the cheque. I was not blogging to earn money but i was blogging to explore my ideas.

I am still searching for new and newer ideas which is be reflected in my blog.Writing and telecommunication is my passion.

So,i always want to do something with this two's combination.You readers are supporting me a lot.You can also write for my blog.If your article is unique  then i will publish it in my blog.I love blogging and exploring ideas.If you also love to explore ideas then just send your article to my email address which hssahaetc09@gmail.com

If your writing is unique i will publish your article.Cause i know how happiest those moments when people get benefited form your information.Help people with your information.It means a lot to the world !!

How To Block Unwanted Calls In Your Mobile In Bangaldeshi Operator ?

May be you feel very disturbed when people call you and disturb you even if you do not know them.They also pass you some comments which are not suitable for you at all.Specially girls in Bangladesh face this problem every now and then and they search for a fruitful solution.I was also searching for a very good solution for this and today i have got the extreme solution which will not cost you a single penny.

You need to choose different number for different operator:
 For Grameen Phone -1266
For Banglalink -770
For Robi -8121
For Airtel -789
First of all you need to divert your number selecting the above numbers according to your operator.For this you need to select "Divert Busy" in Divert option.

Now from the call list you need to select the desired number and then going to the "Option" tab Add to blacklist/Screening/Reject list(it may vary from handset to handset)> OK .Now you are done!!

Now if anyone will call you it will automatically receive the call and the called party will be the looser.

But please be noted that your known persons call will also be charged if you reject the call.So,be aware about this!

Anonymous Hacked The Website Of Supreme Court of India and All India Congress

Hacking organization Anonymous has hacked the website of Supreme Court of India and All India Congress.In Twitter they have already published this and they already mentioned that the cause of hacking is The Indians Internet Sensor ship.

Mashbel is guessing that as Indian Supreme court passed one order to check the contents before posting in Google ,Facebook and some other websites is the cause of Hacking the websites.
Anonymous has named this operation as MT OPERATION INDIA.Though Anonymous has already lost many members still they are passing very busy time this year.
They has made lots of big stories this year.

Not Getting Job ? Hire a Bill Board !

It may sound strange to you that how one person will get job by hiring one bill board.But this is true.One man named Benet Owlson has got the job after losing job from casino.He has rented one billboard which is electronic and hired it for eight minute.Then highlighted that "HIRE ME" and left the link of his personal website.

After that he has got many interview call and finally joined one company.He was searching for the job desperately cause he is going to get married in the next spring.

ACM-ICPC Results Of 2012

The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is a multilayer and team based programming contest.At most 2000 students from Computer Discipline from 80 countries in six subcontinents participate in this competition. Simply it is the oldest,largest and most prestigious programming contest in the world.

Get the live result at ICPC LIVE.

ACM-ICPC World Final is been held in Poland this year.This is been held from May 14 to May 18 in Warsaw,Poland.This year this competition is been hosted by The University of Warsaw,Poland.Below are the result of ACM-ICPC results in at a glance which reflects the good positions of the Universities of Asia.

To know the result of all the countries please visit  HERE

ICPC At a Glance:

St. Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics and Optics 
Country: Russia ;
 Position: 1st  Score :9

Shanghai Jiao Tong University 
Country: China 
Position:4th Score :7

National Taiwan University 
Country: Taiwan 
Position: 19th Socre:5

Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi 
Country :India Position: 20 th Socre : 5

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology 
Country: Bangladesh 
Position :97th Score: 2
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology  
 Country : Bangladesh 
Positon :98th  Socre:2
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