Total Number Of Mobile Subscriber In Bangaldesh!

The total number of active mobile subscriber in Bangladesh is more that 90 Million.The count was taken is the middle of the April ,2012.On last Last Thursday BTCL(Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) released one data which says that the number of active mobile user up to March Last was around 89.9 million.

The total number of subscriber is increasing 10 million per year from the year 2010.In 2011 the total number of subscriber was around 80 million.And now in 2012 it already crossed 90 million.
In the current year the subscriber are increasing rapidly cause the tax per SIM is been decreased from 800 BDT to 600 BDT.Which causes the large number of subscriber.
In the last March the total number of Grameen Phone user was around 37 million.On the other hand the second largest network of Bangladesh Banglalink is having 24.7 million subscriber.

On the other hand,Robi is having 17.6 million subscriber,Airtel is having 6.3 million active user,Citycell is having 1.7 million subscriber and Teletalk is having 1.28 million subscriber.

Applications of Augmented Reality. Part -3

Augmented Reality is just like the magic of science.This is the game of virtual world.Many interesting things can be possible by using Augmented Reality.Below are some possible applications where Augmented Reality can be used:

1. Games :
Various kinds of games can be designed using the idea of Augmented Reality.Zynga is already using Augmented Reality to their various games and those are very popular.

By using Augmented Reality you will be able to see real time data in various games like racing and football.Suppose you are watching one car race.Then by using Augmented reality some real time data can be shown above the screen.Like the name of the driver of the car or the speed of the car above the screen using pop up.

3. Demo Operations:
By using Augmented Reality doctors will be able to do some demo operations which are very serious.Also the students in medical science will be able to practice various kinds of operation using augmented reality.

4. Automobile Solution:
By using Augmented Reality a mechanic will be able to solve various problems in a car.After wearing the Augmented Reality glass the mechanic will get all the possible instruction to solve the problem.Even he will be instructed which screw needs to be open on that particular moment.

5.In the Museum:
In the Museum the audience will be able to see the creates which are already destroyed like Dinosaurs.If someone wears the glass he will be able to see that creature moving on that place.

6. Video Conferencing:
In video conferencing one will be able to see the 3d picture of other one on the other side by using the Augmented Reality.Cause this will project the other speakers image in the real vision.
There are lot more applications can be possible using Augmented Reality.

Magic of QR (Quick Response Code) code in Augmented Reality!

QR codes or the Quick Response Code in Augmented Reality is like magic.QR codes are kind of bar code.But this is not like the bar code that you usually see on a product in a supermarket.The bar codes in the supermarket are two dimensional but in Augmented Reality the bar codes are three dimensional.
The QR codes are like below:

If you place the bar code in front of a webcam which is having Augmented Reality, then it will show you something which is in 3D.Like you want to preserve one cap or hat in the form of QR codes ,then you need to make one bar code for the hats or caps.Now if you use one glass which is having the facility of Augmented Reality ,you will be able to see the 3D image of hat or cap.If you put it in your hat,it will look like you have put on the cap on your head.So,you can imagine the magic of the bar code or QR codes in Augmented Reality.

The QR codes can also be used in the form of advertisements.In Japan it has already been started.They are using only the barcodes in the bill board.If you use the QR code you will have many advantages.Cause if someone take the picture of that QR code with a smartphone then if he searches with the image of that bar code,you will see the webpage of that company.The image of the QR code will redirect you to the website of the company.This is another magic or the QR codes.

Augmented Reality : What is Augmented Reality ? Part -1

Now a days the hot topic in the field of technology is Google is launching one glass which is having augmented reality.May be most of you know about this.But i think most of you do not have the clear idea about what augmented reality is.To share the knowledge about augmented reality i am just writing the article.The information's that i am going to write over here is from the lecture of a Professor in National Chung Cheng University,Taiwan.Hope you will like the concept. 

Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is not like virtual reality.In virtual reality we create an environment is totally virtual in nature and nothing is real in that environment.We just plot and create the environment in virtual world and try to animate that thing.This can be a design of a car.Or an animated character or an apartment which is been visualized and created according to the design.
Augmented Reality

But in Augmented Reality the thing is not like virtual reality at all.In Augmented Reality we try to place some imaginary object in the real world.Like if there is two cars in a road (which is a real scene),we try to put a third one on that scene.So,the most of the part in the scene is real but the object that we want to put in the scene is not real.That is defined by us.
In virtual reality the thing is totally imaginary but in Augmented reality the whole thing is not imaginary,rather we try to put something in the real environment which is an interesting part of the technology.
From the above picture of the augmented reality it is now clear that the angle is been added to the real world scene.But in the virtual reality picture everything is from imaginary world.

Noboborsho 1419 Pictures in Mobile !

People now a days use mobile to capture their pictures.They also save those pictures as wallpaper.In this year also people used mobiles mostly to capture the pictures.The mobiles with high resolution camera which are mostly smartphones captured a lot of good pictures.Above are some samples.

How to Check the Firmware in a Loked iPhone?

iPhone Firmware Check

It is very simple to check the firmware that you are using in an iphone but it will get difficult when you are going to check it in a locked iphone.
For an iphone which you are using just go to the "About " section then go to "Settings" then you will be able to check the firmware version.
But this is a problem if someone wants to check the firmware of a locked iPhone. If you want to do this , select the mode into DFU mode aka recovery mode and you need to connect it to PC. After connection,itunes would popup a message saying that a iPhone in recovery mode has been detected, what you do now is hit RESTORE and you'll see the downloading, pause the transfer but dont hit cancel. Now you need to go to the temporary download for itunes to read the name of the firmware.

For windows based systems the location would be commonly at
[operating system drive]:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
The version should be something before the file type of the firmware file.Hope it will help you.Please let me know if it helps.

How to Erase All The Previous Data Before Selling Your iPhone?

Yes,this is very important that you erase all your data when you are selling your iPhone to another person or you are giving your iPhone to another person.But you will you face some problem while erasing the data from iPhone.When you will try to erase all the data then it will freeze you in the "Apple logo screen",which is very problematic.
May be you are thinking that restoring should be the best solution.But in this case you will be unable to do it .Cause Apple put another layer of security. This layer of security validates any and all restores with a ECID value.Which checks whether the firmware is tempered and in this case it will be jailbroke.So,it will not restore it to the firmware 3.0.So,what to do?
But you have also got solution.The solutions are below and for your convenience those are step by step:
1.Update the firmware at first and for the safety precaution what you need to do first is to save the phone's ECID with Saruki's server.
Example:If you are using firmware 3.0 or 3.1 then upgrade it with the latest version and do the steps above.You will be successful.
Please let me know via comments if it works!

Titanic 3D Movie Review !

As myself and my family members are staying outside the country we always tried to do something special on the occasion of Pohela Boishak (Bengali New Year).So,after enjoying the day at the evening we all planned to go for a movie and the movie is none other than "TITANIC 3D"!
Before going to the details of the movie experience i just want to tell that "It was Titanic and it is Titanic"!

When it started it was normal like 2D but as the time was passing the experience of the Titanic 3D was getting more better and better.Do you remember the scene?When jack stand on the corner of the Deck with his friend and watching the Dolphins in the water?That scene was awesome.It was like you were traveling in the ship and when he utters that :"I am the king of the world!" then you will also think that you are also the king of the world.

This is only the beginning!
The dancing party with Jack and Rose in the 3rd class of the ship was another great experience.The drawing of the picture of rose with only the "Heart of the Ocean" was like a dream.You will enjoy it.
Now when the iceberg hits the ship and the ship got destructed at that time i am sure that you will jerk every time your body unconsciously after feeling the jerking in the ship.

 When the water leaks to the ship wall and was coming like a great speed you may think that it is coming towards you .

When the ship gets splinted in two pieces you will become afraid.May be you can think that you are in the same ship and it is drowning.Last but not the least you will feel the cold water of Pacific Ocean in 3D when Jack and Rose were swimming in the cold water.

 The 3D experience was great! Don't miss it.

Anonymous Hacker Gets Arrested After Posting His Girlfreinds Breast Picture

Picture of the Hackers Girlfriends Breast

The above picture that is showing above is the picture of the girlfriend of anonymous hacker and his girlfriend is showing breast online.The hackers name is Higinio O. Ochoa and who is responsible for hacking 3 website related to US law and enforcement.
Anonymous Hacker Higinio O. Ochoa

Higinio O. Ochoa's girlfriend

This hacker published various information about US police in website.He opened one Twitter account and the account name is @AnonW0rmer and linked one website which is the website of law and enforcement of US police reported by Sydney Harald.
At the bottom of the website
"The picture shows a woman from the neck down with a sign attached to her stomach, reading: 'PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u B****'s!'
Higinio O. Ochoa girlfriends picture from Twitter

The FBI said it confirmed the identity of Ochoa, who calls himself 'w0rmer' online and is a member of 'CabinCr3w', an offshoot of hacking group Anonymous."
FBI confirmed that it was taken from an iPhone.
GPS co-ordinates embedded in the photo - as are found in all pictures taken by a smartphone - showed authorities the exact street and house in Wantirna South, Melbourne where it was taken.

The  tweets from @Anonw0rmer account redirected to other sites referring to 'w0rmer', including one which had Ochoa's name with it and more pictures of his girlfriend.

Authorities then found Ochoa's Facebook page, on which he named Kylie Gardner from Australia as his girlfriend. The FBI was then satisfied she was the woman in the photo taken in South Wantirna.

The breasts photo does not show the woman's face, the FBI is convinced it is the same woman. They add it is definitive proof that Ochoa is w0rmer.

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