Iphone 5: The Most Desirable Smart Phone

This Smartphone the iPhone 5 is the amazing its own style and coated with the brilliant features. It is a touchscreen device which is launched by Apple Inc., The largest manufacturer of the technical gadgets in the world. It is launched on 21st September, 2012 and available from 28th September in the market. It is the Sixth phone in the series of iPhone. This device has been fully loaded with the special features and made an extraordinary appearance in the technical market. You are lucky if you got this astonishing gadget as it helps you in your tasks.

This device has lots of amazing features and brilliant specifications which rolls you down with the stylish and sleek look. This device has changed a bit from its predecessor iPhone 4 with features, applications and specifications. It also got 200 new features from the previous iPhone. Some of the new and amazing features of this iPhone 5 are;

Design & look: It is the sleekest version of the iPhone as previous phones are also sleek but this device has its own style and appearance. The design of this iPhone 5 is similar to the iPhone 4 but it is thinner and lighter from the previous one.
The phone’s back is fully made of aluminium and the retina display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. The 4 inches of capacitive touchscreen with LED-backlit and multitouch will make you view your pictures, videos and icons of different apps in the magnificent style.
 This device weighs about 112 grams with the curvy dimensions. The display is of LTE {Long Term Evolution} with the three different carriers as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

Features: This iPhone 5 runs on the iOS6 operating system and 1.2 GHz of dual-core processor. It also has the sensors like Accelerometer, Compass and Proximity. It is also entailed with GPS support and GLONASS.
You can browse the internet with the Google Safari browser which gives you the best performance. It is also enabled with the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook integration. You can also navigate the maps with the help of this browser.
It has the option for editing and viewing the document, files and images. You can also organise the media files and documents.
It is enabled with 1 GB of RAM and the internal storage is about 16 /32 /64 GB. It has no options or slot for memory card.

Performance: This device is a masterpiece in its performance as it runs on the iOS A6 processor and provides you with the fastest performance. By this new thing you got a best speed for the updating of software’s and download of applications. It also shows this enactment in the graphics of your device.
It got a good review of battery with the stand-by of 225 hours which is compatible and flexible with 2G and 3G. This 225 can be shared as 8 hours for LTE, 10 hours for Wi-Fi, 40 hours for Music and 10 hours for Videos. It has a talk time up to 8 hours.
It has a quality loudspeaker which enables with Voice, Noise and Ring. It is enabled with the latest voice recognising software known as SIRI. It is an intelligent personal assistant navigator which helps you in understanding the voice messages and commands.
The bad thing about this iPhone 5 is it doesn’t have Bluetooth for connecting to other devices but you can connect with Wi-Fi and USB.

Camera: The Camera in this device is of amazing feature. The rear primary camera is of 8 MP with Auto focus, face detection, Panorama and LED flash, which produces the finest quality HD videos and pictures. The front secondary camera is of 1.2 MP and it also has the feature of face detection and face time over the Wi-Fi.
This device supports 21 languages on the QWERTY keypad which is inbuilt in the display. It is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G networks with GSM, CDMA and HSDPA.
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Restaurant Software for Fast and Reliable Service- Feel the Difference

Restaurant Software for Fast and Reliable Service- Feel the Difference

Running restaurant business is an ambitious undertaking. It may seem glamorous and fun, but it requires lot of hard work. Many restaurants fail within a few years of opening because of poor planning. However, motive of running a restaurant besides the lucrative revenues is serving the customers better and in turn making a name for your business. Managing food costs and keeping inventories under constant check is the need of the hour for restaurant business. Besides this, you need resources to help you manage your restaurant like staff scheduling, labour management, menus, bookkeeping, taxes and more.

Epos systemsby Dinerware will handle all your transactions from customer loyalty schemes to client data, configure menu, spilt bills and add modifiers. Restaurant Software is designed for fine dining restaurants to small café. It is a communication channel between your staff, waiters, kitchen staff, etc, to run a great restaurant. Restaurant Software provides faster service with quick selection of orders for customers and a fantastic guest experience for customers. The kitchen is command central of any restaurant. It is where food gets cooked, delivered and plated before being served to customers. This Restaurant Software will communicate orders to the kitchen so that the staff can prepare the right food at the right time.

With Dinerware Epossoftware for online ordering, customers can use their computers, tablets and smart phones to place takeaway orders directly and straight on to the kitchen. This software improves the speed and accuracy from the restaurant floor to the kitchen. Restaurant software is cost effective solution of scheduling staffs. It creates schedules which ensure that you consistently have exactly the right number of staff. Restaurant Software is also suitable for fast food outlets, night clubs and bars. Fast food restaurants are characterized by quick service. With Restaurant Software you will find quicker processing of the orders of a long queue and an efficient billing system too. With just two touches, you can choose from unlimited menu items and complete the transaction with Fast Pay Option.

Restaurant Software is highly flexible and allows you to add a new menu item at the last minute and make real-time menu changes from any terminal without a restart. You can add quantities to specialty items for the fresh sheet, or change drinks and appetizers to a happy hour menu with this software. Restaurant Software can easily handle busy weekends without problems. This means your customers can have a great time. It can serve customers fast and accommodate guests who mingle.
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