CMEC is the main contractor to Implement 3G in Bangladesh Not Huawei !

 China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) has signed a contract with Teletalk Bangladesh Limited to implement the project “Introduction of 3G Technology and Expansion of 2.5G Network” .For implementing this publicly important project the company has engaged the world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators, i.e. Shanghai Alcatel Lucent Bell and Huawei as sub contractors. Their network vision is a planned act project over three years and includes: Initiation of 3G Network and Modernization of Teletalk 2.5G CORE network.
Please be noted that CMEC is engaged in the business of acting as main contractor of the international engineering contracting and the export of complete plant, its business scope covers over 120 countries in five continents worldwide. Its business sectors involve in power generation, transmission and transformation, light industry, textiles, food, building materials, communication, railway, harbour, telecommunication, broadcasting and TV, ship-building, metallurgy and mining.

5 Predictions of Telecommunication in Bangladesh in the Year 2012

Bangladesh, a developing country in the Asia is growing faster in the field of Telecommunication.The use of telecommunication devices and telecommunication facilities are increasing day by day in this country.WiMax has taken the place of ISP(Internet Service Provider) in Bangladesh.3G is coming to add another dimension in GSM technology.People are using more smart phone than before.Considering all these things below are 5 predictions which may occur in the field of telecommunication in the year 2012.

1. Introduction to 3G in 2012:
The magic of 3G is going to be touched by the mobile user of Bangladesh.The magic of 3G is really something different which is going to be implemented in the coming year 2012.Most of the private mobile operators has already upgraded their network to make it compatible with 3G.People will like to see the faces of the people who they are talking to and will love the magic of video in 3G.

2. More Smart Phone Usage in 2012:
People have already started using smart phones in cities.But outside the big cities the usage of SmartPhone are not that much.But in the coming year with the exploration of 3G People will use more smartphone that this year.To make the proper use of 3G all need to use smartphone.All the magics and applications are based on those smartphones.

3. More Corporate and Private user of WiMax in 2012:
As the WiMax providers are expanding their network and it was written in thier license terms that withing 2 years the WiMax providers need to cover 60% geographical .So,they will expand their network outside the metros.So,the WiMax providers will add more individual users of WiMax in the coming year 2012.

4.DTH (Direct to Home) instead of Cable 2012:
As most of the countries are planning to use LTE(Long Term Evolution) so the spectrum required for LTE will be freed up which is been used by the TV channels .To make it real most of the people need to use DTH to see the satellite channels.So,in the coming year there is a possibility to start the business of DTH.

5.More WiFi zone or Internet Hot Spots in 2012:
As most of the corporate people in the big cities use Laptops and smartphones in Metro cities,so the need of WiFi zone will become more.So,all the shopping malls,big resturants and public places are going to be WiFi based and online advertisement will become more popular.

“Mustafa M. Hussain” - Changing the Definition of Telecommunication In Bangladesh

Mustafa M Hussain has considerable experience of the telecommunications industry including its market, standards and regulations. Amongst the recent engagements that Mustafa has carried out are: The Implementation of Technology Integration Solutions, Telecom Technology & Regulatory Strategy Management, Network. Management, Operations and Rollout, Project Management, Marketing and Sales for a Telecommunications company, Tasks related to Product Road map, Product Proposals, Product Presentations, Solution write-ups, Technical Pre-sales, Concept papers, New Venture Roll out, New initiative and business opportunity, Design of Telecom Business models and innovative strategies. Mustafa operates effectively at technical, marketing and strategic management levels and is a competent and practical engineer in both academic and commercial environments. He is also a PR/Communication specialist.
Mustafa M Hussain holds MSc Engineering Degree in Telecommunications from King’s College London. He is an Assistant Professor of East West University in the department of Electronics and Communication.
Mustafa M. Hussain is the first person in Bangladesh who introduced the new equipment named “Swissqual” in Bangladesh. Leading telecommunication operators in Bangladesh are now optimizing their networks using this tool.
Though Mustafa M. Hussain is from the Telecommunication background, his working interest is not only restricted within this region. His presence is in all those places where something creative and upto date is going to be happened.
He is also actively involved in telecommunication research work and have more than 20 international publications.
If anyone has more interest about him then he can CLICK HERE.

iPhone 4s Siri Now for your service !

iPhone 4s just unpacked from a package!

iPhone 4s

This fellow just bought the iphone 4s

The new application SIRI on action

SIRI wants to help the user!

Those who are fan of Apple and used to use iPhone and products from Apple then this is for sure that another man named "SIRI" is coming to your life.Siri is a very simple person who does not care about the flash player in iPhone,do not know about the A5 processor,do not care whether the iPhone is making business or not.He just knows how to help the user of iPhone 4s.
Another new thing in iPhone 4s is to make the phone and the search engine more smarter.When you search for the Apple,you do not search for the fruit apple.So,Apple has already made this thing changed and you are going to get only the related answers.This is not like Google cause Google only matches the keywords and sometimes we go away from our topic which we were searching by not getting the appropriate one.
So,this is a great advantage of iPhone 4s.
So,this can be written that iPhone 4s is seriously smarter with the application person named SIRI.

Motorola Founder Bob Galvin Dies At the Age of 89

The founder of the great mobile company Motorola,Bob Galvin dies at the age of 89.He died yesterday (11/10/2011).He was died in Chicago.
In this duration of time when he started Motorola,there were many ups and downs in the company.But when BOB was in the company the situation was not like that.Many Motorola leaders came to Bob when they faced hard times.
Bob Willam was the long time CEO of Motorola.Bob Galvin took over the company Motorola from his father V. Galvin and he was CEO and chairman of the company for around 29 years.
The company Motorola was initially named as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.This is Bob Galvin who made this company a global company and the company value reached $11 bilion in the year 1990.
Below is the press release announcing Bob Galvin's death:

Under Galvin, Motorola led the creation of the global cellular telephone industry. It installed the first prototype cell phone demonstration system in Washington DC in 1971; unveiled the first portable cell phone prototype, the DynaTAC, in 1973; enabled the first commercial cell phone call, which was made on the DynaTAC by Ameritech, in Chicago in 1983; and introduced MicroTAC, the industry’s first compact cell phone, in 1989.
Finally, in 1996, with Galvin serving on Motorola’s board, the company manufactured the first pocket-sized ‘flip phone’, the StarTAC. These innovations paved the way to a cell phone market that now includes some 3.8 billion subscribers worldwide.
Throughout his career, Galvin made crucial investments in cellular R&D and advocated tirelessly for competitive telecom regulation across the globe, never wavering in his belief that cellular technology would revolutionize the way people communicated.
Another thing which i need to inform to you people which may be you know that Google is planning to acquire Motorola by the dollar $12.5.
LiFi the latest technology in Wireless Communication

LiFi the latest technology in Wireless Communication

Two latest technologies in telecommunication is been revealed in the last few weeks.The CEO of TED Global demonstrated that the data can be transmitted through LED light.So,the data will be transmitted through the LED light without any physical optical fiber.If there will be a LED light ,there will be data.
Meanwhile Steve Perlman of Rearden Labs has introduced another technology named DIDO which will break the Shannon's limit by 100 times.
So,in a very short time we are going to forget to connect to internet with the Wi-Fi and we will be used to connect to Wi-Fi through light bulb.
Whether you are using the internet in a coffee shop or trying to steal the internet from the next door of your friend or in a conference when you are facing the internet speed problem.As the user increases ,the speed of the internet gets decreased.
What if the speed gets constant though the user increases in the place.Normally we transmit the data through EM wave in the sky,what if we use the other part which is like?
A German Physicist named Harold Haas has come up with a solution which he says is "data illumination".Through this technique he has taken the optical part of the fiber out of the fiber optics and sending the data through light bulbs.
Harold Haas calls it as D-light and he examined that the data rate through this technique is almost 10 GB which is better than any of the internet connection.So,in a near future you will see that the street lams are transmitting data,the headlights of the cars will be also able to transmit data!

Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output(DIDO): A new solution to multiuser wireless network

Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output is a kind of solution which has allowed the multiuser wireless network to access a user a full data rate though the spectrum is shared among a specific number of people.This eliminates the interference between the users which are sharing the same spectrum.In the conventional wireless system the data rate drops as the number of user increases who shares the same spectrum .But with DIDO the data rate stays steady though the number of user increases.

DIDO solution is much more convenient and efficient and needs less amount of cost to establish the facility.The network structure is also not that much complex.DIDO has very high capacity and performance.
DIDO works in all places including indoor and outdoor,also in urban and suburban area.In rural area DIDO works upto a distance of 250 miles.
Scientist from different parts of the world were working on the DIDO technology for more than a decade.
To understand DIDO you first need to understand the procedure of Wi-Fi then one will understood which places are replaced by DIDO.

Doel Laptop : Laptop of Bangladesh Hits Market Today

At last the waiting ends.The Bangladeshi Laptop product "DOEL" hits market toady.Prime Minister of the republic of Bangladesh today launched the marketing and distribution of this "DOEL" laptop which is the fast ever laptop product produced by the country.
The mother company of this DOEL laptop Telephone Shilpa Sangstha (TSS) has launched with four models ranging between Tk 10,000 and Tk 26,000.
Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the laptops in a great ceremony at Dhaka's Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) around 10.30am on Tuesday morning. Some other officials were also present in the ceremony.
Tough the marketing and distribution is been launched,this is still not yet ready to be sold by the general people.At first the laptops will be distributed in the governmental organizations later this is be open to public and public will be able to buy this at that time.But this time will come very shortly.Within a short span of time.
The total project worth take 1.84 billion.
This project is been implemented with the help of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology ,Malayasian thin film transistor and foreign experts.

Model 2102
10.0" LCD Panel
VIA 8650 800MHz
512 MB RAM
Integrated 0.3 MP
WiFi 802.11b/g
2 USB 2.0
SD Slot for Max 32 GB
Google Android
Price- 10000/=

Model 0703
10.1" (1024*600)
WXGA LED Backlit
Intel® ATOM
Processor N455
Samsung SATA 250 GB
Integrated 1.3 MP
802.11 bg/n
3 USB 2.0
Linux Based OS
Price- 12000/=

Model 2603
13.3" (1360*768)
WXGA LED Backlit
Intel® ATOM
Processor D525
Samsung SATA 320GB
Integrated 1.3 MP
802.11 bg/n
3 USB 2.0
Linux Based OS
Price- 21000/=

Model 1612
14.0" (1920*1020)
LED Backlit
Intel® Celeron Dual
Core T3500 2.1 GHz
Samsung SATA 320GB
DVD Writer
( Samsung )
Integrated 1.3 MP
802.11 bg/n
4 USB 2.0
Linux Based OS
Price- 25000/=

The prices above are not fixed and may vary as the company want to reduce those after the release of this product among the people.

Sony VAIO Laptop and CW Series Notebook - Different Colors

The note book that sony launched market first was VAIO X series notebook .Along with this series now sony launched another series named CW Series.This VAIO CW Series comes in five eye-catching, high-gloss colors: fiery red, poppy pink, icy white, jet black and indigo purple.
Sony VAIO laptop is also eye catching and attractive.Also you can customized the colors of the laptop easily.

3G Comming Soon In Bangladesh

Today in a discussion of the top officials this is been decided that the guidelines for 3G is going to be finalized within 2012.
Telecoms minister Raziuddin Ahmed Razu told to the reporters that the auction for 3G is open for both foreign and local companies in Bangladesh.The state owned company Teletalk will get the privilege to enable the technology of 3G first in Bangladesh within the end of this year.The telecommunication minister said. "Teletalk will get to test commercially for six months."This statement came after a high profile meeting with prime minister Sheikh Hasina.
In this meeting this is also discussed that the license for VoIP will also be issued and the social obligation fees for the mobile operators are now fixed to one percent annual fee.

Gmail Adds Preview Pane to Ensure A Better View of The Mails

Yes,the title of the post is giving you the right information.Gmail has added a new option named "Preview Pane" to give a better and details view to the users of the Gmail.This is noted that this concept is not a new one and you have already seen it in some customized mail like Outlook Express but the new option will make the view of the interface more details and specific this can be said undoubtedly.Below are the steps to enable this in your Gmail:
1.Go to the "Labels" and click on "Manage Labels" 

2.Then Click on "Labs"

3.Then you will get the option "Preview Pane" and Enable it.

4.Now save the changes
5.Now go to the Gmail Interface and click on the Split option on the top right hand corner of the surface and select as you like.

Now you are done.
Enjoy the new look!

Total Number of Mobile Phone Subscriber in Bangladesh As of June 2011

The total number of mobile phone subscriber in Bangladesh who are treated as active subscriber has reached around 76.434 million at the end of June 2011.The number of the mobile users in Bangladesh are increasing at an alarming rate.The number in operatorwise is given below:

Grameen Phone Ltd. (GP) 33.824 Million
Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited (Banglalink) 20.202 million
Robi Axiata Limited (Robi)   14.488 Million

Airtel Bangladesh Limited (Airtel)     5.045 Million
 Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (Citycell) 1.730 million
 Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. (Teletalk) 1.141 million

GSM Operator In Bangladesh : Banglalink

Banglalink another leading GSM operator in Bangladesh has started their journey in Bangladesh on 2005 and instantly announced their presence in the mobile market.Their strategy in Bangladesh is to make the mobile facility affordable to mass people.For which they have already grabbed a large number of customers in Bangladesh.

orascom telecom bangladesh limited ("banglalink") is fully owned by orascom telecom holding s.a.e, egypt, ("oth"); the ultimate parent company of the group is vimpelcom, the 6th largest mobile phone operator in the world. banglalink was acquired by oth in 2004, and after a complete overhaul and the deployment of a new gsm network, its telecommunication services were re-launched under the brand name banglalink. when banglalink began operations in bangladesh in february 2005, its impact was felt immediately: overnight mobile telephony became an affordable option for customers across a wide range of market segments.

orascom telecom (oth) established itself as a global brand and is considered today to be one of the largest and most diversified telecom operators. operating in eleven emerging markets, the company has a population under license of approximately 512 million with an average mobile telephony penetration of approximately 50% as of june, 2010. orascom telecom operates gsm networks in algeria ("ota"), pakistan ("mobilink"), egypt ("mobinil"), bangladesh ("banglalink"), burundi (leo burundi), namibia (leo namibia), central african republic (telecel car), north korea ("koryolink") and canada ("wind mobile") through its indirect equity shareholding in globalive wireless and its  indirect equity ownership in telecel zimbabwe (zimbabwe). in 2009, the company was also awarded the management contract of one of the two lebanese mobile telecommunications operators ("alfa") from the government of the republic of lebanon. oth’s parent company "wind telecom" is owned by "vimpelcom".
Source : Banglalink

GSM Provider in Bangladesh : Grameen Phone

Grameen Phone has got the GSM license in Bangladesh on 28th July,1996 and started their Journey in Bangladesh on 26th March,1997 which is the Independent Day in Bangladesh.

Right now Grameen Phone is having the largest number of subscriber in Bangladesh.On March 2011 it was having 30 million subscriber.The office of Grameen Phone is located in a place named GPHOUSE,Basundhara,Dhaka.
The ownership structure of Grameen Phone is quite interesting and the structure is Telenor (55.8%), the largest telecommunications service provider in Norway with mobile phone operations in 12 other countries, and Grameen Telecom Corporation (34.2% ), a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed micro-credit pioneer Grameen Bank. The other 10% shares belong to general retail and institutional investors.

Use Google and Yahoo Search Engine At The Same Time

Those who use internet in the world cannot access it a single day without any search engine.Cause otherwise it is difficult to find anything which is useful to you.Among this search engines Google and Yahoo are the best two search engines.
Some people use Google as their search engine and some people use Yahoo most of the time.But to get the best result we sometimes compare the search results of both Yahoo and Google search engine.So,if there is an way to use both the search engine simultaneously then it is a great idea.
There is an website named where you can use both Google and Yahoo both at the same time as the search results come in two different columns which will help you to find the best result.Try this out!

Do You Know Who is This Guy?

This guy is Matthew Epstein and he is begging a job in Google !He has already made an website named Google Please Hire m.e. 
He has already uploaded a video about this in his website Google please hire m.e.In the webpage he also uploaded his resume and there is also a request for interview button.He has also added some interesting comment about him which are made by some renowned and professional people.
The main slogan in his webpage is 

Hello Google. My name is Matthew Epstein.
I want to join your product marketing team, bad.

 To view his own website please click here.

Facebook "Don't Share This Button" in In Netflix iOS Application

May be you are thinking of what is "Don't Share This" button?Yes,i was also asking this question to myself when at first i saw this in web.But this is true.Netfilx an online American provider of online internet streaming video and united states has used this button in their application this "Don't Share Button" and used the logo of Facebook.
It was at first discovered by the iSmashPhone which reports that the popup both in iPhone and iPad window shows this Facebook "Don't Share This" button.Now this is no more visible in those application so this is now hard to tell what actually happened.
Many accidental things happen when companies upgrade or change their posts or website.But this type of accident can cause a lot of dollars damage of the company.Hope this is an accident and Netflix is not penalized for this.
Further updates will be posted here.

How to Start A VoIP Business

You can start VoIP business in Bangladesh in three ways.So you need to decide in which way you will start your business and which way you will choose.The three services to start a VoIP business are
1.You can directly provide services to the corporations and companies who start to go on VoIP business.
2.By becoming VoIP wholesale carriers.Consider in this case you need some good investment.
3.By becoming VoIP reseller.
This is to be noted that the second case needs a lot of finance which you can manage by managing a loan from the Bank.You also need various kind of equipment both for communication and transport and you also need a highly trained force.
You must need to know that Voice Over Internet Protocol is totally new concept in telecommunication.So,you must have some idea both technical and managerial which you can gain easily.But you need this and this is for sure. 
On these 3 ideas which i think you will like the first one and this is the easiest and straight one.The first one to directly provide service to the corporations and companies which you will love to do and if you are a small entrepreneur then this is best for you cause you do not need any big investment.You will be the direct service provider.
If you have a good budget and large finance then you can be a VoIP wholesaler and if you can expand the business and can do you identity in the market then you do not need to see backward.

Whatever may be the situation or among these 3 whatever type you are doing , whether you are a direct provider, wholesaler or reseller, it is highly suggested that you establish your own group of highly skilled personnel. Technical know-how on all the workings of VoIP is critical. This means training and hiring of technicians, troubleshooters, installers, equipment operators, customer service relation representative, technical assistance representatives, service and equipment assessors – and basically the whole lot.

Mobile VoIP - Bangladesh Is Going To be The Biggest Outsourcing Location

The outsourcing business which is related to VoIP is going to touch $1 billion within 2015.This outsourcing business can bring a good future to the country named Bangladesh.In BASIS software Expo 2011 this was the topic of discussion.I personally agree with the topic of the discussion that Bangladesh can change her fortune with the business of outsourcing.This discussion was organized by REVE Systems.
One of the keynote speakers Sukanta Dey, ex-President of Tata Teleservices told in the discussion that the mobile carriers are outsourcing their specialized works like billing,customer care,IT service and network management to some expert and specialized companies.
As Bangladesh is listed among top 30 outsourcing destinations in the world,this is quite sure that in future Bangladesh is going to get a lot of work.
Now the question is how VoIP will correlate this with outsourcing?Now think a company from Malaysia wants to handle all billing related calls by Bangladeshi people.Then VoIP can change the total model cause we know using VoIP the call rate is lower and in that case it will take an important part cause the calls are coming from overseas and if any customer needs to call by the agent then he or she can also make the call with lower rate.

5 VoIP Providers in Bangladesh

1.VoIP Provider: Dragontel Networks Pvt Ltd
Location: Bangladesh/Dhaka
Main Category: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Categories: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Protocols: SIP
Services: Termination

2.VoIP Provider: allion
Location: Bangladesh/Dhaka
Main Category: Hardware
Categories: International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Hardware
Protocols: h.323
Services: Termination

3.VoIP Provider: White Xpress
Location: Bangladesh/Dhaka
Main Category: Internet Telephony Service Provider
Categories: International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider
Protocols: h.323, SIP
Services: Billing Software

4.VoIP Provider: nice
Location: Bangladesh/dhaka
Main Category: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Categories: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Protocols: h.323
Services: Call Routing VoIP Solutions, H.323 Wireless/ GSM VoIP Solutions, SIP Softswitch & CPE, Voice and Video Conferencing

5.VoIP Provider: Talk2Phone
Location: Bangladesh/sylhet
Main Category: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Categories: Hardware, Hosted VoIP billing service provider, Incumbent PTT, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider, Internet VoIP and Video Conferencing Service Provider, Network Service Provider, SIP Billing, VoIP Billing Software Provider, Voip consulting, Voip engineering, Voip Termination ISP, Wireless Broadband
Protocols: h.323, IAX, MGCP, SIP
Services: Billing Software
To get more information about VoIP providers in Bangladesh please visit
Source of information is
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