Slacker Radio on Your Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone

Slacker Radio on Windows Moile 6.5

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Listen to free personalized radio on your Windows Mobile 6.5* smartphone. With millions of songs from thousands of artists, Slacker Radio is the best way to discover new artists and hear your favorite songs. Listen for free to over 100 expert-programmed radio stations from every genre or create your own custom stations.

The Slacker mobile application is optimized for smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.5 with a screen resolution of 480x800.

Cell Phone With 3D Hologram Display

The new 3d hologram display cell phone is like a wrist watch.But like most of the wrist watch cell phones it is not that much heavy and not like a mobile phone.It typically looks like a ladies wrist watch.not that much heavy.Only one ball is used to operate the phone.Hope you will like the images.
10 Most Useful iPhone Tricks and Tips

10 Most Useful iPhone Tricks and Tips

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Whether you're an iPhone rookie or a weathered pro, take a look at these quick-and-easy iPhone tips and tricks which not only save you time, but ease your overall iPhone experience.
(These items are listed in no particular order.)

  1. Scroll to Top of Page  -
In any application, Safari included, you can automatically scroll to the top of the page by tapping on the "top bar", which has the time, service bars, and battery. In Safari, this not only brings you to the top of the page, but also brings up the URL bar.
Scroll_taphere Scroll_nyt
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Stunning Watch Phone : Celsius X VI II Watch Phone

The celsius X VI II is a new design in watch phones.In most of the watch phones you will see that they are emphasizing on the design of the watch shape and they are emphasizing less on the design of the cell phone.But in celsius x vi ii you will see that the design is much more like a cell phone.This is a flip design and a transparent watch is on the top.Hope you will like the design.

New Concept in Mobile Design

The total new concept in mobile design is now in market.A new generation in mobile phone named "Mobile Script" has brought out the new concept.This mobile set has two touch screen,one is small and one is large.You can use both the screen according to your need of the use.

How to clean up your cell phone?

Device that makes your cell phone clean
You are using your cell phone for a long time and this cell phone is helping you every now and then for communication.But can you remember at last when you have cleared the germs of your cell phone?May be you are so aware about the germs that you shoe carries from outside and the germs that you carry by going to a local places.But are you aware that you are also carrying huge amount of germs through your cell phone?Your cell phone is touching your mouth and your ear.It is also getting dirty when your are putting this in your pocket or vanity bag.
So,it is time to get up from the sleep and make your cell phone clean.But the question is how to clean it up in a right way cause you cannot wash it with water cause it is water sensitive.So,how can you wash it?Don't worry.There is an option out.You can make it clear by using an ultraviolet cell phone sanitizer.The Violight Germ Eliminating Smartphone Sanitizer. Ultraviolet Cell Phone Sanitizeruses ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.9% of germs that have accumulated on your cell phone or iPod. This battery operated device works in just 5 minutes.

Best 3 Free Website To Unlock Your Cell Phone

Are you not satisfied with your current cell phone operator company?Do you want to switch to the best one where you will get best service and good call rate and free texts but unable to do it because your cell phone locked?Are you looking for a free website which will help you to unlock your phone then the below information is going to help you.If you make a google search by the key word "free cell phone unlocking tool " then it will take you more than one hour to find the best one.Though each and every website tells that they are free still they will charge you around $5-$6.So,try with the below links:

This site is pretty basic and does exactly what it says on the tin – offers you free unlocking codes for mobile phones. It started out small and hasn’t really grown much. However, it does offer a good unlocking service if you own a Nokia; which are the easiest to unlock online by the way.

Trycktill is more of a mobile content site but it also offers free unlocking codes for mobile phones. On the homepage, click “˜Unlock‘ along the top menu bar.For example, an LG unlock method is as follows:
1. Insert an accepted SIM card
2. Press 1945#*5101#
3. Select Network to unlock
4. Enter in Code
Trycktill will unlock seven different phone makes : LG; AEG; MAXON; Nokia; Panasonic; Siemens and Vitel.

If you know of any other unlocking sites, please let us know in the comments.  
Four Important Things That your Cell phone Can do but You Probably Never Know

Four Important Things That your Cell phone Can do but You Probably Never Know

There are things that your mobile phone cad do in a do or die situation but probably you never know about the features.So,i am just trying to relay you the information that your cell phone can do in a moment when you are just helpless.
Mobile Phone Emergency number is 112.If you are outage of your network then if you dial 112 then it will search for any network that is available in that region.The interesting thing is that even if your keypad is locked you can dial these numbers.Try this out.
2.Reserve Battery Power:
Suppose your cell phone has very low power but you need to use this cause you need to do some emergency call.What is the way out?Yes,you have one option.That is your mobile reserve batter.To activate,press *3370# then your mobile will restart with a 50%battery charge.Next time when you will charge your mobile this reserve charge will again get charged up.
3.How to disable your stolen cell phone;
Suppose your cell phone is stolen and you need to disable it.This is simple.Dial *#06#.One 15 digit code will appear in your screen.Store it.If any such kind of case happens then just inform your operator about this number and they will disable your handset.
4.To unlock your Car's door if you forget your keys in the car
If your car supports Remote keyless entry and If you forget your car doors key in the car and the other set of key is at home then your mobile phone can help you out.Make a phone call to your house.Tell someone to press the unlock code of your key from that key (but from the very close of the cell phone) you also stay very close to the car.You will see the car doors got unlocked from the other end.This is magic!

Worlds Most Amazing Towers

To encourage the concept of green planet,in California and New England the mobile towers are now built in an artificial trees.These artificial trees are either palm or pine trees.Now the question is will it add any beauty to our landscape or these are just like another artificial component if our daily life?

Nokia Cell Phone That Charges in Your Pocket

Nokia E-cu

Nokia E-Cu

Nokia -E cu
By seeing the models and the body surface of the handset may be you are thinking of what is so special about this cell phone?When first time i saw the handset in a picture i was also amazed what this cell phone is here to compete with the stunning iPhone and Blackberry.
But the reality is that it has a kind of unique feature and quality.The cell phone does not need any charger to charge it up.There is no need to pulg it on in power supply.So,you don't care if there is no charger with you and you are on your way.If you are a frequent traveler then this cell phone is just blessing to you cause you must not have so much time to charge your cell phone.
Designer Patrick Hyland says it can even work off the warmth of your pocket. The first time "it would take approximately seven hours to reach full charge, then after that it's continuous[ly charging] by keeping the phone in areas between 86 degrees and 104 degrees Fahrenheit." That's one hot pocket.

He's put a thermogenerator inside the phone that converts heat into electric potential energy. To better conduct the heat to that little power plant in your pocket, the E-Cu (E for energy, Cu for copper) is encased in copper backing with engraved heat sinks like those normally used to keep electronics from overheating.
50 Free Android Apps Every College Student Needs

50 Free Android Apps Every College Student Needs

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 Saving money is paramount in college, as most students don’t have a lot of that commodity to throw around. So, you may welcome some free Android apps that can push your productivity, creativity and communication always seem welcome. You may find at least one or two apps you’ll want from this list of 50 free Android apps that every college student needs.


  1. 3banana: Capture your thoughts, ideas and notes as well as photos.
  2. ASTRID: Astrid is an open-source task list that is simple enough; but, for the important things in your life, it encourages you into staying organized.
  3. Books WordPlayer: Download books in seconds or load from your sdcard to read on your Android.
  4. CoursePro Demo: Try the trial version for free and you may want the full version for the price of a cup of coffee. Track school courses, assignments and grades and keep track of homework.
  5. Droid Scan Beta: Turn your Android into a document scanner.
  6. Evernote for Android: This app lets you capture your ideas, experiences, and inspirations as the happen and sync them with your desktop.
  7. GDocs for Android: Create, edit, view, import, export and send documents as well sync documents with your Google Docs account.
  8. GPA Calculator: GPA Calculator Lite is a great tool for all college students to calculate, monitor, and manage your grade point average so you can apply for those student grants.
  9. InstaFetch: Save complete Web pages to your Android for offline reading. Integrates with
  10. Inventory Droid: While you could use this app to note everything in your dorm room for “anti-theft” purposes, this app could be used for so much more.

Ultrasonic Ringtones

Ultrasonics are great new ringtones that play at a higher frequency than normal tones. This means that they can only be heard by kids and generally can't be heard by adults over the age over 20 or so.
Find out just how far your ears can hear into the range of ultrasonic ringtones. Pretty much everyone should be able to hear the lowest tone (8kHz). Many people should be able to hear up to around 14.1kHz.But this a matter of test whether you can hear beyond 15 kHz or not.If you want to check this out the please click here to go to the site where you can check this.

Emergency Telephone numbers of the hospitals in Dhaka

1. United Hospital Limited
Plot # 15, Road # 71, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
Ambulance Service: 01914001326
Emergency: +880 2 8836000-10(8066), 8836434-44(8066), 01914001234
Information Desk: +880 2 8836000-10(8068), +880 2 8836434-44(8068)

2. Central Hospital
H-2, Road-5, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Phone: 9660015-19

3. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka
Rd-81, Block-E, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka
Phone: 9891661-2, 9891680-1, 0173046684-5 (M)

4. Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital
H-1, Rd-4, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Phone: 8610793-8, 9670210-3 (C), 0176585828 (M)

5. Lab Aid Specialized Hospital
H-6, Rd-4, Dhanmondi Dhaka
Phone: 8610793-8, 9670210-3

The trend of flip phones are back again

During the time duration from 1990 to 2000 filp phones are the hottest cell phones.People were just crazy about the flip phones.Some extra attitude was added if someone has one cell phone at that time.But after the release of Blackberry and iPhone the definition of cell phones have been changed and iPhone is ruling the whole market of luxurious cell phone.
But the era of flip phone is in a state to back again with new stunning structure.Now the flip is three folded with new stunning screen and new structure of flip phone to compete with the other smart phones.

Rumour : iPhone 5 is going to be released on June 6th

iPhone 5 black

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Slides

Apple is one of the leading information technology companies in the United States.The products iPad,Mac,iTune,iPod,OS X operating system and last but not the least "iPhone" gives us the idea how giant this company is and how qualitative their products are!
Their next boom in the smartphone market is going to be the iPhone 5 which is the 5th release in this iPhone series.Now the long waited question is what will be the releasing date of this iPhone 5.Cause people all over the world who were previously iPhone user and now waiting eagerly to see what will be the next magic.
Today i have got to know from one website that the releasing date of iPhone 5 will be 6th ,June 2011.The website named Iccellphone.But there is also one thing mentioned that the word rumour is before the post title.So,we can decide that the release is not going to be that much early.To see the magic of iPhone 5 we need to wait some more days.

Play your voice memos of iPhone in your Windows operating system

Suppose you have recorded a voice while you were on the road and now you want to store it or hear it from your windows os then you can easily do it.It will save your iPhone battery power and you can save it in your PC for a long time.To do this you simply need to follow the below simple steps.
Launch iTunes on yourPC.
Connect your iPhone to a USB port on your computer with the USB cable.
Click the icon of your iPhone under "Devices" in the left pane of the iTunes application window.
Click "Music" tab at the top of the iTunes window.
Click the "Include Voice Memos" check box to select it.
Click "Apply." The voice memos that you recorded on your iPhone transfer via the USB cable to iTunes.
After storing it to your PC you can easily hear the voice memo in your pc.
Please let me know if you have any further question.

iPhone accessories

iPhone accessories

If you are an iPhone user then you must need various accessories to use the iPhone.The iPhone accessories may be of like iPhone skins,iPhone cases,iPhone leather cases,iPhone pouches,headset and chargers etc.
You can have all these accessories in one place and you can buy those and get the information about the iPhone accessories price in some website.
One of the most popular website to provide you the information about the iPhone accessories is .You will get huge number of categories of iPhone accessories.You can buy the iPhone accessories in this website.

Cool iPhone cases and images

Black iPhone case

Colourful iPhone case

iPhone cases with stand

White decent iPhone case

Simple but still flussy iPhone cases

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