You Need To Pay For Facebook Now !

Yes,this is true.You need to pay for Facebook.At last Facebook also decided to pay for your status.But this is not for all Facebook users.These is for those users only who wants to make their status more popular.

This is already been under one experiment in NewZeland.If you want to make your Facebook status more popular then Facebook will make your status just like a sticky note and the sticky note will be visible to all your friends Facebook and in this way the status will become more popular.

Get Unlimited Download/ Upload Facility in Grameen Only By 23 Taka !

Yes,right now you can get unlimited download and upload facility in Grameen Phone only by spending 23 BDT but please remember that this facility is only for 3 days.You can get unlimited download and upload facility by spending 23 taka and you will get this facility for 3 days.Now some pros and cons of the offer and how to active the facility is described below:

1. You SIM card should already have internet facility activated.Not only activated but also you should have P1 facility.If the P1 package is not activated then you will not be able to use this offer.

2. If your SIM card still does not have P1 facility then to activate the P1 facility you need to send one SMS writing "edge p1" and need to send it to 5000.The SMS will charge you 2 BDT.

3.Now go to the message option and write "backup" and send it to 6000 .Now this SMS will charge you 2 BDT and the offer charge is 23 BDT.So,you balance should have at least 30 taka so that you can avail the offer.

4.Now you will get one SMS like below:

"Thanks u for ur interest in grameen phone mobile backup service. to proceed with the registration process please click on using gp WAP connection. if ur handset do not supprt EDGE then send REG to 6000 to subscribe for SMS based backup service only."

Now click on the click and it will redirect you to download one application.Please! please!! please !!Do not download it .If you download it then it will charge you 45 BDT.So,cancel the download and check your balance.If you balance is less by 23 BDT then you will think that your offer is activated.

Special Note: You will be able to use this facility from one SIM card one time in a month.After one month you will be able to use this facility again.Another Important thing is that if you want to unsubscribe this facility then send it by writing "unsub" and send the message to 6000.Otherwise again it will cut 23 taka in the next month.

Now how to get unlimited internet through out the month by spending only 270 taka?

It is very easy and legal but a bit tricky.You need to have 10 SIM card of Grameen Phone.Now you need to activate the facility in all the SIM card.So,the calculation is :

(2+2+23) = 27 * 10 sim =270 taka and you will get 30 days facility of unlimited download and upload in all the SIM card.Please be noted that active the facility to another SIM when you first SIM card's facility will expire.

Samsung OLED TV 55'' Comming This Year

Samsung OLED TV is now displayed in world fair.If you cannot wait for the OLED technology burst out and not satisfied with the LED or LCD technology then there is a good news for you because Samsung is going to introduce Samsung OLED TV 55'' in the second half of this summer.

Two obstacles may prevent you from buying the OLED TV from Samsung cause Samsung at first will release it in South Korea which will cost around 9000 USD.If you compare the price with LCD or LED tv from Samsung then you can buy one LCD or LED from the range of 1000 usd to 3000 usd if the definition is high.

Samsung's head of the TV business has said to the press that it will take around two to three years to come OLED in the main stream business and still then the price will be bit higher.

How To Save a Wet Cell Phone ?

Cell phone is a device which you use every now and then.You keep your cell phone wherever you go and whatever the situation.To use this cell phone in such a way it is very normal that you wet it by water.Like if you are carrying your cell phone in a sea beach or in a place where there is water and you wet it by water.Also rain can come while you are carrying your cell phone and you have no place to save your cell phone then emergency happens.To save your cell phone in such situations you may follow some steps below to save your wet cell phone:

1. Take the cell phone out of the water and remove the plastic if you are covering the cell phone with any kind of plastic.

2. Don't panic if your cell phone gets wet.Cause if you panic it will take time to have some steps to save it.So, grab it and bring it out of water and try to dry it as soon as possible.

3.Remove the battery.This is the first step you should take because electricity will damage your cell phone by making short circuit.So,remove the battery as soon as possible and cut the path of current.

4. Remove the SIM card if you are using a GSM carrier because if you will not remove it then the SIM will get damaged.

5. Remove all other peripherals and the things that you can remove over the cell phone.

6. Dry your cell phone with a tissue paper or by a dry cloth or with a foam.

7. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry it.Cause though you have tried to make it dry,still there may have some water inside the cell phone.

8. Try to use a substance which can make the surface of the cell phone dry and is having high affinity to water.

9.Taste the phone after 24 hours when you think that your cell phone is dry enough then reattach the batter and check it whether it is ok or is having any damage.

10. Last bust not the least if it does not open do not think that your cell phone is gone.Take it to a cell phone mechanic.May be he will find some way out.

How To Make Your Pendrive Virus Free Just With One Click?

We frequently use pendrive ,memory card and other USB device in our computer.As all the USB devices are plug and play so if the windows is virus affected then the USB device will also get virus affected. We are not notified when this things happen.There virus make damage to our files which are stored in USB device.These virus also make our files hidden.For this reason we cannot see the files in our USB device.For this reason when we use these USB device to other PC ,those PC also get affected.In this way we spread the virus in different PC.Sometimes these virus also cannot be detected by the Anti Virus program.So,to make our USB virus protected now we will check how we can remove these virus from our USB device.

At first open you noted pad.To do this easily just press windows+R and then write "notepad" then Press "Enter".Now your notepad will get opened and paste the below lines to the notepad.

ATTRIB –H –A –R –S K:\*.* /S /D
K is your USB drive.So,replace K with your pendrive or USB drive name.If your pendrive name is Himu then change "K" with "Himu".
Now save the note pad file by pressing Ctrl+s and name the file as CLEAN USB.bat and keep it in Desktop.The advantage to save it in Desktop is that then you will be able to run it from the Desktop as soon as you will connect the USB. Now everytime you connect the USB to your PC just double click on your CLEAN USB.bat file and you will be able to clean all the virus in you USB.

Just make sure that there is no exe file in your pendrive outside the folder.If the exe file is outside the folder then the Clean program will also remove it.So,keep the .exe file in a folder and make your USB clean with just double click.


How to Get Free Facebook Like From ?

This post does not only describes you "How to Get Free Facebook like ?" but it will also tell you

May be you are thinking this is just for the publicity of the post.How come so many things can be in one place and all are free where all the websites ask for money to provide Facebook likes or Twitter follower or Youtube views.But this is true.I did not mention anything fake for the publicity of my post.

You can get all these things in one place.This is absolutely free.

You Need to Click just one the like buttons and you will earn points!

When you search with "how to get facebook likes",may be at that time a lot of websites come to your search result and all describes how to get Facebook likes by doing a lot of things and in most of the cases the suggestions are monotonous and boring.You will need to have couple of months to implement all these ideas.No website tells you how to make it in a quick and simple way and how to get it instantly.

I am describing you the secret in this post.Now what you need to do to get all these things for free?

You just need to go to the website you need to register.The registration process is simple.This will only need your email address.Then confirm the link which is been sent to your email address.Now log in.

Now start earning points by liking others Facebook pages which you will get in your home.You can also earn points by Following the Twitter profile of others and stumble upon follow.Then add your Facebook fan page url or Twitter profile url or your stumble upon url or Youtube video url.Now add points to your url and set minimum CPC per like or follow.You can also earn money and exchange traffic by this network.

So,what are you waiting for just registrar in and start earning points and assign it to your added site and get thousand of likes and enjoy thousand of followers.This is magic ,isn't it?

Get More Facebook Likes,Google 1+,More Twittes and More Youtube Visits

This is the first time your are getting this information and i bet it will work like magic.
May be you have a blog ,a website or you need to promote a product.So,you have constructed one Facebook page but searching for people to like your Facebook page.For this reason you have searched the entire internet but no one is providing you the right way or straight way rather they are providing you some suggestions to get Facebook likes.So,you are experimenting with many different things but not getting the fruitful and instant result.

If you are in this position then this article is going to give you the ultimate relief.Just follow and read the below things.

If you need more Facebook likes,more Google 1+,Twitter Followers or Youtube views then just visit .This is all in one website.The most important thing is it is absolutely free.This is true.You do not need to pay to get any Facebook like or to get any Twitter follower.

So,what are you waiting for.Just visit and start making your social network stronger.

Net Income of Grameen Phone Increased But Profit Decreases

The top ranked mobile operator in Bangladesh is Grameenphone.Recently one data analysis proved that though its total income increases but the net profit decreases.The income per share is also decreased.This data are been recovered from the first quarter of this year 2012.In the mean time the number of subscriber increasing rate has also decreased.The net profit per user has also decreased and the investment in the network has also been decreased.Though the internet data usage has increased.

Income Per user:
Though there has been nothing described about this in the Tuesday meeting but in the mother company website (Telenor website) it is been specified that Grameenphone has lost 6% income per user.They has pointed out the reason as the variation of dollar against BDT.

ARPU (Avrage Revenue Per User):
This is also been decreased in this quarter of the year.The ARPU is not 203 taka which was around 216 taka in the previous year.

Internet Usage Increases:
Though new users are not added that much but the number of internet users has already reached to 58 Lakh and 20 thousand (5.82 Million) which was only 24 Lakh last year.This is a rapid growth.Grameenphone is hoping that it will increase more in this current year.

How Your Email Will Get A Response?

Be very careful next time when you write one Email to someone if you want to get a reply of your email.You should not use some words in the subject line like "invite","confirm","join",'press'.Cause people did not get any response or got less response with the subject line containing this words.

This information is been came out from one survey from one organization named "Badin" which is working for an email company named "Boomerang".

Badin recently did this survey for more than 5 million people and got the result like this.They also published in their survey that most of the people like to read mail before they start their work.So,the best time to send the emails are before 9 am in the morning.

Mother's Day Cards For Kids A Tribute To "Mothers Day" by Teleinfo

Mother's loved you when you were kid and kids also love the Mother most.So,the gift from a kid is so special.They can make some extraordinary beautiful cards.Below are some samples:

Techniques to Make Home Made Mother's Day Cards

To gift our mother buying something new is one thing and making something for her is different.When we make something for our nearer or dearer one the emotion gets involved with it and the person will also can feel the love towards her or him.
Same in the case of Mother's Day card.Making something for your nearest one in the world is very special and will make your day special.Then why not try something new like below samples?

 You can make the above mothers day card by using one hard paper.Then you need to fold it.Now put two stones on two sides of the line "Happy Mother's Day".Above the line you can do some kind of design.You need to cut some small pieces of fabrics like the above one then by folding the cloth you can make the above dress and make the card more beautiful.Instead of using the clothes you can use flower and paste it on the cards.That will be another Mother's Day Card Design.You can also use plant leaves to make the card more colurful.
 For the above card you need to have one paper then you need to fold the paper.Then you can use Noodles and by pasting the noodles you can write "Happy Mothers Day".The flower designs can be made by either paper or cork sheets or fabrics.You can make different designs.
 This is a lovely design on the handkerchief.I just love the design.Just buy one white handkerchief or handkerchief with any color.Then you can paint it on it or by sewing on the handkerchief you can make different design.This is the beautiful one and have lots of emotion in it.
The above card is very simple to make.Just take one hard card paper then cut any kind of fabric and write whatever you want to write.Then you need to stitch it on the card.Now your mother's day card is ready.

A Tribute to Mother: Mother's Day Card By Teleinfo Part 1

I do not want to spent a lot of words to make you understand the importance of our mother.Cause i believe we all can feel how important and precious our mother is to us!Lets look some Mother's Day cards.

Best Software Online To Download Youtube Video In Mobile

I think many people may know about this software and already using this in their mobile device to download Youtube Videos.Many people are using different software like or to download Youtube videos.But in this cases the video quality is not that much high and we do not get the high quality picture.But today i am going to share with you people a kind of link by which you will be able to download not only the MP4 quality video but also the below quality videos:

-Download as MP3, Audio,56Kbps Mono
-Download as MP3 HQ, Audio, 128Kbps Stereo
-Download as 3GP Low, Mobile Video 176x144
-Download as 3GP, Mobile Video 176x144
-Download as 3GP HQ, Mobile Video 176x144
-Download as 3GP HQ, Mobile Video 320x240
-Download as MP4 HQ, HD 640x360

The Link for the video download is http//

Bangladesh National University Result Checking Online

This is very difficult to check the online result of Bangladesh National University.Though a lot of student of our country are studying in this National University,the appropriate authority is doing very less for the students for the National University.Even it is very difficult for them to get the result online.This is very sad.

I was just going through one blog post on TechTunes and found one link which is very helpful for the students of National University.Cause they will be able to check the result very easily.The name of the person who created the facility is named as Mahin.

To check result of Bangladesh National University please CLICK HERE.
You just need to select the year you are reading and then need to put the Roll number and you need to select the year.Then by clicking on search result you will get the result.It is just awesome.

Gmail Is Adding Translation Facility !

Google is now adding translation facility in their Email service "Gmail".If any Gmail user receives a mail then he will be able to read the mail translating it to any language.If he changes it for one time then other mails will also get translated and he will be able to read those in that language.

Google had started its translation service back in 2009.The Gmail users will get the facility of translation cause Google is just integrating this translation facility to the Gmail.Google has informed about this through their official blog.

On that article it is been said that if you want to read the mail always in your own language then you need to click on the translate option .If it does not come automatically then just choose the arrow which is just beside the reply option and choose your language and start reading in your own language.
But this translation is still not been enabled for all the languages but Google is telling that they are working hard in their lab to make it possible for all languages.

Bharat Matrimony Complains Against Google

The time is not passing good for Google in India.They are getting involved in different problem in India.Some days ago another issue arrived for having some contents which are not proper.Now the issue is with Google Adwords.The complain is now from the popular marriage matrimony site Bharat Matrimony.
Competition Commission of India will judge this.This commission is specially to check whether anyone is doing any wrong thing or unethical thing while doing the competition.
CCI is checking whether the complain is true or not.CCI is ordered to place its report within 60 days.One speaker from Google has said that no one has taken any step from Google so no comments from them.
The complain from Bharat Matrimony is that Google has used  their Company name in the adwords of Bharat Matrimony.Adwords are the online advertisements which is controlled and maintained by Google.Last year the revenue from Adsense was around 36 billion dollars.

How To Get SSC Result 2012 In Grameen Phone,Teletalk,Robi,Banglalink and Airtel In Bangladesh

On Monday,May 7,2012 will not be available until afternoon 2:30 PM this is been declared by Education Ministry.To get the SSC result 2012 in Teletalk you need to Type "Reg" then need to put space and then type the board name.If the board is Dhaka then need to type DHA,if it is Rajsahi then need to type "RAJ".Then need to put space and then the roll number.The SMS need to be sent to 16222.Now your regestration will be complete and when the result will be published then you will get one SMS from Teletalk and your result will be sent to your number.

Suppose your roll number is 123456 and your board is Dhaka then you need to do like below:

"Reg DHA 123456" and then send it to 16222. 
For Vocational or Madrasha board  then the code for the board should be Technical(VOC) = Tec  Madrasah = Mad

The board codes are listed below:
Dhaka = Dha
Barisal = Bar
Chittagong = Chi
Comilla = Com
Dinajpur = Din
Jessore = Jes
Rajshahi = Raj
Sylhet = Syl
Technical(VOC) = Tec
Madrasah = Mad

If you want to get the result from Grameen Phone then the procedure is same.
 How to get SSC result from Grameen Phone?The procedure is below:
 The procedures are same for GP, Teletalk, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi.You need to do the same procedure and need to send the SMS to 16222.

Besides this you will be able to get the result by going to the website

Other than this the result will be available to the respective website.But the results will not be available before 2:30 pm.You need to wait until this.

The result will be officially handed to the respective educational institute on 10 am when the educational minister will hand over the result to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Prime Minister will publish the SSC result of Barisal Zilla School,Barisal Girls High School and Barisal Technical School and College through video conferencing. 

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