Call Blocking Service - WHY???

Why the above models are laughing?They should cry cause they are using a service where security is given only for paying penny.........!!!
Why should the mobile operators in Bangladesh will encourage the package of Call Blocking Service.This service will block the call from that number from which customer will get irritated and the customer will have to pay for it.
To establish this service the mobile operators are making their advertisements according to this patter.
But my question is why should the mobile operators will encourage this type of service which is provided by them.Rather can't they do any campaign which will discourage the unwanted calls.
The mobile operators in Bangladesh have already made many advertisements which is in the theme of patriotism.In other words they have just blackmailed us emotionally just for the sake of business.If those campaigns were for the good of people then why they do not create such a campaign which will stop the unwanted callers to call specially in the unknown female numbers?
Or they are just getting afraid that they will loose some revenue from the unwanted callers?Cause in a sense those unwanted people in the society are also their friends cause they generate some revenue.
Ha ha is everything to the mobile operators in Bangladesh!

10 Cool Cell Phone Design

Bio Degradable Gas Cell Phone

Photosynthesis Cell Phone

Printer Cell Phone

Script Cell Phone

Scarp Wood Cell Phone

OLED Cell Phone

Sticker Cell Phone

Hand Cell Phone

Cell Phone Charger with finger Spin

Motorola Origami

Apple is Planning To Release New iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 on This September

There are a lot of rumors about releasing of Apple iPhone 5 release.But this is quite sure that Apple is going to release the next set of their iPhone "iPhone 5" in this September.There is no doubt about this.The new model of iPhone 5 will be available for sale in this September 2011.Which is a good news for those who did not change their phone set and waiting for the release for iPhone 5 and will go and grab it.
Additionally with this Apple is going to release another version of iPhone 4S which will be more updated version and will be in the price range of 300-400$ apprx.

New Stunning Nokia N800

Great Design, just Stunning.  This phone that has the QWERTY slider form factor. There’s also a tilt hinge mechanism on board, as well as jog stick for games and video call support, possibly thanks to a front camera. This set also has an interesting feature, as it generates a hologram effect on the plastic part of the case through injection molding, that makes the entire thing much cooler and appealing to youngsters.
May be this is going to be a successful model for Nokia for its uniqueness.

PhoneDetective - A Real Reverse Phone Look Up Directory

Reverse phone look up is a technology through which you will be able to find who is calling you.In other words through this technology you can track a persons personal information or can uncover a persons personal information by searching the number and present location through a reverse phone directory.
Why it is used?
This reverse phone technology is used to find who is disturbing you or who is calling you is you get a threat via phone or get disturbed by a phone number.The lost persons,lost lovers,lost children and lost army person are also can be found through this technology.
There are many directory available on line but the one named Real Reverse Phone Look Up is a great one!
You can check this wonderful paid service to get information from Reserve Phone Lookup directory PhoneDetective.

My other articles about Reserve Phone Lookup are :

HTC TUBE - New Smartphone With Cartridge

The most interesting part in this phone is you do not need to change the entire phone.You just can change the phone partially.With this phone you will have the ability to switch battery source, change the camera and upgrade your specs.

Russia Invents Hydrogen-power Phone Charger

A Russian company has come up with a hydrogen powered charger.There is a multilayer nanoporous mambrane which generates electricity through a chemical reaction with Hydrogen.This charger is applicable for both your notebooks and mobile phones.You can talk 30 hours by charging with this charger.
The charger only waits 180 grams and the most wonderful part of this hydrogen charger is that this is totally eco- friendly and completely healthy.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 Android Smart Phone Is Out Now in the Market

Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 is been posted in an online retailer Expansys.The configuration and the design description of the set is also confirmed and specified.This model has an 8-megapixel camera, dualband 900/2100MHz HSDPA (10Mbps) and HSUPA (2Mbps) as well as Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi b/g and A-GPS.
The Xperia display is listed as 4-inch display screen and will support 800x400 resolution.
Price is 600 USD.You will get the price list in other currency in the site

North South Genius Hunt 2011

North South University is going to organize their yearly Genius Hunt program on 31 st July,2011 in their own campus.Nationwide students are going to participate in this contest.This event is going to be organized by the Computer Club of North South University.This is a nation-inter university contest.
This is the second time of the contest.
The event will be a 2-day exhibition of the projects of the students studying in the Computer-Science, Electrical & Telecommunication and Architecture principles. The projects exhibited on this exhibition will be judged by renowned leading academics and professionals of the country and the best projects will be awarded.
Visit this and CLICK HERE to get more information about this event.

Google Shut Down Its 13 Year Old Google Friends Newletter

Finally Google closes the 13 year old service of Google Friend Connect Newsletter.Because of the low subscription.This newsletter was started by current CEO Larry Page on April 29,2008.
At that time this newsletter had given updates regularly to the readers.
Google recommend that now they are happy with the news update from The Official Google Blog and Adsense Blog or Google Chrome and other Forum in Twitter.

Facebook Networked Blog Discussion Board Is Not Working

Yes,the Facebook Networked Blog Discussion Board is not working right now as of 4:02 PM EST.I am experiencing this problem for previous one hour.When i am clicking on the discussion topic,this is driving me to the home page of my Facebook page.This is not my own problem.I have confirmed this with one of my friend who is staying in USA.

We who are the regular participants in the discussion board are facing problem.We are unable to promote our blog activities in the Networked blogs.

Hopefully Facebook will fix this within a short period of time.But the facility is needed by me right now cause specially in this time i work on my blog actively.

Friends and readers please let me know via comments when this problem gets fixed.

BTRC is Going To Award 3G License on August

From a reliable source this is been assured that BTRC(Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory C omission) is going to award the 3G license to the selected Mobile operators in this August.For this reason BTRC is passing a busy hours and even the officials are working also in the holidays.
Teletalk will be the first mobile operator to get the 3G license first.After that the other mobile operators will get the license.
This is to be noted that considering this in mind Grameen Phone has already installed 1100 BTS in the whole country and ROBI has already installed 4000 BTS in the whole country.

New WiMax Operator in Bangladesh - MULTINET

Multinet which is a Russina telecommunication company is going to start WiMax business with QUBEE and Banglalion in the beginning of the next year.They have their network in the countires like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, CIS countries, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Uganda.They have started their business in the year 2008.
Right now they have started setting up their network for BWA and getting ready to start the WiMax business in the beginning of 2012.They are recruiting a lot of people for their network roll out.
The advertisements are not with their company name but they are using "A multinational Telecommunication Company" in their advertisement.
If you check their website,you will see that they have mentioned that they are going to start the BWA business next year.

Wireless Broadband Data Service Development

At first to provide the wireless broadband service the technology called GPRS(Global Packet Radio Service) or EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Revolution).This technology was 2.5 G.The data rate was limited to very low data rate in this technology.The data rate in EDGE and GPRS was only about 128 kbps.
Then came 3G technology to provide high data rate and to support video calling in GSM.This is basically UMTS and which is of two types HSPDA and HSPA.Data Rate is high in HSPA than HSPDA.HSPA can send upto 21-45 Mbps data.
After that 4G came and WiMax is supported in this 4G technology.After WiMax LTE (Long Term Evolution) is now successfully launched.

Understanding LTE In A Simple Way !

LTE or Long Term Evolution is a technology in telecommunication through which a large number of data can be transmitted.The is the technology after 4G(Foruth Generation).
Through LTE this will be possible to transmit 1 Gbps data.Can you imagine?The LTE technology will use the spectrum which is in the range of 700 MHz.Which is basically now used for the broadcasting of National TV channels in all over the world.
As the frequency is not so large transmission power will not be that large and the number of BTS need to cover an area will be less.Like where you need 20 BTS to cover an area to provide 3G technology,you only need 1 BTS to cover the same area in LTE technology.
Countries like United States,Sweden,Norway and also in Africa they have successfully tested the service and was able to download data upto 1000 Mbps.

Google Plus Has Turned Out As Google Minus !

Yes,Google Plus the latest social networking platform from Google is turning out as Google Minus as the active users in Google Plus getting lower.On the first month of its launch,the user rate has dropped about 3 percent only in Europe.
Though the Google Plus is not now open to join but this is not a difficult task to get a Google Plus invitation these days.So,if people had their intention to use this this is not a problem to join into it and continue activity.
From my own experience i can tell you that people are not that much active in Google Plus.I have more than 50 friends but when i check in my page i do not see anyone shared any photo or comment there.I just check the page one to two times and i do not see any important or interesting thing which can attract me to continue on this page.
I know there are some interesting feature and this is only the beta version but Google should do some additional activity or promotion to make the process ongoing.Otherwise the minus in traffic will continue.Hope a success of the Google + project.

Top News : Summit Communications Will be the Consulant for First Satellite Launch of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) had invited international a tender on November 9th,2010 for its maiden satellite "Bangabandhu -1" launch.Finally the international tender invitation had came to a fruitful result and Summit Communication Ltd. has got the consultancy finally.This is been confirmed from a reliable source.
This is just a great news for Summit Communications Ltd.Now the challenge is how much they will be successful with this consultancy.Cause any Bangladeshi firm does not have any previous experience in the field of satellite.May be they are planning to engage some expertise who have previous experience in this field.It will be wise if they start some home work right from now.Cause this is not going to be an easy task.
However,this is good that Government has the good will in their mind which makes the process so quick and hopefully we will also be a proud nation and will write our name in the list of satellite launching country.

Bangladesh Planning to Launch Satellite

Bangladesh is planning to launch it's own maiden satellite "Bangabandhu-1" to compete with the advanced era of science and technology.
Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) commissioner Mallik Sudhir Chandra detailed the advancement of the project to banglanews staff correspondents Monowarul Islam and Shariful Islam.“We have no practical experience in launching a satellite so we are at a beginning stage,” Mallik Sudhir Chandra began.

“Planning, designing, expenditure calculation, place selection in the space--all these are under preparation,” he said.

Appointment of a consultant firm in this connection is underway, he added.

“Initially, we tried to find out local experts but failed, so we are now in the process of finding international experts,” said BTRC commissioner.

Sudhir Chandra said, “We have applied to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a regulatory body of world telecommunications, for place in the space for the proposed satellite.”

The international consulting firm, once appointed, will coordinate negotiations with ITU, Shudhir informed.

He said, “Initially we applied for an honorary expert from ITU but got no response. Now we are thinking about getting a paid expert from the organisation.”

Calling an international tender in this connection is underway, informed Sudhir Chandra.

The 5 PSTN Operators in Bangladesh May Get Back License

The telecommunication regulatory commission and telecommunication ministry have amended the rules to get back the PSTN operators who were banned for over an year because of using illegal VoIP in their network.
Under the changes all the 5 public switched telephone networks(PSTN) needs to solve their payment disputes on  inter connectivity with the mobile operators before they get their license.This is confirmed by the officials of Bangladesh telecom Regularatory Comission and Telecom Ministry.
However, Telecom Secretary Sunil Kanti Bose said the dispute over interconnectivity charge is the matter of the operators, not related to the telecom law.
"We have asked the BTRC to return the licences to the operators after they fulfill the conditions," he said.
In May 2010, the BTRC banned the licences of Peoples Tel, National Telecom, WorldTel, RanksTel and Dhaka Phone for their direct involvment  in illegal international call termination through VoIP technology.

BTRC Again Strated Telecom Audit

After the decision of the supreme court on 5th July,2011 which was in the favor of BTRC,it again started the audit to the mobile operators.The audit of various telecommunication factors in the mobile operators like Grameen Phone and Banglalink has again started as the order issued by the chamber judge of the appellate division.
This is to be noted that the audit operation was stayed 4 months by an order of High Court on June 23th.
But after the appellate division's order now there is no hindrance to start the audit work again,the BTRC statement said and BTRC has again appointed the Chartered Account firm to continue their work.Now this is expected that BTRC will continue the audit work in a clear way.

Government Plans for National Internet Exchange (NIX)

If a student from East West University sends an e-mail to a student of North South University then the mail will go around the whole world.The mail will go through the host ISP (Internet Service Provider) in America via Singapore though two or more submarine cable.As this is passing through submarine cable the cost will also get high and the time taken will also get higher.

But if the ISP,East West and North South is been connected together then the mail will not pass a long distance and it will also received very quickly.This solution is been made by the telecommunication sector of Bangladesh.A National Internet Exchange (NIX) is going to be introduced by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.
NIX will be a non profitable organization and the ISP will pay NIX.India has implemented the NIX facility in the year 2003.
The draft licensing guideline which is been submitted to BTRC permits International Internet Gateway (IIG) licensees should provide NIX facility.

Bandwidth Price Issue In Banaldesh

In this year during the month of February Government of Bangladesh has cut the bandwidth price from 18,000 Tk to 12,000 Tk.But the ISP(Internet Service Providers) are still not fixing the price and not serving the internet to the user in a lower rate.
Their point is that ISP is experiencing more operational cost while maintaining their operation.They did not reduce a single taka after the cut of bandwidth price.They are saying that they are spending more money while serving the user through underground cable which was overhead from the very beginning.
Their point is correct in some extent but this cause of underground cabling is effecting the service when it is going outside Dhaka but within Dhaka do you think the operational cost is that much high to cause a reason that they will not lessen the bandwidth price?
Where the WiMax operators has already made the cost of the bandwidth half and providing the user accordingly.If i personally compare,i have a broadband connection from my local ISP.The browsing speed of this is 256 kbps and i need to pay 800 Tk.Whether at the same time,i have my WiMax connection with 1 Mbps speed and 1 GB download limit.But i need to buy only a card of 400 TK.
I will get the WiMax connection with unlimited download limit only by 900 tk but the ISP will charge me around 2100 tk.So,readers you can clearly see where the discrimination is created.

Why Mobile Number Portability is Still Not Implemented in Bangladesh?!?

MNP which means mobile number portability.This means that you will change your mobile service provider but your number will be the same like before but you will be able to use facility of other mobile service operator.To make this service enabled a small amount of charge is been paid to the customer.
In our neighboring country India the MNP facility is already available and  subscribers are already changing their mobile service provider where they are not satisfied with their current service provider.This facility is undoubtedly great for the subscriber cause he is getting a large area to choose his service provider and additionally he do not have any tension of changed digit of his mobile number cause the number will remain all the same.This also increases the competition between the mobile service provider cause then they think that their existing user will leave their service if this is not good.
But still now in Bangladesh this service is not available.In some areas the service of some operator is not good at all but as the person own the number for a long time and his friend and family knows this number he is not ready to change his number and satisfied with this poor service.In some cases,the call rate of one operator is high.So,subscriber wants to switch to other operator abut unable to change cause his number will get changed.

 Now the question is why the mobile operators are not starting this service.Behind this is there any engineering of revenue??Is any big operator in Bangladesh thinking that because of the high call rate the subscribers will switch to other network and the charn rate will get higher and they are making this service unavailable artificially??

My responsibility and power is only to identify the point and pass this to the proper authority.Hope proper authority will take initiative to make this MNP facility available and if it happens then the customers will get benefited.

Mobile Operators in Bangladesh Should Not Charge to the Customer Care Numbers

Readers,what do you think?Should any mobile operator charge call rate to the customer care numbers?May be your answer will be "NO".Cause you are the ultimate suffer who pays some unnecessary call rates to the operator to solve problems which are most of the time made by the mobile operators.So,why the customers or the subscribers should pay for this?Is there any valid reason?
Suppose you are facing a network problem in your area and you want to know why you are facing this problem and called to the customer care numbers.The automated computer tone will take one minute of your time just to identify in which section you want to call.And you are paying for this call.Is it your fault that the network is not available?Obviously not.So,why you will pay for the call.
Again if you face any billing problem in the same way you need to call.But this is again not your fault.But you are paying the penalty.This is ridiculous.
In most of the countries in the world where telecommunication market is in a decent  position,the mobile operators have their toll free numbers where subscribers call and drop their problem.But this is unfortunate that a country like Bangladesh where many multinational operators are continuing their business in a very smooth way,they are not giving this facility to this third world people.This is injustice.
Without any excuse the operators should sit together and take decision that they will provide their own toll free number for the customer problem.We hope our Government will surely look into our interest and will look into this and take proper action.

Universal Mobile Phone Charger

Universal Mobile Phone Charger

In some cases it happens that you have lost your mobile phone charger,left it at your work place or in your car and not getting the exact charger when you need this.So,there is obviously need of a replacement charger of your mobile phone cause you need to charge your phone when your regular charger is not with you.In this case the most effective replacement charger which will be an ideal one can be a charger which can charge almost all the models of available cell phones.This will be wise.Cause you have two to three members in your family and you never know which cell phone needs to be charged.So,the choice of an universal charger which can charge almost all the cell phone models will be a great one.This is how the need of an universal charger is arose.
The universal mobile charge can operate on any ac power range from 100-240 V (ac).So,it does not matter whether you are at home or abroad.In an universal charger available in market there are almost 8 plugs to connect with 8 brand of cell phones.Those brands are like LG, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, iPhone/iPod and many other PDA and MP3/MP4 players.
So,this is a good decision to buy a kind of this universal charger device which will survive your cell phone in a critical moment and can save your time at the same time.

Smartphone sell will hit 420 million in this 2011

The popular, on-business smart phones are rising day by day. The main cause behind this is seamless internet connectivity. Major carriers in the telecommunication market are expecting to cell over 420 million smart phone this very year. This will lead the percentage of the total traditional cell phone sell in the world telecommunication market. The best selling brands of this year in the category of cell phone is Samsung and Apple. The number one looser is Nokia.The total growth of Samsung in terms of cell phone rises 3% this year.
IMS Research said:
Of the traditional handset manufacturers, Samsung has demonstrated the best results in recent years. Capitalizing on its diverse portfolio – which includes devices using the company’s own bada operating system along with Android and Windows Mobile – as well as its highly popular Galaxy series, Samsung smart phone market share increased from about three percent in 1Q 2010 to over 13 percent in 1Q 2011. At the same time smaller, dedicated smart phone vendors such as HTC have seen their position rise dramatically.

Survey Shows 75% Smart Phone User in US are Interested in Wi-Fi Services

A survey shows that quarter third of the US smart phone mobile users are preffering Wi-Fi services provided by their mobile operators.This survey was conducted by Kineto Wireless.This Kineto Wireless provides Wi-Fi service to the mobile network operators.The survey was  conducted among 420smartphone users.This survey also shows that 72 percent of the smart phone users prefer the service which uses Wi-Fi to develop network coverage.
There is also another survey conducted which shows that 89% has smart phone enabled Wi-Fi to their handsets,54% has Wi-Fi in their houses and another 77% uses Wi-Fi in their work places.
"Wi-Fi has become pervasive in the smartphone market, and subscribers are interested in options that help them take better advantage of Wi-Fi for coverage and cheaper calling," said Steve Shaw, vice president of marketing for Kineto Wireless. "This data helps reiterate the market opportunities for mobile operators. With Kineto's Smart Wi-Fi Application, they can improve service quality and develop subscriber-friendly services that drive mobile data offload."
This post is inspired by a post published in Cellular-news.

How to get HSC Results 2011 through SMS

HSC and equivalent Madrassa and technical result is going to be published tomorrow on 27th July, Wednesday,2011. Students will be able to get the result through several ways like SMS, institution website and education board website. This year the result will be totally a soft copy which means the result will be totally paperless. Respective college will use the educational board website to publish result.
The HSC result of 2011 will be available in web after 2PM and after that it will be available.
SMS, you can also get your result by mobile SMS.You just need to go to your mobile message option and write:
And you need to send this to 16222.
For example if you are from Sylhet board and your roll number is 123456 then type syl 123456 and then you need to send this sms to 16222.
This facility is available only in Grameen Phone and Teletalk.Other operators still did not confirm about the facility.
For the colleges, the colleges will get an email from educational board and then it will get published after 2 pm.The email is the reliable source to get it cause other source may get collapsed.
For Board Website, the best and the reliable source of getting the HSC result is the educational board website. The URL of educational board URL: or
Teleinfo -