Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output(DIDO): A new solution to multiuser wireless network

Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output is a kind of solution which has allowed the multiuser wireless network to access a user a full data rate though the spectrum is shared among a specific number of people.This eliminates the interference between the users which are sharing the same spectrum.In the conventional wireless system the data rate drops as the number of user increases who shares the same spectrum .But with DIDO the data rate stays steady though the number of user increases.

DIDO solution is much more convenient and efficient and needs less amount of cost to establish the facility.The network structure is also not that much complex.DIDO has very high capacity and performance.
DIDO works in all places including indoor and outdoor,also in urban and suburban area.In rural area DIDO works upto a distance of 250 miles.
Scientist from different parts of the world were working on the DIDO technology for more than a decade.
To understand DIDO you first need to understand the procedure of Wi-Fi then one will understood which places are replaced by DIDO.

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