Keep Your Pet Dry with a Dog Raincoat!

Dog raincoats are an absolutely fantastic way to keep your dog warm, dry, and clean during bad weather. On top of that, they are the cutest thing since sliced bread! There are more benefits to dog clothes than you might think.

     Avoid that wet dog smell
     Keep your dog warm
     Help your dog stay dry
     Cute and adorable
     Bright colors help stand out to motorists or at night

Raincoats keep your dog drier while walking in story, rainy weather. Countless dogs, especially those single coated small breeds, weren’t bred for the water and hate to get wet. Some might even absolutely refuse to go potty outdoors in the rain, inevitably leading to a mess in your home. With the protection of a dog raincoat, however, your dog will soon become more confident and gladly venture out in the rain!

     Many small or toy breeds are especially susceptible to the cold due to their low body mass and thin coats.
     Older dogs tend to have more difficulty regulating their body temperatures, and can easily suffer from the cold.

Dog clothes keep your dog cleaner. On top of getting wet, some dogs love to get dirty playing around in the rain. A dog raincoat will help keep both mud and dirt from splashing up in your dog’s fur, in turn helping to keep your house clean and saving you from those pesky outdoor bathing sessions!

A dog raincoat will help keep your dog warm in bad weather. Thick, double coated breeds like Labradors or Malamutes might be absolutely fine walking among downpours, but most breeds can be at risk for hypothermia anytime the weather outdoors is windy or wet and cold. Thankfully, your dog raincoat will help keep him warmer, shielding him from the wind and rain.

A dog raincoat helps increase visibility to motorists and traffic. Rainy weather often causes low visibility conditions, and busy roads already present extreme dangers to any dog. A properly colored raincoat acts as a reflector to these vehicles, helping your dog stand out and increasing his safety.

Dog clothes are absolutely adorable! Even a critic must admit that any dog wearing clothes is pretty darn cute! That alone is enough reason for most pet owners to invest in a dog raincoat or dog clothes.

Of course you can’t enjoy all of these wonderful benefits if you invest in a cheap, poor quality raincoat. Much of the time, you’ll be lucky if your dog clothes simply don’t fall apart, doesn’t fit your dog properly, or only lasts a few walks.

Make sure you invest in something that not only looks wonderful, but is durable, functions well, and is build tough to last. Avoid investing in a thin, flimsy dog coat that won’t keep your pet warm.

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