Tech Analysis: PriyoTech - Redefining Online Shopping In Bangladesh

PriyoTech which is a popular technology blog in Bangladesh right now is going to establish an online shopping facility in Bangladesh which is named as PriyoShopping.This shopping facility is not like other online shopping facilities in Bangladesh PriyoShopping.This is going to expand its market in a large area.PriyoShopping is right now seeking for some good investors or a bunch of investors who can make the dream come true.No doubt this is a great step to redefining the online shopping facility.
When i was checking PriyoTech i had seen one post from the Editor of PriyoTech Zakaria Shawpan that he is seeking  for some serious investors who have enough background in the field of online marketing and shopping.
It has already started showing some products in the blog PriyoTech.The strategy for this business is good and sound enough.At first he tried to make his blog popular in the web and after that he is now showing the products in the side bar of this blog.
I believe that this will redefine the online shopping experience in Bangladesh cause the man behind this project is one talented person and is having strong faith in mind that it will work positively.Zakaria Shwapan also described the facilities in the post that this facility is also for the people who are living outside Bangladesh and want to get Bangladeshi products.
The way the project is going is good enough.But what we expect form him that do not shift your attention from PriyoTech cause lot of people are fan of PriyoTech and they want some good and quality post from your blog.
We appreciate the initiative taken by him and wish PriyoShopping good luck!

"Bluetooh Virtual Keyboard" Your Finger Clicks On The Virtual World!

There is no doubt that this is a great invention and connects the reality with the virtual world.This is not a dream,this keyboard is a virtual keyboard and you will be able to control your computer with the virtual keyboard screen.The device which generates the laser ray keyboard is very handy is just like a mobile device.You can generate the ray and focus it on anywhere you want like on a table,on a book or even in water.This device can also be connected with any kind of smartphone and windows computers.By connecting a hardware based keyboard by a wire or Bluetooth is an old fashioned way but this technology will allow you to use the keyboard in a virtual way.This allows you to use the keyboard in a way like butter and you fingers also do not get stressed.Have a look at this amazing invention of mankind.
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Apple iROOM !

After using Apple products all day long may be you will also dream like the above pictures.Though the above pictures are not imaginary.They are real.Check this out.

Apple iWatch: Rumor or Reality ?!?

What do you think after seeing the amazing photos?Is it real or just rumor?May be i will answer your question with the below post.

Yes,this is real.This is the unique design of the Apple design guru Jony Ive.It is having aluminum body and glass appeal of just like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.It is also having one on screen UI.
De Rosa said that it is also having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity facility which will allow you to connect it with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4.Also you can connect it with your iPad to share data.One LCD projector is also added to this watch.
This is kind of wrist computing as it will also support iOS.Apple has estimated its price up to 200$ dollars.Now it is time to see whether the appeal users will by additionally another 200$ for the iWatch or not!

10 Extra Ordinary Laptop Bags !

 This one is just like a funky one!There are couple of choices in the design.You can take the one that you like most.
 This bag is having blank color on the cover.You can add a design according to your style.This is a free choice.But you need to be a good painter to paint your bag.Otherwise it will be a simple one.
I think you can make this one by yourself.But you need to do some sewing.Check the tricks twice and you will be able to make it.
 This is the perfect one for the official people.This is a perfect official laptop bag.You will be very comfortable in the office environment.Who knows some female employee will also grab the design and your personality.
 This is a strong one.If you travel frequently then it will help you to protect your laptop.This is friend in your journey.
 Awesome ! Stylish !Diligent !Decent ! What do you think? If you are a female employee in an organization and need to have a cool look in the meeting with your laptop,then there is no alternative besides this!
 This is square.This is glassy!This will help you to attend in a party or in an environment where the people are in a party mode.
 This is for the people who want to show their wealth in the public.These are collections of rare coins.You can check it out.
 It will help you to travel a lot.If you are traveling a lot and you need a laptop all the time then this is the better option.This will protect your laptop and will also make your comfortable.
If you are traveling a short distance and always in a party mode or want to groove with friends with your laptop then is this is a best choice.

Guest Post : What’s Your Klout Score?

Author Bio:
This is a guest post from Laura Backes, she enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet providers in my area.  You can reach her at: laurabackes8 @

What’s Your Klout Score?
By this point you’re probably a member of Facebook and it’s likely that you tweet frequently on Twitter as well. You may even be a member of LinkedIn and perhaps you have a blog. So that begs the question – are you on Klout? When Klout first debuted it boomed, but news around it has been shockingly scarce in the past few months, so it came as a big surprise when technology website Wired came out with a story about how people are being discriminated against in the job market based on their Klout scores.
But let’s back up for a second. If you don’t know what Klout is yet, it’s a website that assesses how “influential” you are on the web by factoring in your activity and interactions on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It then uses an algorithm to determine your perceived level of influence online. You are given a score out of 100 to determine your online worth and that can be improved by interacting more online or lowered if you disappear off the technological grid.
This all seems normal enough given how influential technology – in particular social media – is on our lives. We regularly use the number of followers, fans, or friends we have on any given social media website to estimate our “value” online, and this site just consolidates it for us in one neat little package.
However going so far as to use it to determine if someone should be hired at a job or not seems a bit extreme.
The article in Wired, in a nutshell, explains how a prospective job candidate, Sam Fiorella, was recruited for a job position, went in for the interview, was questioned on his Klout score where he had to admit he had no idea was Klout was, and then was dismissed as a job candidate because his Klout score was too low. It goes on to give a few more examples, but the resounding message is clear.
To succeed in a world that revolves around technology your online worth is important.
Technology is playing an increasingly bigger role in our lives and to ignore it is a grave mistake. While the idea of basing a person’s worth on an online score may seem ridiculous, it’s not so far out of the realm of possibilities that this will soon be the way that many employers choose their employees. After all, employers already routinely check out prospective job candidates’ Facebook pages or search for them on Google to see what kind of person they are before hiring them.
If it wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now: pay attention to your online presence. Technology is paving the way of the future, and to ignore it would be a grate mistake.

Google Drive is Already Been Launched !

After all the rumors and all the discussions Google has finally launched its Cloud service or new service of Google which is Google Drive.The users will get 5 Giga byte only by registering themselves in the cloud.The users will be able to upload and preserve the google docs,google pictures,videos,pictures  and PDF documents.The organization has been told that they have designed the service such that the users will be able to live in it,play in it and also can do work in it.

The video is excellent!You can check this:

The service is been integrated with the Google docs and Google plus.The service can be installed to MAC,Android phone/tablet and PC.Though the service is still not available for the IOS but shortly it will be available for IOS.The facility has screen reader so the blind people will be able to use that facility also.
By using the screen reader facility you will be able to get the search result just by uploading pictures.If you upload a newspaper page then you will get all the related information about that newspaper.If you upload the picture of Statue of Liberty ,you will get all the pictures of Statue of Liberty.You will also be able to open PDF ,HD Video,Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop documents and in total 30 documents like this even if you do not have those programs installed in your PC.

How Google Search Engine Works ?

Have you ever thought or tried to get the answer of the question how Google search engine works within a small amount time and give you a thousand of related data to you?A person frm Munich named Robert V asked the question and in response to that question the head of spam detection,Mountain View Maat Kates prepared an Youtube video .
In the video Maat Kates has explained very nicely how Google Search Engine Works.The question which was asked by Robert V was like below:

According to Maat Kates for a good search engine there must have 3 things which should be top.The things are below:
1.You want to crawl the web comprehensively and deeply.
2.You want to index those pages.
3.You want to rank and serve those pages and return the most relevant one's first.

Crawling is the most difficult thing than you might think as per Kates.Google basically take the page rank as the primary determinant.Page Rank means that more people linked to you and the more reputable they are or the more likely it is.
The next thing Google does is regularly updating the indexed pages interms of page ranks and checking for whether any new things has been added to the pages so that the pages which were behind can go to the first page or not?or the pages having high ranking are outdated or not.

Indexing is basically taking things in word orders.Like if you want to search one work "Katy Perry" then google will search for the first word "Katy" and then the second word "Perry" and then it will combine the search result for both Katy and Pery and select that one which is having the combination of Katy and Pery.

If you want to know more then you can go to the you will also get the details.
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Grameen Phone Short Code 22000 Will Provide You News From 12 Organizations!

The leading telecom provider in Bangladesh Grameen Phone has started a short code service 22000 by typing which you will be able to get news from 12 news organization.This is been happened first time in the country.By dialing the number 22000 Grameen Phone users will be able to get the news from 12 organization including Newspaper,News Organization,Radio ,Television etc.
The newspaper news is including the Bengali newspaper The daily prothom alo and The daily star.There are total 8 televisions and the lists are ATN Bangla,Channel i,NTV,RTV,Bangla Vision,Maasranga Television,Boishaki TV,Independent Television.
Besides one Radio and two other online newspaper BBC Bangla and are also included.Before this service was started people were able to get the news from these sources subscribers had to type different codes but now they will be able to get the news by dialing the one code which is 22000.In this regard Grameen Phone is getting support from SSL Wireless.
Grameen Phone authority has confirmed that the charge for this service will be two BDT per minute without including VAT.

How to Check Whether Your Computer Is Ghost Click Affected Or Not?

The biggest cyber crime that had been happened in history is the Ghost Clicking and the operation was controlled by FBI.Around 570,000 million of Computers were affected in this attack.Upto march this year the count is 360,000 but still the count is not zero.So,FBI extended the time frame to protect the rest of the PC from the Ghost Clicking attack.But court has already been instructed that you must need to protect your own PC from this attack and some instructions are already been published in some org domain.Below are some tips to check whether your Computer is Ghost Click affected or not.You must need to check for the below information carefully.This is very important if you want to make sure that whether you will be able to use internet after July 9,2012 or not!


1. First of all you need to check your DNS server address.For this reason at first go to the "Start" menu of your computer and type "cmd" in the search box.

(** For the MAC users,(yes they can be victim too))
You need to click on the Apple Icon on the top left part of the screen.Then need to select system preferences.From the preferences you need to select Network.When the window will get opened then check for the active network connections.Then on the right column check for the DNS tab.Now note down the address of the DNS server that your computer is using.Then go to check 3.

2.Then you will see a black screen and you need to type "ipconfig/all".Then you will be able to see all the data on that black screen.

3.Then you need to go to the website of FBI where you can check your DNS address.To go to that website just CLICK HERE.

 4.After putting the DNS server in the box you will be able to know whether you PC is infected or not.

5.If your PC is infected then you can go to a site for free scan.To go to that site CLICK HERE.You must also submit the form to FBI.

6.You must also need to contact your internet service provider to notify about this and to restore your legitimate DNS settings.

Please let me know if you have any more question or face any difficulty while checking this.Please do not forget to share this if it works for you.

Millions of Internet Users Will Be Out of Connection This July!

No this is not a rumor or a fake story!If you read the post you will be able to know the real thing gradually.
This summer millions of people who are internet user will get disconnected from internet.Some clicks on the web will make them connected or disconnected from the internet.Most of the people still do not know anything about this.The problem started when international hackers started scamming one online advertisement which was meant to take the control of the affected computers.
FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) had taken one excellent step to defend this attack from the hackers.They formed one security system using some government computers to protect the affected computers.But FBI decided to close this security system.
For this reason FBI has instructed to protect your computer to check and protect your own computer form this attack from the hackers.This is been available in the website of DCWG.If they will not follow the instruction then they will not be able to use internet after 9 th July ,2012.

This malware affected PC are slow working and the antivirus is not active because of the attack.But most of the users do not know about this.So,they are facing many problems besides affected by the malware.
When FBI decided to arrest those cyber attackers then they realized that they the affected computer users will not be able to use internet and they will get disconnected from the internet.The general users will get the page ,"Page not found"!

For this reason FBI installed another server additional with the server which was used to control the affected PC'S.At that time FBI planned to use this policy up to march.But within that time it was not possible for all make their PC virus free.So,the time was extended up to July,9,2012.

But now the court thinks that the responsibility is now totally for the users and FBI will not protect your PC no more after July,9.
The hackers had spread the virus in 570,000 PC and the affected PC gets usual to use the DNS server of the hackers PC.When the users tried to browse one website then they were redirected to the website trough the hackers server.
The hackers already earned 14 million USD by the online advertising which the fake sites had.The total number of affected PC is been reduced from 570,000 to 360,000 but still a lot of PC are affected.
Among these 85,00 PC are in USA.The most affected countries are Italy,India,UK and Germany.
FBI has told that if the affected PC are not checked and does not take proper initiative,they will not be able to use internet after 9th July,2012.Simply they will get disconnected.

New Beta Version of Skype for Windows Phone

For Windows phone Skype has released one Beta Version.In this beta version you will get contacts,search and the facility to call land line.In February Microsoft at first released the Beta Version.Besides this small changes some other changes had been made to this beta version.
But the property to pick up the call from the back ground is still not been added.So,if the program is not running in the background you will not be able to pick up the call.
Windows phone users will be able to download this Beta version free of cost.This new application will be available in 16 languages.
Windows phone users will be able to download it from HERE they will also be able to upgrade it by scanning the below QR codes by their smartphones.

Intel IV Bridge Processor Having "3D Transistor" Technology

Intel is going to produce IV Bridge processor having "3d" transistor technology first time ever.The USA based company INTEL told that though the new processor will increase processor speed but it will decrease the power consumption.The authority said that they will release some Dual core processor for some light Laptop.
Intel has told that this is the first processor having the dimension of 22 nanometer and these are 20% more efficient but they use 20% less power.So,you can imagine how efficient this processor is.
For IV Bridge the gate is only 22 Nano Meter long.
Intel is planning to produce 15 nanometer Processor in 2013 and 10 nanometer Processor in 2015.Hope it will be a great revolution in the field of computer device.

Advantages of 3D gates:
1.The gates will get on-off 100 Billion times in a second and the energy wastage will decrease tense to zero.
2. 20% Less time will require to do the same task.
3.To produce the chip only 2-3% cost will increase.

Technical Description in a simple way:
The main obstacle to design a high efficient gate is that when the planner gates will get small, the power consumption will get increased as the wastage of power will be more because of the small planner gates.

 Intel has solved this problem by replacing the 2D gates with the 3D gates.Intel has used one small substrate of silicon bar which is in the vertical direction from the ground level.Each vertical bar is been surrounded by total 3 gates.Two in the both side and one in the upper side.

Intel told that they are involved with this project for more than 11years.

Why the efficiency of Power is necessary? 

The efficiency of power is necessary because Intel is still not entered in the handheld set market.Smartphone and Tablet market is been captured by armed chips but Intel is behind it.If Intel will not hit the Tablet market then it will be too late.
The software giant Microsoft is also releasing windows 8 which is a special release considering the armed chips.So,the PC makers will be able to produce such laptops which will need less power and will be able to use windows as an operating system.

Global iNet 2012 Has Been Started in Geneva,Switzerland!

For the occasion of the completing 20 successful years of "The Internet Society" Global iNet 2012 is held in Geneva,Switzerland.The opening ceremony is been held in Geneva International Convention Center (GICC).
Jimmy Wales creator of Wikipedia speaks during the opening plenary of the Internet Society, Global INET 2012 conference, held at the CICG, Geneva, Switzerland.

The main article is been presented by the Father of Packet Network Mathematical Theory Dr.Leonard Clenrok who is a professor in California Los Angels University,Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wallace,Secretary General Dr. Hamadun Ture ,who is the Secretary General of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and President of Internet Society & CEO of Internet Society Lin Amur.
The speakers tried to focus on the future internet technology.The Internet Society Started their journey on 1992.Though internet society started their journey with the slogan "Internet for all" but still there are some places in the world where there is very less number of internet user.
Though in some of the country people treat internet as the basic need but in future it can be treated more than basic need.The speakers told that the internet is now in the teen age and in future where it will go we can imagine.

World's 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones of 2012!

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme: $3.2 million
1. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS:
Price : 3.2 Million USD
Specialty:Goldstriker iPhone is decorated with 271 grams of 22 carat pure solid gold.More than 200 diamonds are added with this phone.Apple logo on the back features 53 gems and home button is covered with a single 7.1 carat diamond.
Nokia Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco: Price is not published
2. Nokia Lamborghini 8800:
Price : The price of this cell phone is not published yet.But this is going to be an expensive one.
Specialty : This Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco cell phone has 3 bands GSM coverage so that it can be used in 5 continents.The screen of this phone is scratch protected and made up of sapphire coated glass.
GoldVish Le Million: $1.3 million

3. GoldVish Le Million:
Price : USD 1.3 Million
Specialty: Goldvish LeMillion is designed by Emmanuel Gueit.The design of this cell phone is very unique and this is certified by Guinness World Record 2008 that this is the most unique cell phone design.The cell phone is having VVS1 (only microscopically flawed) diamonds with 18 Carat of white gold. 
Diamond Crypto Smartphone: $1.3 million

4. Diamond Crypto Smartphone :
Price : USD 1.3 Million
Specialty: This expensive smart phone is encased with a platinum base and has 50 diamonds and 8 of them is a rare blue diamonds. The navigation key and the Ancort logo are of 18 Carat of rose gold. This cell phone was built on Windows CE.
Vertu Signature Cobra: $310,000

5.Vertu Signature Cobra:
Price : Price is USD 310,000
Specialty: This cell phone is produced by Boucheron, a French jeweler. Vertu Cobra phone is a limited edition cell phone that so far only 8 ever made. this cell phone is featuring ne carat round diamond, two carat pear cut diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies that used to give a cobra look of the phone. Totally this cell phone is using 21 carats of diamond and rubies.
VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone: $300,000

6. VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone:
Price : $ 3000,000
Specialty: The body of this cell phone is made from titan and polycarbonate and spots a cutting edge mirror that finish cladding, adorned with diamonds. It’s designed by Jaren Goh. The cell phone itself is using an intel 400 Mhz processor, 4 mega pixel with 256 TFT screen. This cell phone was designed by Jaren Goh.
iPhone Princess Plus: $176,400

7. iPhone Princess Plus:
Price : $176,400
Specialty: The name is coming from the princess shaped diamond cut that studded all over the casing. 138 diamonds out of 318 shaped in this style. The others is shaped in brilliant-cut pattern. This cell phone totally use 17.75 carats of diamonds and 18 Carats of white gold. This version of iPhone are sold for $176,400.
Vertu Diamond: $88,000

8. Vertu Diamond:
Price : $88,000
Specialty: Vertu diamond cell phone is featuring tiny diamond dotted all over the body and the keypad that carries eight carat of diamond. The body is created from finest platinum and underpinned with ruby bearings. It’s also equipped with similar ceramic originally intended for space shuttle. You have to provide $88,000 to own this cell phone. 200 cell phones of this model have sold worldwide.
Gold Edition Nokia 8800: $2,700
9.Gold Edition Nokia :

Price :
USD 2,700

The technical specification is just like Nokia 8800.But the casing of the
Motorola V220 Special Edition: $51,800
10. Motorola V220 Special Edition:
Price : $51,800
Specialty: This luxury cell phone is coming from Motorola cell phone producer. THe Motorolla Special v220 edition. It’s tagged for $51,800 and was designed by Peter Aloisson, Austrian designer. It’s pretty much feminine in looks. All features are standard except that this cell phone is studded with 1200 diamonds on the front panel as well as 18 carat gold is laid in the keyboard.

How to Get Higher Pager Rank of Your Blog !

May be you are having a blog or an website which you like most and working hard to make your blog or website a good one.But your blog is not getting upto the mark.Cause the pagerank of your blog is not good.This is a real pain.
I was also experiencing the pain.Cause i was posting some good contents but in the search result my blog was not coming in the upper position.Then i searched the whole web for several weeks to get some tips cause at that moment i understood that this is not only about content.There is some technical thing that also matters to establish your blog in the web.
The first thing is that you need to make the pagerank of your blog higher.At least "Pagerank 3" so that your reader gets your blog on the first page in the search result.
Now the question is how to do this?There are two ways....

1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) ,which means that you need to select some words which are related to your blog and you need to use those words in your blog post frequently.So the search engine robot gets your post in a higher rank and shows it in the first page.This is a good technique.For the words you can  check google keyword tool.

2.You must have some quality backlinks.Backlinks means a link which is connected to your website with other high page rank website.I am using the word "higher page rank" cause if the link is not from a higher page then it will not help you to upgrade your page rank.

So,how to get the backlinks from higher Pagerank pages?This is not that much easy but i have some tips to get some backlinks from higher page rank pages.

 How to get higher BACKLINKS for free?

You can do the below things:

1. Submit your blog URL to some High Page Rank blog directory and get the nice widget from that blog directory.If you check below my page your will get these kinds of blog directory where it is possible to submit your blog.

2.You can put your website URL as a comment to some High Page Rank Pages.Some higher page rank websites allow you to comment you and submit your blog URL.How you will put the link?Just do the below thing.You can write in the comment as :

"Your post is very nice.It helped me to gather some new and important information.You can also visit my blog <a href=>YOUR BLOG NAME</a>"

Put your website URL in the "" and put the blog name to YOUR BLOG NAME.

3.Make guest posts to higher page rank blogs and leave your blog url in your post.In my blog also there is an option for GUEST POSTING.You can submit an article and leave your website url.Which will help to get an url for free.

How to SEO your blog?

1.First of all check some word or phrase in "Google Keyword Tool".It is totally free.Like if your blog is related to technology then search by "Computer Configuration".Enable the advanced search option.Select the Global Monthly Search and Local Monthly Search and select the competition as "Medium" 
2.Now you will be able to find the word which is highly searched in the internet.
3.Now select the "Keyword" that you want and write an article based on that keyword.
4.Use that keyword in each line.If you are writing 300 words article then use your keyword at least 10 times.

Hope the above tips will work.You can see my another post which will explain you to get 1000 backlinks for free.

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