GP IT is Going To Recruit Another 100 Employees This Year!

GP IT is Going To Recruit Another 100 Employees This Year!

Yes,this is a great opportunity for the fresh graduate who are from EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineer) and CSE(Computer Since and Engineering ) Background.

The above video is very important for them who are planning to join GP IT and want to build their career in IT sector.
Grameen Phone IT which is a system integrator and software development company in Bangladesh is having more than 400 full time employees and they are working in a full swing in Bangladesh.The chief peoples officer of GP IT Sayeda Yesmin Rahman expressed this news in Priyo Tech blog.
She also told that they will welcome the fresh graduates but they will have some qualities which she described in a short video.

Nokia 6300 Ring Volume Disturb Solution With Pictures

The above picture shows the ring volume solution with picture of Nokia 6300.What you need to do is at first you need to remove the capacitor which is mentioned in the picture and then you need to remove the IC D2200.

Blackberry 8900 Hardware Details With Picture

The above picture shows the latest smartphone Blackberry 8900 hardware specifications and hardware details with picture.

Samsung Galaxy 1900 s Hard Reset

Below are the steps to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy 1900 s
1. Just remove the battery and again put the battery up.

2. Now press Volume Button + Home Button (Middle Button) 

3 While doing the step Two (2) you need to press power button and release it.But please be remembered that you just need to press the power button only once.

4.Now one "Hard Reset Menu" will pop up into your screen.

5. Now you need to scroll down to Factory Reset Option with the help of volume button and then press the home button which is menu.

6. Then Press volume down button + Select Yes Factory Settings + Press Center Button

7. The last step is to select the Reboot Device and then press the center button.No you are done.

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Apple iPhone Inner Hardware View..Exclusive !

The Apple iPhone that you are using everyday is having some exclusive devices inside it.If you want to know about the inner devices and if you want to have a look about those devices and IC then just watch the above picture very closely.
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Nokia 5233 Key Light Blank IC Solution

If your Nokia 5233 mobile is having no light in your key then by changing the above mentioned IC you can repair your mobile.Please check and if it is helpful for you then please like the Facebook page.

Samsung Galaxy Note Latest Pictures !

Samsung Galaxy note is a stunning set with all the facilities of a note pad.In the above pictures you will be able to get the specialties of Samsung Galaxy tab.This is not just a phone ,it is combination of many different applications and gives you the flexibility to use it like a tab or like a note book.May be this is why the manufacturer added the name "Note" with it.
The above pictures are the latest pictures of Samsung galaxy note.You can see that how easily you will be able to edit your pictures in you Samsung Galaxy Note.The surface of the galaxy not is very much clear.
It will give you the option to share your pictures in a way that you want.You can customize it as you like.

Story Behind Samsung GALAXY Note To Be Created!

There is not a big but small story behind the creation of Samsung Galaxy Note.Below is the story from where the concept of Galaxy Note came.Below are the points:

1.People now a days always want to use their device when they are also in move.When they are traveling and when they are waiting for something.
3. People always try to carry multiple devices to use the benefits of all the devices.So,they need to carry a lot of devices which is not comfortable at all.
4. Consumers who has multiple devices they at least carry one note pad to write down their important things.
5.It is always a big desire for a primary electronic device for on-the-way use that could consolidate the main tasks of multiple electronic devices as well as recreate the ease and simplicity of using a pen and paper.

Research Result : Facebook User Girls Are Not Happy In Real Life!

Recently one research is been done in Sweden and it is been observed that lower middle class,less educated class women and girls who use Facebook are not happy in real life.A large portion of the girls are suffering from this problem.
In today life it is very usual that people spent some time in Facebook from their regular life.According to the research result it is been observed that girls and women spend 81% time in Facebook,Men and boyz spend 64% time in Facebook.One third people who are men, use Facebook to disturb others.One fourth of the boyz use Facebook just to show and express their pride.
But girls always express their emotion and relation status in Facebook.One student from Gutenberg University expressed in one of his Doctorate paper that "People are getting addicted with Facebook without knowing anything deeply and in their subconscious mind.They log in to Facebook every time they open their browser."

Shuvo Noboborsho 1419,Bengali New Year Cards,Wallpapers and Screensavers for Your Mobile

 Visit here "Shuvo Noboborsho Wallpaper 1420" to get stunning wallpaper of Bengali New Year !!

Bengali New Year 1419 is on 14 th April,2012.This is a very big festival in Bangladesh.Not only in Bangladesh ,also in some parts of India like West Bengal,Assam and Tripura this new year is celebrated with a grate courage.
People wish each other on this day and this is the starting of a new year.Some kind of fair which is named as "Boishaki Mela" is been placed in some places.This is a kind of big festival fair for the new year.
Obviously in this ear people would love to wish their near and dear one with a gift card or a nice wallpaper.They will search the whole internet or just will make a card of their own to send a new bengali year wish or Shuvo Noboborsho 1419 to their near and dearer one.

People will also change their profile picture in Facebook on Noboborsho and also set new wallpaper in their handset on this Noboborsho.
So,after searching for a long time i have gathered some quality and beautiful Noboborsho Card or Wallpaper for the Bengali year 1419.
The wallpapers are really nice.Not only representing the culture of Bangladesh and bengali culture but also they are also good in terms of color quality and artistic also.
You can simply copy it from my post and send it to your nearer or dearer one.I will be very glad if you do so.

Doel Laptop Pictures and Images

Doel Laptop Front View

Doel Laptop the White one

Doel Laptop the black one

Doel Laptop while using

Doel Laptop is the first Bangladeshi assembled Laptop.The name Doel is the national bird of Bangladesh.But the logo is not that smart.It is been copied from the world famous "Dell" Laptop companies.
I think if the logo design was made by some of our Bangladeshi artists then it will be more standard.But whatever,Telephone Shilpo Shongstha is doing a very good job by assembling the Laptops and making affordable to our own people.
Now a days the parts of the computer is very chip through out the world.So,it is very wise to have the parts imported in the country and start assembling the Laptop in our own country.If the service is good then what is the problem to use our own laptop brand?
Though the configuration of Doel Laptop is not that high but we expect that Doel will also produce some Laptop with high configuration and will capture a big market in our own country where people are just crazy to buy a foreign brand.

Watch Live Indian TV Channels Online Crystal Clear HD Quality

People who are living outside India ,may be in other country may be having problem with the recreation cause they miss their most lovable TV channels.They search in the web but do not get the most lovable and the best quality TV channel online service.
But today while searching for the Indian TV channel online Live site i have got one site which is having a very good quality and no buffering.
Hope you will also love this website and you will be able to have all the available TV channels in India.You will get Hindi,Tamil,Bengali and Marathi TV channel and also some very popular movie and sports channel.

If you want to watch then simply Click Here.The name of the site is TRAWEL INDIA.

So,what are you waiting for?Just click and start watching live Indian TV.

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Ollo Coverage Area - How to Check Ollo Coverage?

Ollo Coverage in Motijheel

May be you are thinking of taking an ollo modem or to adopt Ollo internet service but you really do not know whether your place is been covered by Ollo or Not?
The best way to check zone coverage in Ollo you can Click here.
Now you will see different location are written like Dhanmondi,Gulshan,Uttara and Motijheel.If you want to check specially for your place that you are living or working then just click on any of the region that you live.Like if you are living in Khilkhet then you need to Click on Uttara.Then a map will appear just beside the option.
Then you will see that some places are colored with Blue color.This means those regions are having ollo coverage.Now check your place name.If it is covered then you are ready to buy one Ollo modem.
If you still face any problem you can ask here through your comments.I will try to answer your question Asap.

Banglalion Latest Offers in 2012!

In 2012 Banglalion is having some latest offers which are mentioned above.You will get 600 taka usage which is around 2.5 GB when you will recharge with 300/600 or 400 taka.
You will also get 100 bonus on Take 400 and Taka 600 card.
For 30 days validity you must need to recharge with 300 taka and you will get 512 or 1 Mbps speed.Card for taka 400 is better cause you will get 100% bonus usage.
So,use Banglalion a bit wisely to get the maximum out of it.

Banglalion Student Package for Students!

Banglalion has launched new package which is very much affordable for the students from university and college.If you will purchase the package then you will get more value for this month.
The packages are named as Campus Lion 6 and Campus Lion 9.Campus Lion 6 will provide your 6 GB data usage per month and it will cost taka 550 and you will get 256 kbps speed
For Campus Lion 9 you will get 9 GB usage and you will get 256 kbps speed and you will have to pay taka 700.
Below are the offer summary:

Please be noted that you must need to add VAT which is 15% per monthly bill and you will have to pay .15 taka/Mbps for extra usage.

Airtel 4G LTE in Kolkata Successfully Launched- When Will We Get LTE in Bangladesh?

Yes,Airtel has successfully launched 4G LTE in Kolkata.Though it is not covering all the areas in Kolkata but it is a good start.Airtel is using the equipments from Nokia-Simemens,Ericsson,Huawei and ZTE to build up and monitor their network.These companies are supporting the TD-LTE(Time Division Duplex Long Term Evolution).
Airtel is launching the package for LTE both in pre paid and post paid packages.Though Airtel did not declare anything about the data speed but theoretically it will be like 40 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed.
As the handsets in India are not compatible with LTE so they are using LTE compatible wireless devices.The USB dongle that Airtel is supplying from Huewai is priced at Rs 7,999 and will be having  a USIM card slot, a Micro SD card slot and a USB 2.0 connector.The Indoor wireless gateway is priced at Rs 7,750 and this will convert the LTE connection to Wi-Fi network which can be shared in multiple handheld devices. It is also having facilities to multiple user access support, multi screen video chat, a built-in DHCP server and NAT and a web-based management system.
Now the question is when Airtel in Bangladesh will introduce LTE?

Why Facebook Bought Instagram ? The Reasons !

When i am writing this article you might have heard that Facebook has already bought Instagram with one billion dollar and shares in the market.Isn't it cool?Yes,it is.
Before one month the market price of Instagram was $500 million.Before six months it was like $300 million.But why Facebook has bought it with 1 million Dollars?There must have some reasons.

Instagram is a photo sharing site which was a passive competitor of Facebook. It was having 3 million active registered users.Instagram was not only limited to iPhone.Its android applications were also capturing the photo market.

Now hopefully you have got some points.Facebook is also having photo sharing and and it is also about commenting on photos.So,may be Mark Zuckerberg had felt the heat of this.And before the mega blast it is now in his pocket.
The blog post that has been got from Mark Zuckerber's blog is like below:

"This is an important milestone for Facebook because it’s the first time we’ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users. We don’t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all. But providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together."

Text Messages (SMS) Can Change Lives ! Proved !

Many people will tell that the text message option has made our life more technical and robotic.It is also the cause of road accident cause while driving or walking through the road people use mobile phone for text messaging and because of their lake of concentration they face some kind of accident.
But it is now been proved that Text Messaging Service also can change lives.It can surely change your mode if you are getting a good text message or someone is caring about you.It may be very small in size or very less number of characters to express it.But the impact is high.
May be you can send only uok?But the impact of this will be not that small as it looks.
Adrian Aguilera who is a professor in University of California has observed that his patients are getting better mood when one sms is been sent to them.
The people from low income area or who are depressed were the patients.And the patients were supposed to get one SMS about questioning the update of their mental health.
It was very clear when for some technical issue the SMS service was stopped and the patients complained that why they are not getting messages and why someone is not caring about them.
You can judge this thing also in your case.When you are depressed or not in a mode to do any kind of fun then this is obvious that a good message from a closer one can change your mood and you will become in the flying colors.

New Facebook Messanger : Product Review and Comparision with Google Talk

Yes,Today morning when i just logged into my Facebook account i had seen one small pop up which was telling me to Install the Facebook messenger.There was also one message that chat on Facebook without logging in to Facebook.
So,guyz now you can chat with your Facebook friends even if you are not Logged in Facebook.Is this same like Google Talk? As far i have seen,yes,this is like Google Talk.You will also get notified if you have any notification on your own Facebook page.You will also get the messages notification and if someone wants to be your friend you will also be notified.
But as like Google Talk it does not give you the file transfer flexibility.So,Facebook should think in this sector.
 You will also get notification on the screen to see what your friends are doing on Facebook but as far i have seen you will not be able to do voice chat which is a great advantage in Google Talk.

As compared to Google talk it is more live but the facilities you would love to use for your work is more in Google Talk.
You will get notified about lots of things but you will not be able to share file and do voice chat on your Facebook new desktop messenger.
Hope Facebook will keep this points in mind and will upgrade the product accordingly for its better and popular use.

How To Wrtie Bengali In Facebook ?

Finally i know how to write Bengali in Facebook.Before some days ago i did not know how to write Bengali in Facebook.But i had a long cherished aim to write Bengali in Facebook because i seeing the Bengali status of my friends i was also trying to learn it how to write it.But did not try before today.
While trying today i have got a nice software from Microsoft which will allow you to write Bengali in any website that you want to write Bengali.
You will also be able to use it in your own PC.Cause the BENGALI writing software is also having Desktop Version.So,hopefully it will work for you and you will be able to write Bengali in Facebook just like me.
To write Bengali in your Facebook you need to Click Here .You will get instantly the page.In my computer i always use it for Mozilla.If you go to the page you will get more option.

Just install the web version and you will get that the below screen in you task bar:

Now you need to click on it when you want to write on Facebook and then one option will come which is for Bengali.Select that one and start writing on Facebook page.You do not need to use Bengali keyboard or Bengali character.Just use your English character and you will see Bengali.

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Technology Site TechTunes Got Hacked Yesterday Night!

TechTunes which is a good ranked technology site in Bangladesh and also written in Bengali has got hacked yesterday night at 8 PM.A group of Bangladeshi hackers has done this to TechTunes.TechTunes is number 20 site in Bangladesh and is having a good number of fan following.
After being hacked it also notified its user about this in their official group in Facebook.The hackers after hacking the site published one user account which is unprotected.
The thing that they happened is ridiculous.Hacking a site within your own country is not good.In fact it is a shame that someone has just cut the progress path of the Bengali Tech site.
In the web as we know that it is very difficult to continue a Bengali site cause there will be no Google ads.So,there is no path of income.Also people do not want to put any advertisement in the site.Most of the people who are managing Bengali site are spending money from the pocket.
As this is the situation,it is not good at all to hack a site like this.As the Hackers are also from Bangladesh they need to take in mind that hacking a site in own country which is spreading a lot of information to the people will not be a good practice.This cannot be a cause of experiment.

20000 Students Failed To Apply For BCS Just Because Of the Technical Fault of Teletalk and PSC

For the first time this year Bangladesh PSC(Public Service Commission) opened the online application process.Who wanted to apply for the BCS examination they simply filled the online form by entering the online form application process and then submitted online money through Teletalk.

But before some days of the closing date of application the Teletalk service faced a lot of problem and people were unable to send the money through Teletalk.Just because of the technical fault of Teletalk around apprx .20000 students failed to fill the  money and after trying again again they failed to deposit the money through the online process.

Now the question is what will be the future of those students who failed to fill the form and submit it within time?Cause many students among those students will not be able to appear for the examination next year as their age will not be limited within the limit.

But this fault is not done by the students .If someone should be responsible for this deed then PSC and Teletalk should be the responsible party.Cause they had established the online process and failed to maintain it.

Another thing that PSC did very bad ,when the students were protesting against this they were beaten by the police.May be the PSC chairman should apologize for this.

Before doing one site live some tests must be done like load testing during the rush hour,load balancing and the backup site if the original one is down.I think Teletalk did not do any of this test and PSC did not bother to check for this.This is the total responsibility of PSC.Students should not suffer for this!

HTC ln 2012 Running lose of 70% of Its Profit

Taiwan based mobile handset manufacturing  company HTC has calculated that it is having lose of 70% in the current year.The company share has also got down by 6.8 % and the current price of the share is 545 Taiwanese Dollar.
This company is facing more lose than the profit.The competition of Samsung and iPhone is putting the smart phone manufacturer in this condition.There is no reaction from HTC on this review.May be they are planning to have some new technique.
The consultancy company Frost and Sullivan has published that :"The company has got a fast competition with the other manufactures and did not response to the market on the right time."

Grameen Phone Blackberry Price and Details Specification

Most of the corporate people love to use Blackberry.Blackberry is also having all the features that a high speed enabled handset needs to have.Blackberry supports HSDPA and 3G.
Grameen Phone has also introduced two Blackberry handsets right now.The models of those Blackberry handsets are Blackberry 9800 and Blackberry 9300.
Both the sets are having both touch screen and keypads.So,the user has the independence to choose whether he or she loves to use the touch pad or the keyboard.
Both the handsets supports HSDPA and 3G.
The price for the Blackberry 9800 will be around 55,000 and for the Blackberry 9300 the price will be like 22,00.You will get 15 days replacement warranty and 3 months warranty. 
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