" IntiChat " The Social Network That Pays For You Activity !

Now a days if someone thinks of social network then the first two names that comes in mind are "Facebook" and "Google Plus".They are making billions of dollars through your activity but in return you are not getting a single money.What if any social network pays for your time?This will be great !

INTICHAT is a kind of social network that pays you for your time and activity.Yes,this is real.I am not telling you anything only by guessing.I am a member over there and i know that this pays for your activity.Before getting registered i want to mention your one thing which is important for you:

  1. This is always better to have a referral link (you will get my referral link below) to get registered in this Social network INTICHAT because if the refferers position upgrades then your position will also get upgraded.
  2. The next thing that is my much important is you must upload your profile picture to start earning in this site.

Please from any country can join in this network.It is totally free and always will be.To get registered in INTICHAT you can CLICK HERE.My referral link is also below:

Now what you have to do is to start earning money you need to upload pictures,videos,make comment,making friends and voting.So,the thing is that the payment that you will get is based on your activity and the time your spend over there in INTICHAT if you will not do any activity then you will not get any money on that day.

The first step after joining in INTICHAT is you must need to make 5 referrals using your referral link which will be visible in you INTICHAT home page.This is very easy to make 5 referrals.You just leave the referral link in your Facebook profile as a status and share it with your friends and tell them to be a member over there.Then you will get a lot of friends who are ready to join with you in INTICHAT.
When you will have enough referral to earn money then start using your platform.Start uploading pictures.Start uploading videos.Start commenting on others picture.In this way you will be able to earn a good amount of money and you will get a standard amount of income.

For the payment option there are two options available and those are Paypal and ePayza 

The minimum payout in INTICHAT is only 5$ which you will earn it in a very short period.
So,why are you waiting.Just be a member and start earning.This is easy and you will get paid for your time.Thanks for reading the article.Please share the article if you like the post.

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