Gmail Adds Preview Pane to Ensure A Better View of The Mails

Yes,the title of the post is giving you the right information.Gmail has added a new option named "Preview Pane" to give a better and details view to the users of the Gmail.This is noted that this concept is not a new one and you have already seen it in some customized mail like Outlook Express but the new option will make the view of the interface more details and specific this can be said undoubtedly.Below are the steps to enable this in your Gmail:
1.Go to the "Labels" and click on "Manage Labels" 

2.Then Click on "Labs"

3.Then you will get the option "Preview Pane" and Enable it.

4.Now save the changes
5.Now go to the Gmail Interface and click on the Split option on the top right hand corner of the surface and select as you like.

Now you are done.
Enjoy the new look!

Total Number of Mobile Phone Subscriber in Bangladesh As of June 2011

The total number of mobile phone subscriber in Bangladesh who are treated as active subscriber has reached around 76.434 million at the end of June 2011.The number of the mobile users in Bangladesh are increasing at an alarming rate.The number in operatorwise is given below:

Grameen Phone Ltd. (GP) 33.824 Million
Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited (Banglalink) 20.202 million
Robi Axiata Limited (Robi)   14.488 Million

Airtel Bangladesh Limited (Airtel)     5.045 Million
 Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (Citycell) 1.730 million
 Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. (Teletalk) 1.141 million

GSM Operator In Bangladesh : Banglalink

Banglalink another leading GSM operator in Bangladesh has started their journey in Bangladesh on 2005 and instantly announced their presence in the mobile market.Their strategy in Bangladesh is to make the mobile facility affordable to mass people.For which they have already grabbed a large number of customers in Bangladesh.

orascom telecom bangladesh limited ("banglalink") is fully owned by orascom telecom holding s.a.e, egypt, ("oth"); the ultimate parent company of the group is vimpelcom, the 6th largest mobile phone operator in the world. banglalink was acquired by oth in 2004, and after a complete overhaul and the deployment of a new gsm network, its telecommunication services were re-launched under the brand name banglalink. when banglalink began operations in bangladesh in february 2005, its impact was felt immediately: overnight mobile telephony became an affordable option for customers across a wide range of market segments.

orascom telecom (oth) established itself as a global brand and is considered today to be one of the largest and most diversified telecom operators. operating in eleven emerging markets, the company has a population under license of approximately 512 million with an average mobile telephony penetration of approximately 50% as of june, 2010. orascom telecom operates gsm networks in algeria ("ota"), pakistan ("mobilink"), egypt ("mobinil"), bangladesh ("banglalink"), burundi (leo burundi), namibia (leo namibia), central african republic (telecel car), north korea ("koryolink") and canada ("wind mobile") through its indirect equity shareholding in globalive wireless and its  indirect equity ownership in telecel zimbabwe (zimbabwe). in 2009, the company was also awarded the management contract of one of the two lebanese mobile telecommunications operators ("alfa") from the government of the republic of lebanon. oth’s parent company "wind telecom" is owned by "vimpelcom".
Source : Banglalink

GSM Provider in Bangladesh : Grameen Phone

Grameen Phone has got the GSM license in Bangladesh on 28th July,1996 and started their Journey in Bangladesh on 26th March,1997 which is the Independent Day in Bangladesh.

Right now Grameen Phone is having the largest number of subscriber in Bangladesh.On March 2011 it was having 30 million subscriber.The office of Grameen Phone is located in a place named GPHOUSE,Basundhara,Dhaka.
The ownership structure of Grameen Phone is quite interesting and the structure is Telenor (55.8%), the largest telecommunications service provider in Norway with mobile phone operations in 12 other countries, and Grameen Telecom Corporation (34.2% ), a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed micro-credit pioneer Grameen Bank. The other 10% shares belong to general retail and institutional investors.

Use Google and Yahoo Search Engine At The Same Time

Those who use internet in the world cannot access it a single day without any search engine.Cause otherwise it is difficult to find anything which is useful to you.Among this search engines Google and Yahoo are the best two search engines.
Some people use Google as their search engine and some people use Yahoo most of the time.But to get the best result we sometimes compare the search results of both Yahoo and Google search engine.So,if there is an way to use both the search engine simultaneously then it is a great idea.
There is an website named where you can use both Google and Yahoo both at the same time as the search results come in two different columns which will help you to find the best result.Try this out!

Do You Know Who is This Guy?

This guy is Matthew Epstein and he is begging a job in Google !He has already made an website named Google Please Hire m.e. 
He has already uploaded a video about this in his website Google please hire m.e.In the webpage he also uploaded his resume and there is also a request for interview button.He has also added some interesting comment about him which are made by some renowned and professional people.
The main slogan in his webpage is 

Hello Google. My name is Matthew Epstein.
I want to join your product marketing team, bad.

 To view his own website please click here.

Facebook "Don't Share This Button" in In Netflix iOS Application

May be you are thinking of what is "Don't Share This" button?Yes,i was also asking this question to myself when at first i saw this in web.But this is true.Netfilx an online American provider of online internet streaming video and united states has used this button in their application this "Don't Share Button" and used the logo of Facebook.
It was at first discovered by the iSmashPhone which reports that the popup both in iPhone and iPad window shows this Facebook "Don't Share This" button.Now this is no more visible in those application so this is now hard to tell what actually happened.
Many accidental things happen when companies upgrade or change their posts or website.But this type of accident can cause a lot of dollars damage of the company.Hope this is an accident and Netflix is not penalized for this.
Further updates will be posted here.

How to Start A VoIP Business

You can start VoIP business in Bangladesh in three ways.So you need to decide in which way you will start your business and which way you will choose.The three services to start a VoIP business are
1.You can directly provide services to the corporations and companies who start to go on VoIP business.
2.By becoming VoIP wholesale carriers.Consider in this case you need some good investment.
3.By becoming VoIP reseller.
This is to be noted that the second case needs a lot of finance which you can manage by managing a loan from the Bank.You also need various kind of equipment both for communication and transport and you also need a highly trained force.
You must need to know that Voice Over Internet Protocol is totally new concept in telecommunication.So,you must have some idea both technical and managerial which you can gain easily.But you need this and this is for sure. 
On these 3 ideas which i think you will like the first one and this is the easiest and straight one.The first one to directly provide service to the corporations and companies which you will love to do and if you are a small entrepreneur then this is best for you cause you do not need any big investment.You will be the direct service provider.
If you have a good budget and large finance then you can be a VoIP wholesaler and if you can expand the business and can do you identity in the market then you do not need to see backward.

Whatever may be the situation or among these 3 whatever type you are doing , whether you are a direct provider, wholesaler or reseller, it is highly suggested that you establish your own group of highly skilled personnel. Technical know-how on all the workings of VoIP is critical. This means training and hiring of technicians, troubleshooters, installers, equipment operators, customer service relation representative, technical assistance representatives, service and equipment assessors – and basically the whole lot.

Mobile VoIP - Bangladesh Is Going To be The Biggest Outsourcing Location

The outsourcing business which is related to VoIP is going to touch $1 billion within 2015.This outsourcing business can bring a good future to the country named Bangladesh.In BASIS software Expo 2011 this was the topic of discussion.I personally agree with the topic of the discussion that Bangladesh can change her fortune with the business of outsourcing.This discussion was organized by REVE Systems.
One of the keynote speakers Sukanta Dey, ex-President of Tata Teleservices told in the discussion that the mobile carriers are outsourcing their specialized works like billing,customer care,IT service and network management to some expert and specialized companies.
As Bangladesh is listed among top 30 outsourcing destinations in the world,this is quite sure that in future Bangladesh is going to get a lot of work.
Now the question is how VoIP will correlate this with outsourcing?Now think a company from Malaysia wants to handle all billing related calls by Bangladeshi people.Then VoIP can change the total model cause we know using VoIP the call rate is lower and in that case it will take an important part cause the calls are coming from overseas and if any customer needs to call by the agent then he or she can also make the call with lower rate.

5 VoIP Providers in Bangladesh

1.VoIP Provider: Dragontel Networks Pvt Ltd
Location: Bangladesh/Dhaka
Main Category: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Categories: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Protocols: SIP
Services: Termination

2.VoIP Provider: allion
Location: Bangladesh/Dhaka
Main Category: Hardware
Categories: International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Hardware
Protocols: h.323
Services: Termination

3.VoIP Provider: White Xpress
Location: Bangladesh/Dhaka
Main Category: Internet Telephony Service Provider
Categories: International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider
Protocols: h.323, SIP
Services: Billing Software

4.VoIP Provider: nice
Location: Bangladesh/dhaka
Main Category: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Categories: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Protocols: h.323
Services: Call Routing VoIP Solutions, H.323 Wireless/ GSM VoIP Solutions, SIP Softswitch & CPE, Voice and Video Conferencing

5.VoIP Provider: Talk2Phone
Location: Bangladesh/sylhet
Main Category: International VoIP Wholesale Provider
Categories: Hardware, Hosted VoIP billing service provider, Incumbent PTT, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider, Internet VoIP and Video Conferencing Service Provider, Network Service Provider, SIP Billing, VoIP Billing Software Provider, Voip consulting, Voip engineering, Voip Termination ISP, Wireless Broadband
Protocols: h.323, IAX, MGCP, SIP
Services: Billing Software
To get more information about VoIP providers in Bangladesh please visit
Source of information is

Internet Bandwidth Price Again Drops in Bangladesh !

On 28 th July 2011 in a notification from BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission ) again cuts the bandwidth price and the new bandwidth price is 10000 TK for Duplex line under any circumstances.This is a very good decision by BTRC and Bangladesh Government to spread the internet through out the whole country.
But the problem is ISP(Internet Service Providers) are still not taking any step to minimize their step.So,the the ISP forum in Bangladesh should take proper step to settle the price of home internet bit down as they need to pay less amount of money now.
Though Government is settling the price lower for internet still the price in the ISP are unchanged.BTRC should look into this also to meet the proper goal of settling the price low.Otherwise the whole benefit will go in the pocket of the ISP people.

How to Get VoIP License in Bangladesh?

BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) has  Amended Invitation for Application to Grant License(s) for Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider (IPTSP) License.Below are the clauses..
1. The following are the principal legal status governing the telecommunication industry in Bangladesh:
(a) The Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001 (Act No. XVIII of 2001).
(b) The Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933 and The Telegraph Act, 1885, for matters that are not covered by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001.
(c) Any Regulation/Directives/Instructions made or to be made by the Commission.
2. The Licensee shall install, operate and maintain the IP Telephony Service as guided in these guidelines.
3. Applicant(s) shall be disqualified from obtaining a voip license in bangladesh if any provision listed in sub clauses (i) to (vii) below applies to its owner(s) or to any of its director(s) or partner(s) or to the Applicant(s) himself:
(i) He is an insane person;
(ii) He has been sentenced by a court under any law, other than this Act, to imprisonment for a term of 2 (two) years or more, and a period of 5 (five) years has not elapsed since his release from such imprisonment;
(iii) He has been sentenced by a court for committing any offence under the Act and a period of 5 (five) years has not elapsed since his release from such imprisonment;
(iv) He has been declared bankrupt by the Court and has not been discharged from the liability of bankruptcy;
(v) He has been identified or declared by the Bangladesh Bank or by the court or by a bank or financial institution as a defaulter loanee of that bank or institution;
(vi) His voip license in bangladesh has been cancelled by the Commission at any time during the last 5 (five) years;
(vii) If prosecution is going on against the applicant(s) or its owner(s) or any of its director(s) or partner(s) for illegal call termination using VoIP technology or for violation of the Act.
4. In addition to the mandatory grounds for disqualification for applying for a voip license in bangladesh, the Commission shall also consider whether the Applicant(s) satisfies other criteria including but not limited to:
(a) Whether the Applicant(s) has sufficient management and financial capacity to operate the activities pertaining to IP Telephony Services for which the voip license will be awarded;
(b) How far the issuance of the voip license will serve the public interest and national security.

Chaina Launched iPhone(y) 5 - Fake Version of iPhone 5

The latest rumor is that iPhone 5 is going to be launched at September.But the impatient Senzed guys have already launched the fake clone version of iPhone 5.The phone set named as iPhone(y) 5 and costs around 108$ .
The body of this fake iPhone is only 7mm thick,black plastic covered and with iPhone cameras,LED Flash and controlled power and volume.
For 699 Yuan ($108) you get also get a JAVA based OS, MP3 and MP$ playback and WI-Fi.

Mute Tab Google Chrome Extension Finally Pauses the Noisy Tab of Your Browser

While using internet this is a regular case that you are working in a lot of tabs in your browser and also playing a song at the same time or you have opened a tab which is a video online and you are getting the sound.This is interrupting while you are working in the other tabs and you need to concentrate.This happens every now and then when you need to write something or you need to understand something on web and simultaneously your music player is playing music.At this moment you do not need this to play song for you.So,you will search for the tab which is playing music and click one by one.Which will cost you some minute and it may happen that you may get out of the topic that you were willing to work on.
I was also facing this problem and personally thought will i get any facility which will help me recognize the appropriate browser quickly?Finally Google Chrome made this "Mute Tab" Google Chrome Extension which will help you to mute the noisy version of the browser.This will 

Chinese People are Active in Wireless Research !

If you search for any wireless paper or publication in the internet you will see that the authors of most of the research paper are written by the Chinese people.Thanks to them that because of their hard work we are getting so many advanced technology.
This undoubtedly proves that they are very strong in Mathematics and also this is reflected in their papers.Cause the Mathematics need to analyze the equations in wireless needs some higher degree mathematics. 
If you search for a paper on Wireless Communication in IEEE Xplore you will see that out of 10 papers 8 papers are written by Chinese people and the rest two papers are written by researchers by other countries.
I was just thinking why is this dissemination.Are the rest of the researchers from rest of the world are not interested in wireless communication or they are not getting any success in wireless communication?

Price of Blackberry Launched by Airtel in Bangladesh

On July 29 th 2011,Friday Airtel launched Blackberry mobile handset in Bangladesh.They have made sufficient marketing while launching the product.But many people are still not familiar about the price of Blackberry or do not know the exact information.
Managing Director of Airtel Bangladesh Chris Tobit arranged a press conference on Thursday,28th July and confirmed about the price of this Blackberry handset.
He informed the media that they would provide two services-BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)- through four BlackBerry smartphone devices.
He also confirmed that new users of Airtel will be able to avail the offer by spending 899 TK per month with internet having 1 GB download.The price of the handset will be from Tk 22272 to Tk 45782.

Do You Know About Grameen Phone Web SMS ??

Grameen Phone WebSMS is a facility which is provided by Grameen Phone.This is an internet based web SMS service.Using this web SMS registered users of Grameen Phone can send SMS within the Grameen Phone Network.So this is a great way to send SMS to your friends and family.For this you only need a computer which is connected to Internet wherever you may be.So,forget about the small keypad and start sending SMS from your computer.To know more about this service please CLICK HERE.

When ISP Will Stop Sucking Our Wallets !

In Bangladesh still there is no 3G, WiMax is not reachable to everyone cause the coverage is not 100% through out the country.Mobile operators are providing internet service the service is not that much decent and in some cases this is a pain!Also WiMax does not work above 6 th floor.
So,the ultimate internet provider in Bangladesh are the ISP's (Internet Service Provider).Above are the reason of the monopoly of the ISP in Bangladesh.Though now the WiMax operators are doing great to compete with them.But customers are still stick with the ISP because of the unlimited download limit.
But they are just charging the customers too much.Though BTRC has cut the bandwidth price,still they did not cut their price and the rate is same before cutting the price of Bandwidth.
Their cause is as the government has established the rule of underground cable and banned the overhead cable,they need to invest money over there to make their cable underground.But do you think this is a point which can convince you.I do not think so.Cause they did not change my overhead line.Only those lines are changed overhead to underground which are attached to the highway.
The bandwidth price is been dropped from 28000 tk to 11,000 tk but still no change in the ISP rate.This is ridiculous.This should be taken proper care by BTRC.

LTE Antenna Design

The antennas used in LTE(Long Term Evolution) are similar to WiMax antennas.This serves broadband service through wireless communication.The cellular frequency used in these antennas can be used in both indoor and outdoor condition.Antenna types include Mechanical Electrical Tilt, Indoor/Outdoor Stick, and Solid State Electrical Tilt and come in a variety of frequency bands and mounting options.
The technology used in LTE antennas are mainly MIMO(Multi Input Multi Output) technique.Multi Input Multi Output Spetial-diversity antennas are used to design LTE antennas.In reality, LTE systems specify three types of antenna techniques: MIMO, beamforming, and diversity approaches. The three techniques are considered essential for improving signal robustness and achieving LTE system capacity.

Using 700 MHz Band For LTE : A Future Case Study

Bangladesh is planning to implement 3G in the telecommunication sector and the state owned company is going to get the 3G license first.But we all know that the developed world is already experimenting with LTE (Long Term Evolution) and already has got successful result and is going to implement the LTE in their country soon.
The main advantage in LTE is the requirement of less number of BTS to cover a certain area.For example,if you need 20 BTS to cover a certain zone then in LTE this can be done only be 1 BTS.
Another advantage is high data speed.The successful transmission of LTE shows data can be downloaded with a speed of 1000 Mbps which is approximately 1 Gbps.
The LTE will operate in the frequency spectrum of 700 MHz and will have a large number of carrier.As the frequency range is less,it will need less transmission power and also the transmission loss will be less cause the frequency is not that high.
But the main issue is that Bangladesh is already using this frequency band for the purpose of broadcasting national tv channel BTV.Not only Bangladesh,most of the countries in the world use this band of frequency for the purpose of broadcasting their national TV Channel.Cause using this frequency a large area can be covered.
Now the problem is if the frequency band is already been used by BTV then how the LTE will be incorporated with the mobile network?
Yes,this is really a question.Now what will be the solution?Is there any solution?
Yes,there is a solution.We need to withdraw BTV from this band and need to use this for LTE.But the question is then how the BTV will run?
As Bangladesh has already planned to launch its first maiden satellite Bangabandhu-1,DTH should be introduced in the market then the TV will be available everywhere in the country including the remote areas.As DTH operates with Satellite.
Hope proper authority is thinking of it and planning accordingly.
Readers please let me know what is your opinion.

Stat Shows Mobile Application Download Revenue will Cross $28 Billion Within 2015

If you are a smart phone user then you know the demand of the mobile applications.The smartphone users are always searching for a new mobile application to make their cell phone more attractive and trying to make it smarter.Developers always experimenting with different applications of smart phones.
A statistics shows that the revenue of this mobile application download will suppress 28.5 billion dollar within 2015.The statistics also shows that the average price of an online mobile application download price is $2.15.It also shows that those who are using Wi-Fi most of them are using this applications and downloading the applications.The statistics ensures that the mobile phone selling will increase a percentage of 48 % on 2015.

Survery Shows 35% People Will Purchase iPhone 5

We all know that there are a lot of rumor when the iPhone 5 will get released.But this survey is bit different and this is about the result of how many people are going to buy the crazy cell phone iPhone 5.The survey is done by PriceGrabber suggests that this will be a massive hit and 35% among the surveyed people want to buy the iPhone 5.
There are some categories who want to buy the iPhone 5.51 percent indicated that they will buy the smartphone within the first year of release, 30 percent will purchase it before the end of 2011, 14 percent will buy it within the first month, and 7 percent will buy it within the first week.We have already seen that the previous cell phone releases were also hit and undoubtedly this iPhone release is also going to be a big hit.

BTCL Broadband Connection Still Now the Best In Bangladesh

I am sure that many of us know that BTCL also provides broadband connection to the subscribers but we are not acknowledged about the offers and package details.Here in this post i have tried to describe the different packages of BTCL broadband connection and specified how to get the connection.

How to get the connection?

Collect the registration form Emem Systems Ltd. (ESL) customer center or POS (Point of Sales). Choose the appropriate package from the tariff plan sheet and submit the duly filled up registration form (with one copy of photograph and copy of the last months paid telephone bill) and also pay appropriate amount of money while submitting the form. For details kindly contact ESL customer care centre, phone no. - (02)8810408

 Contact Details:


House # 03 (6th floor), Road # 07,
Block # F, Banani, Dhaka-1213
Tell:02-8810408, 9897501 Mob: 0197881040

Why 3G Is So Delayed In Bangladesh ?

Where the developed countries are planning to implement LTE (Long Term Evolution) in their region we are still waiting for 3G over here in Bangladesh.But this is still not clear why the implementation of 3G is so delayed in Bangladesh.
One of our country in south asia Srilanka implemented 3G with the hand of Dialog (an Axiata Company) five years back.The neighboring country India is using 3G for almost one and half years,we are still waiting for 3G to come and the process is still getting delayed because of the pressure of the spectrum renewal of the GSM operators.
There is no doubt that the spectrum renewal process is now the top priority cause from this license Government is going to get a lot of revenue but this should also be in our mind that we need to compete with the technology to make our digital Bangladesh.
Hope the process of implementing 3G will be mobilized by the proper action of BTRC(Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission).

Axiata Covering Asia With Their Network

Do you find any similarity in the above three pictures?If not there is a similarity in the above pictures.The similarity is below:
This logo is the logo for the company which is providing mobile service to the Asian region and believes in coverage and growth rather than penetration.The Axiata company is providing service in Malayasia,Bangladesh,Srilanka and Combodia and has significant marketing strategy in India,Singapore and Iran.
To know more about Axiata CLICK HERE.

I Am Happy With QUBEE Customer Support !

Some days back just after purchasing the QUBEE modem i was facing problem to view some websites sometime.Then i sent a mail to the Qubee support explaining my problem.I was not sure how quickly they were going to solve my problem.
But just after two days i got a call from QUBEE and he solved my problem over the phone.The customer support technical person instructed me over the phone cause there were some settings missing in my laptop and he totally solved the problem.
Another day i just lost my password of my QUBEE account,i called them and within a very short time without asking me so many question they solved my problem.
So,i am happy with the Qubee customer support!
Thanks QUBEE!

QUBEE Pre Pay Plan in Bangladesh

Now you have the full control of your QUBEE PrePay account.You will get 3 different packages.
With pacer you will be able to browse with a speed of 1 Mbps and your download limit will be 1 GB with 400 tk card,with 700 tk card you will be able to download upto 2 GB.
With spinner you will be able to browse with a speed of 512 Kbps and the download limit with 400 tk card is 1.5 GB.
With this one your browsing speed will be 256 Kbps and you will be able to download upto 2GB with 400tk card.
For detalils VISIT HERE.
The price of the modem is now only 1500 TK.The installation process is just plug and play.No need to get worried.
I personally suggest you to buy and take the package of 1 Mbps with 400 TK card.But if you need to download a lot of things then the same speed is suitable with 700TK card.

Banglalion Pre Paid Connection

If you do not want to take the hassle to pay the monthly post paid bills or want to use your internet as much as you want whether this is small amount or large the the prepaid plan for any WiMax is best for your.
Banglalion is also offering you a smart prepaid plan for you.There are two types of card in Banglalion prepaid package.One is TK.300 and another is TK.600.You can use whatever you want.

The device USB modem is only for TK 999 and the indoor device if for TK 2426.
You can choose 1Mbps or 512 Kbps line with the package of 300 TK with 1GB download and can choose 2.5 GM download with the card of TK 600.

Banglalion Post Paid Bills Pay Through SMS

Now Banglalion post paid subscribers can pay their post paid bills through their ROBI numbers.There are two process available to pay the bill through ROBI.

1. To pay the bill through your Robi mobile number you need to at first registrar to Robi ORTHO.Then you can pay the bill thorough ROBI.
2.Secondly you can go to any ROBI authorized outlet to pay the bill.This is the process of bill payment through ROBI outlet.
To get the full information about this just CLICK HERE and you will get the full process.

Banglalion Pay Though Cards

Now you do not need to wait in the queue.Cause you can pay your bill through cards.You can now pay your Banglalion post paid bills by this smart pay cards.
Smart Pay cards have denominations of Tk.200, Tk.700, Tk.1000 and Tk.1500.
You can go to your nearest outlet and can have your desired card and recharge your post paid account.
Click Here to get more information about it.

Facebook Borwsing Is Free In Grameen Phone

Are you bit astonished by reading the subject line?Yes,believe me. Finally Grameen Phone is providing something free to their subscribers.
Facebook browsing is free for Grameen Phone subscribers.To avail this facility you need to download the Java Application for Facebook.The offer is not for unlimited time.The duration of the offer is from 28th July ,2011 to 26 th August,2011.To download the java application simply type "FB" and send it to 5000.
Happy browsing!
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