Which One is the Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners?

If you are staring your own blog in WordPress or want to start a website for your business online, you need a hosting provider to start your website. A lot of hosting providers are available online but before choosing a hosting plan, this is very important to choose the best hosting provider for your WordPress blog.

Before choosing a hosting plan, you will have to consider some important points. The points are below:

  • Please check whether the Hosting provider has a good reputation online or not?
  • Please check the after sales customer service of the Hosting provider because when you face any problem after your purchase, if there is no one to help you, you will be in great trouble.
  • Check whether you will get the best value of your money or not. Check some additional services offered by the Hosting provider.
  • Check their average up tim. If it is less than 99.99% please do not go for that hosting provider.
  • Please check whether they have 24x7 customer service or not. Cause your problem can happen anytime. So, you need their support anytime.
  • As you are going to start your website, please check whether they have an easy WordPress installation process or not.
  • Check about the bandwidth and the space they are providing you to store your files.
After considering the above points, if you find a hosting provider please go with that hosting provider. I am blogging in WordPress for the last 4 and half years in WordPress and I use HostGator as my hosting provider. I did not face any issue with HostGator in the last 4 years. Their up time is almost 100%. I have got 24x7 customer support from them. If I had a problem with the website, I went to their website and knocked the live customer service manager. Informed about my issue and they gave me suitable solution about my problem. So, I am very happy with their service.

If you are just starting your WordPress website, the Hatchling Plan is suitable for you. This plan allows you to host one domain. But the disk space provided for you is unlimited. So, this is the best WordPress hosting for beginners.

Another good thing about HostGator is their free SSL service. They give it for free with their package. SSL is very important for website security and this is also good for SEO also. I got it for free from HostGator.

They also give you free Google Adwords credit to spend it for your campaign. You can use it anytime. The cPanel for HostGator is user friendly and the WordPress installation process is really easy.

Last but not the list, you will get a lot of cheaper deal online. But please do not compromise the quality. Cause you will get maximum 1 dollar cheap per month which makes 12 dollars per year. But the cheap plans have lot of problem. They do not have good customer support and the up time is also not high. So, this is better to go for a reliable hosting plan for your blog or business. Choose it one time and go with it for life time.


Hosting your website on a sheltered and dependable hosting company is basic. You require a hosting provider that offers fabulous reliability, security and support. Be that as it may, who would you be able to trust with your self-facilitated WordPress blog?

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WordPress Hosting

When you create a free website, it includes free web hosting. ... Write A Blog ... Get a free custom domain name to share your site with the rest of the world.

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Thanks for the expert tips on how to choose a WordPress hosting. really helpful.
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