Additional Features of 3G Phones

Image: BlackBerry Bold 9000

A 3G phone must be better than a 2G (GSM or CDMA) phone, right? Yes, 3G phones have the same features as 2G phones, plus plenty of new functionality, such as the capability to play videos, show live TV, play MP3 music, access email, display a live video conference with a friend, send and receive megapixel digital camera images and many more things are available. Some of the phone features depend on the services the 3G network operators are providing, and won't work without the service.
Are you thinking you won't ever need those new services? Most of us didn't believe we would ever type messages on a phone's small numeric keypad. Yet, text messaging has become one of the best-loved applications in modern technology. But are you still sure you would never access email on your phone? Or you would never watch the latest TV news on your phone? Don't bet serious money on not doing it, you may change your mind as soon as you get your first email, or seeing a Britney Spears video on the phone. 

Speed matters in every network, and wireless communication is no exception. The two major 3G technologies, WCDMA/UMTS and CDMA 1x EV-DO, deliver such high-speed data communication capability for phones, which in optimal network coverage conditions is comparable to home broadband. Although the numbers for communication speeds are theoretical, and the real data transfer speeds often are considerably lower, for instance, when the phone is moving, the numbers indicate the design limits of a particular technology. 
Top 10 3G Phones in the subcontinent:
1. Apple iPhone 3GS
2. Nokia E71
3. Samsung i900 Omnia
4. Nokia N96
5. BlackBerry Bold 9000
6. Palm Treo 750
7. Nokia N85
8. Motorola Q9h
9. Sony Ericsson C702
10. Samsung Corby PRO       

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