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Telecommunications software is a kind of software package that participates in the process of electronic communications, especially those that involve the transmission of audio signal. There are many different types of software designed to handle telecommunication functions in various settings, ranging from simple software that is installed and utilized by an end user, to the software that is necessary to drive the function of entire networks. Depending on the purpose of the software, it may be used to drive wireless devices as well as those used to drive fiber optic and copper wire networks.
Software not only helps to establish the connection, but also monitor the strength of the connection and trigger functions to compensate for noise on the line and thus decrease the chances of a disconnect taking place.
Least Popular Dialout
* ecu - a communications program
    * pcomm - procomm-like communications program with zmodem
    * xc - xcomm communication package
Most Popular Dialout
    * PPP dialers for getting on the internet: wvdial, eznet, chat, pon (uses chat),
    * minicom - telix-like communications program. Can work with scripts, zmodem, kermit
    * C-Kermit - portable, scriptable, serial and TCP/IP communications including file transfer, character-set translation, and zmodem support
    * seyon - X based communication program
# efax is a small fax program
# hylafax is a large fax program based on the client-server model.
# mgetty+fax handles fax stuff and login for dial-ins
Dial-in (uses getty)
    * mgetty+fax is for modems and is well documented (except for voicemail as of early 1999). It also handles fax stuff and provides an alternative to uugetty. It's incorporating voicemail (using vgetty) features. See About mgetty
    * uugetty is also for modems. It comes as a part of the ps_getty package. See About getty_ps
Network Connection
 * ser2net
    * sredird
Voicemail Software
    * vgetty is an extension to mgetty that handles voicemail for some modems. It should come with recent releases of mgetty.
    * VOCPis a "complete voice messaging" system for Linux.
    * callback is where you dial out to a remote modem and then that modem hangs up and calls you back (to save on phone bills).
    * xringd listens for rings and detects inter-ring times etc.
    * SLiRP and term provide a PPP-like service that you can run in user space on a remote computer with a shell account. See term and SLiRP for more details
    * ZyXEL is a control program for ZyXEL U-1496 modems. It handles dialin, dialout, dial back security, FAXing, and voice mailbox functions.

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