Anonymous Hacker Gets Arrested After Posting His Girlfreinds Breast Picture

Picture of the Hackers Girlfriends Breast

The above picture that is showing above is the picture of the girlfriend of anonymous hacker and his girlfriend is showing breast online.The hackers name is Higinio O. Ochoa and who is responsible for hacking 3 website related to US law and enforcement.
Anonymous Hacker Higinio O. Ochoa

Higinio O. Ochoa's girlfriend

This hacker published various information about US police in website.He opened one Twitter account and the account name is @AnonW0rmer and linked one website which is the website of law and enforcement of US police reported by Sydney Harald.
At the bottom of the website
"The picture shows a woman from the neck down with a sign attached to her stomach, reading: 'PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u B****'s!'
Higinio O. Ochoa girlfriends picture from Twitter

The FBI said it confirmed the identity of Ochoa, who calls himself 'w0rmer' online and is a member of 'CabinCr3w', an offshoot of hacking group Anonymous."
FBI confirmed that it was taken from an iPhone.
GPS co-ordinates embedded in the photo - as are found in all pictures taken by a smartphone - showed authorities the exact street and house in Wantirna South, Melbourne where it was taken.

The  tweets from @Anonw0rmer account redirected to other sites referring to 'w0rmer', including one which had Ochoa's name with it and more pictures of his girlfriend.

Authorities then found Ochoa's Facebook page, on which he named Kylie Gardner from Australia as his girlfriend. The FBI was then satisfied she was the woman in the photo taken in South Wantirna.

The breasts photo does not show the woman's face, the FBI is convinced it is the same woman. They add it is definitive proof that Ochoa is w0rmer.


The thing what the hacker done was wrong.And the foolish thing that he has done is by posting same picture in two places.

Hackers are always a threat for the security.Website security is now a big question.FBI did a good job.

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