Augmented Reality : What is Augmented Reality ? Part -1

Now a days the hot topic in the field of technology is Google is launching one glass which is having augmented reality.May be most of you know about this.But i think most of you do not have the clear idea about what augmented reality is.To share the knowledge about augmented reality i am just writing the article.The information's that i am going to write over here is from the lecture of a Professor in National Chung Cheng University,Taiwan.Hope you will like the concept. 

Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is not like virtual reality.In virtual reality we create an environment is totally virtual in nature and nothing is real in that environment.We just plot and create the environment in virtual world and try to animate that thing.This can be a design of a car.Or an animated character or an apartment which is been visualized and created according to the design.
Augmented Reality

But in Augmented Reality the thing is not like virtual reality at all.In Augmented Reality we try to place some imaginary object in the real world.Like if there is two cars in a road (which is a real scene),we try to put a third one on that scene.So,the most of the part in the scene is real but the object that we want to put in the scene is not real.That is defined by us.
In virtual reality the thing is totally imaginary but in Augmented reality the whole thing is not imaginary,rather we try to put something in the real environment which is an interesting part of the technology.
From the above picture of the augmented reality it is now clear that the angle is been added to the real world scene.But in the virtual reality picture everything is from imaginary world.


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