USA Rapper XXXTentacion has Shot Dead in Miami Florida

Police said the 20 year old Rapper was shot dead while leaving a motor sport dealership. The rapper whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy. Investigators said this might have been a robbery. XXXTentacion had released his first album in the year 2017. Later this year in March he has released his second album named just a question mark and it was in the top billboard charts as well.

Which One is the Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners?

If you are staring your own blog in WordPress or want to start a website for your business online, you need a hosting provider to start your website. A lot of hosting providers are available online but before choosing a hosting plan, this is very important to choose the best hosting provider for your WordPress blog.

Before choosing a hosting plan, you will have to consider some important points. The points are below:

  • Please check whether the Hosting provider has a good reputation online or not?
  • Please check the after sales customer service of the Hosting provider because when you face any problem after your purchase, if there is no one to help you, you will be in great trouble.
  • Check whether you will get the best value of your money or not. Check some additional services offered by the Hosting provider.
  • Check their average up tim. If it is less than 99.99% please do not go for that hosting provider.
  • Please check whether they have 24x7 customer service or not. Cause your problem can happen anytime. So, you need their support anytime.
  • As you are going to start your website, please check whether they have an easy WordPress installation process or not.
  • Check about the bandwidth and the space they are providing you to store your files.
After considering the above points, if you find a hosting provider please go with that hosting provider. I am blogging in WordPress for the last 4 and half years in WordPress and I use HostGator as my hosting provider. I did not face any issue with HostGator in the last 4 years. Their up time is almost 100%. I have got 24x7 customer support from them. If I had a problem with the website, I went to their website and knocked the live customer service manager. Informed about my issue and they gave me suitable solution about my problem. So, I am very happy with their service.

If you are just starting your WordPress website, the Hatchling Plan is suitable for you. This plan allows you to host one domain. But the disk space provided for you is unlimited. So, this is the best WordPress hosting for beginners.

Another good thing about HostGator is their free SSL service. They give it for free with their package. SSL is very important for website security and this is also good for SEO also. I got it for free from HostGator.

They also give you free Google Adwords credit to spend it for your campaign. You can use it anytime. The cPanel for HostGator is user friendly and the WordPress installation process is really easy.

Last but not the list, you will get a lot of cheaper deal online. But please do not compromise the quality. Cause you will get maximum 1 dollar cheap per month which makes 12 dollars per year. But the cheap plans have lot of problem. They do not have good customer support and the up time is also not high. So, this is better to go for a reliable hosting plan for your blog or business. Choose it one time and go with it for life time.

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HostGator Earthday 60% Sale on All New Hosting Plans

I am really excited to write this post because tomorrow 22 nd April, 2016 from 12:00 am CST (Indian time 11:30 am Friday 22nd April) Hostgator has announced Earthday Huge 60% sale on all new hosting plans. This is really a huge sale of this year.

If you are a new blogger and want to start your blog in WordPress with your own hosting plan, this is the best time to do it. Just use the coupon code and grab the hosting plan!!

Sale Details:
Sale Details: 60% Off All New Hosting Packages
Go to the Link: Hostgator Earthday Sale 2016
Coupon Code: EARTHDAY16
Sale Begins: Friday, April 22nd at 12:00am CST ( In India 11:30 am Friday)
Sale Ends: Friday, April 22nd at 11:59pm CST ( In India 11:30 pm Friday)

The offer is only valid on new hosting packages, not applicable on renewals or existing hosting plans.

I have already compared the price difference and calculated that you can save 65 USD for one year of Hatchling plan. This is huge!! Without discount the plan will cost 107.42 USD but with Hostgator Earthday 60% Discount, you will be able to get the plan only for 42 USD.

For my WordPress blog TechnTechie, I am using Hostgator for the last 4 years and I did not face any problem in these 4 years.

The WordPress installation is really easy! Just plug and play. The 24x7 customer service is awesome. I have always got a good service and solution from their customer service. The most important thing, the downtime in Hostgator is really low. In the last 4 years I rarely faced any downtime. So, what are you waiting for my friend? Just grab the deal here and enjoy 60% discount with COUPON CODE : EARTHDAY16

Reliance Energy and MSEB Payments Online

If you are looking to free yourself from the hassles of queuing up every month at cash collection centres to pay bills there are solutions at hand. Online portals are offering easy digital payment facilities. These can help you pay your bills from the convenience of your home and at the mere click of a button. Read more to find about the services on offer.

Online payment portals are allowing clients the opportunity of avoiding hassles of manual bill payments. Away from the tiring heat of long queues, these online portals are providing clients the facility to pay their bills as and when they like. All of these services can be availed from the comfort of their homes.

Web-portals offer payment facility for all kinds of telecommunication and other digital services’ payments. Along with the payments made for other services as the DTH recharges, DATA CARD Recharges, and Post-Paid recharges, one can make Reliance Electricity Bill Payments and Maharashtra State Electricity Board (or MSEB) bill payments online. One is allowed to make payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, or Internet Banking. Payment of any amount is viable, and can be made via different payment options, provided one pays it before due date.

Payment services are provided via Web, WAP, IVR, SMS, Mobile Application and Facebook Page. The payment options available on these websites include those of the Credit Card, Debit Card, and Internet Banking, Prepaid Cash Cards. All these options are open as long as payments are made three days in advance from the date due on the bill. A relevant point to note is that payments for bills that are overdue, i.e. payments for the bills whose due date has passed, are not received by online bill payment portals.

The procedure of payment running presently on most standard online payment platforms is particularly user friendly and quite simplistic.

Once after the user has logged on the website that offers payment services, they have to select their respective service provider from the list of multiple service providers available on the webpage. The payment interface will appear next on the screen where the customer has to enter his/ her account number or consumer number. Further options need the customers to enter their Reliance Bill Cycle Number, [in case of Reliance customers], or the Billing Unit and Processing Cycle [for MSEB clients].

After the portal returns to the consumer the specifics of their account status whereby the payable amount shows up, the exact billing amount has to be selected and the PAY option has to be activated.

Once the online transaction gets authenticated, the Credit Card, Debit Card or the Internet Bank account of the customer gets debited accordingly. Instantly, the interface generates a receipt for the customer. This is the auto generated individual Transaction Reference Number. This customer specific number is generated by the transaction interface as an automatic acknowledgement of the receipt of full payment. This also serves as future reference in regards to any sort of dispute over the payment procedure.

As such, the payments that are made online are claimed to be totally secure, and reliable.

One important point to make note of is that online portals only allow payment in full. Partial payments are not valid.
Another exiting point about online bill payment is that some of these websites award bonus loyalty points to their customers for each bill payment made via their website. These loyalty points, sufficiently accumulated, can amount to quite handsome rebates on the bills themselves. This ends up reducing the actual billing amount in favor of the customer.
About Author:

Tanmay Gaikwad is an author of this article. Through his article you can get some useful information on how it is easy to pay Reliance energy and MSEB bill online. Website like offers secure online bill payments services for various network operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Indicom etc. For more details on online payment of MSEB bills and the guarantee of a hassle free transaction, visit:

HTC One Max Will Release with Fingerprint Sensor Technology

On the next week, the Taiwanese cell phone producing company HTC will release their next version of smartphone which is HTC One Max. Sources has already confirmed that they are going to integrate fingerprint sensor technology to their handset. To know more about this you can read HTC One Max Fingerprint Sensor Technology.

10 Tips for Printing Great Photos from Your Home Computer

If you want to print high quality photographs from your home computer and get the best out of your printer, we offer some tips to help you in doing so:
1.   Printer maintenance - keeping your printer in top condition is of paramount importance: if the images you print are faint or there are some dots missing, you should clean the printhead. You can do this by using the print head cleaning utility in your printer’s software (you can also access it from the printer options in the Windows Control Panel).
2.   Print regularly – print a photograph at least once a week, even if you don’t need it. Keep in mind that the print nozzles in inkjet printers can occasionally clog and printing will prevent the nozzles from bungling.

3.   Use the original (OEM) ink cartridges – yes, they’re expensive but they were also specifically designed for your printer and will help you if you want your photos printed in highest quality possible. It’s the same with spare parts; it’s common sense that the same manufacturer provides the best ones (e.g. if you have a Ricoh, using Ricoh spare parts or if you have a HP the using HP spare parts, will ensure your printer’s best performance)
4.   Choose the right type of paper – pick according to your needs: printing on quality paper will give you better photos, but it will also cost you more money. Regular paper absorbs the ink, meaning some colors and smaller details will be lost, so the best option is photo paper. Photo paper comes in two varieties – glossy and semi-glossy. Glossy paper is reflective and shiny, but also smudges often, which is not the case with glossy paper, but it cannot support as much details as glossy paper can.
5.   Set the printer for the type of paper you’re using – after choosing the type of paper you’ll be using don’t forget to adjust the printer. Some printers have sensors that automatically detect the type of paper, but those tend to be unreliable, so always set the type of paper you’re using manually.
6.   Explore the printer’s auto fix feature – most printers have some automatic fix features which can both help you and do damage – they can correct some basic photo bugs such as red eyes but also undo some effects you wanted to have. After you get to know it, you’ll know to use it and when to shut it off.
7.   Use an editing program – by using an editing program you’ll be able to crop, resize and manage colors easily. Even the most basic editing programs have simple-to-use tools for fixing the usual problems in photos, such as the red eye or backlighting. In some cases editing programs will enable you to print photos in higher resolution than when printing directly from a camera or a memory card. Even if you’re an amateur, you don’t have to buy expensive programs – there are a lot of free ones available on the Internet.
8.   When editing, use copies – Before you start editing, even if you’re only making minor adjustments, make a copy first. That’s safer than editing first and saving under another name later – you don’t want to accidentally overwrite the original.
9.   Don’t make corrections too soon – How the photographs look on your computer screen will never be the same as their printed version, so before making any significant editing print an unedited version of the photo, if possible. Of course, you can make some general adjustments such as cropping, but make additional adjustments only after you see how the printed version of the photograph looks like.
10. Explore your drivers – Every printer’s drivers have several settings that may help increase your photo’s quality – whether your only choice is good/better/best quality or there are some advanced options such as adjusting contrast, brightness, specific color levels and more. Experiment with those settings; once you get to know them, you’ll be able to adjust them for each photo you print.

Author Bio: Ana is a blogger with a passion for technology, She loves writing and sharing her knowledge about all things related to technology with anyone that will listen. She is currently working on a project for Artonery, a company that specializes in supplying toners and spare parts for printers and copiers.

Viral Content Buzz Summer Contest - Win Up To 1000 USD and Also Get Share for Your Content!

Hello Friends, it is time to earn some real money through some exciting content for some exciting website. Do you know the website Viral Content Buzz ? If not then you can read one details about Viral Content Buzz. Still i can give you one short description about Viral Content Buzz. This is one Content marketing site where you will be able to get social share and social buzz for your content. You can earn credits by sharing others content and you can use it for your own content.
This great site has announced one great content in this summer time and you can win up to 1000 USD by participating in this contest.

Prizes for this contest:

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1. The participants must have one account in Viral Content Buzz and if someone does not have then he or she can have one from here.
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Badges for Viral Content Buzz:

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The deadline for the contest is 12 the July, 2013. So, just hurry up and join the contest. 

To get details about this contest you can check the post about Viral Content Buzz Summer Contest!

Telecom Infrastructure Management – A Worthy Consideration?

The telecom industry, just like many other well established companies, is facing stiff competition from other companies operating in the same capacity in the same niche. Amidst the stiff competition, the industry also has to deal with high customer pressure as well. This being the case, the company has been looking for new ways to improve their service delivery while at the same time maintaining relatively low operational costs.

All this is what actually prompted the introduction of telecom infrastructure management. This has since proven to be an active solution provider that is characteristic of advanced innovative techniques that are applicable for use across multiple platforms and situations common in this industrial sector.
Why the infrastructure management a worthy consideration
Another good thing about telecom infrastructure management services is that they span to more than a decade of proven expertise application. Interesting thing about all this is the fact that the services are characteristic of unique designs, set ups and development plans that have since proven to be very successfully when tested. What’s more, they have all supported the industry’s plans at a record fraction of the estimated cost. This has since proven one thing: Superior quality service coupled with organization is more than enough to keep you in control and raise your profitability tremendously.
The industry’s technological portfolio
The following is a technological portfolio of the industry and it includes:
·         Unlimited access to products concerned with the covering of broadband Access e.g. CMTS and DSLAM systems as well as traditional narrow brand RAS.
·         Use of L3-7 enterprise switches that solely focus on services and the core of IP routers
·         Close monitoring of element Management and network management systems
·         Collaborative and convergence products related to VOIP devices, gateways for media, Gateways for signaling as well as soft switches and IN systems etc.
·         Mediation and billing systems
·         Firewall security products e.g. NAT, IDS and Access gateways
·         Several wireless internet applications. These include: mobile and Voice portals as well as location based services which include SMS based applications.
Bottom line
Over time, many people and even other companies have openly admitted that the infrastructure management services are not only very reliable but also scalable and can easily be integrated to meet the different telecom infrastructure requirements and preferences.  All these services are solution driven to take an approach that will bring out true quality, expertise and infrastructural solutions. This clearly makes telecom one of the best partners to deal with in case you are faced by any of the common challenges characteristic of this industry at the moment.

Policy Management for Your Business

When it comes to telecommunications, businesses want to ensure that they are receiving the best value for their money. Managing this in a global business environment can be a complex task because there’s a need to ensure that policies are correctly enforced 24 hours a day in a variety of locations.
That’s where a policy manager comes in.

It’s a software tool designed to help complex organizations manage their telecommunications networks in a simpler manner. The idea is to create real-time data from the network and then examine that data to automatically enforce policies on the network. The concept may sound familiar as it’s something that’s been done by software in the past. However, in most cases that software has functioned as an additional network component and not been fully integrated into the network.
Policy Manager – The Traditional Approach
The issue caused by bolting on the software to the network is that it results in delays to information flow. That means that analysts and policy enforcement teams are always a few steps behind the real scenario. This can lead to substantial delays in enforcing policy and create additional costs and possibly cause lost opportunities within the environment when policies are not applied correctly.
Policy Manager – An Integrated Approach
By integrating the policy manager directly into the network, this problem can be easily resolved. The software is then able to connect to all the core systems related to telecoms usage. For example, it can be configured to access your subscriber data, your charging data, etc. It then brings this data together in a coherent fashion to provide a high-level real time aggregation of exactly what’s happening on your telecommunications platform.

It also allows for direct policy management on an individual user basis. In effect you can tailor your policies to a substantially deeper level because the data you’re working with is a better reflection of the real position of usage. It’s capable of managing data in even the most complex environments where policies need to be applied based on a range of services (for example in quad-play networks) rather than a single service (for example mobile communications). This is a big advantage over the traditional approach where each individual service would need separate management and network managers would struggle to implement cohesive policies.

How Technology Has Enhanced Manufacturing?

Over the last 20 years, the world’s biggest technological advancements have not only helped shape our cultural landscape, but rapidly changed the way business and the manufacturing process are conducted. Businesses can now perform more efficiently, and cost effectively, than ever before. The use of technology has leas to lower production costs and therefore more affordable products on the whole too.

Where once the manufacturing process was undertaken by hand (‘manu’ literally translates to mean ‘using hands’) today robot-like technology performs many of the manufacturing tasks completed in every sector. Work has become hugely automated, and although machinery cannot make creative decisions, there is much that can be done by technology that increases productivity tenfold.
The first manufacturing processes effected by technology happed in Europe’s Industrial Revolution, where the cotton gin was used to increase yield and machines were used in mills to make clothe from the cotton.
Today the biggest technological advances can be seen in those industries that work with heavy goods; robot like machines can now improve the assembly lines and produce products more efficiently and at a much greater speed. Manufacturing and business output today isn’t limited to the factory floor however, it should be thought of as an ‘activity’ rather than a sector and this activity differs widely across every industry.
Office work has become more efficient too, the increased use of computers have made businesses more profitable than ever before with faster communication and the ability to get administrative tasks done in half the time.
In retail, machinery has allowed for mass production on a huge scaled. It means manufacturing costs can be kept low and retailers can buy phones, MP3 players and DVD players at unimaginably low prices. This means greater profit for them at the consumer end.
Businesses are now using technology to streamline the pre-manufacturing stages too; computer can aid design and 3d printing has revolutionised the way companies can produce prototypes. 3D printing is also extremely advantageous for the medical industry, where blood vessels and bone structure can now even be replicated through the help of this technology.
It seems there is no industry’s manufacturing process that hasn’t been effected by technological improvements. The automotive and aerospace industries have all increased output tremendously since the creation of tube end forming and metal pressing machinery. Without the computer tech we have today, it is likely that engineering would have completely stagnated, with few new developments.
The really is no question that manufacturing has been enhanced in many ways thanks to the latest technology, but just how things have been improved is ever changing. New technologies are arising on a regular basis, companies now need to adapt on a much more frequent basis – buying into the latest software and machinery which will help them to become the most efficient in their field. Of course it becomes a productive circle too, as manufacturing advances so can the production of the latest technologies! It is for this reason that the modern world is developing at such a staggering rate.
Author Bio: This article was brought to you by Techniswage.

Configure Faster Internet on your iPhone

Intersections and Faster iPhone internet:
A while back, I came across this awesome book called, “Medici Code“, it talked about how creativity happens at the places where lot of domains interact, he called them “Intersections“. How it is related with Faster Internet Access on your iDevices? Everything.
Weakest Link in the Chain:

OLPC: XO internet access (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To understand Internet, you have to think of one word, “Network”, and when you access internet from any device, it comes down to weakest link in your chain. And with a small Tweak you can get Faster iPhone Internet, even in areas of low speed internet.
How it Works:
Step 1.
Step 2.

Test it on your Mac, to find out the fastest DNS.
Step 3.
Log in that DNS in iPhone Wi-Fi Networks. This would configure you for Faster iPhone Internet. If you have any questions, or might face problem in doing so, drop me a line, and i would love to walk you through the process.

About Author:

Joshua+ is tech-writer. Inspired by the flux in creativity and technology, he feels, a need of missing art of rhetoric, and clarifying and simplifying lot of tech jargon, and influencing people to make right decisions.

Network Trends of the Future!

The year 2013 will be exciting for network administrators. Task is to safely implement many new technologies into the company networks and to deal also with new themes. What network technologies have long term - over the next five years - the largest development potential.

Arne Ohlsen, Blue Coat: "A stable and secure network is already Commodity Nevertheless, the demands on the performance and security of the network, especially if the acceptance of applications from cloud increases so Internet infrastructures are more and more. Part of a corporate network that already has way more no clearly definable boundaries.
Therefore, in our view, wins the asymmetric WAN optimization in importance: the acceleration in the corporate data center. This is the set screw on the corporate IT can rotate in order to speed up the delivery of content from the Internet or from SaaS applications. "
Uli Brox, Brocade: " Ethernet Fabrics and concomitantly, virtualization services are used more and more by customers because they simplify network administration enormously too easy expansion or scalability of the network by self-configuring components in both the data center and in Campus networks lead to a rethinking of many network operators worth it in any case, at an early stage to deal with this issue.”
Tarik Erdemir, D-Link: "Server virtualization in Germany is likely to slow heading into a veritable rate of 60 percent, and by 2014 an increase is forecast at 75 percent of this increase, combined with the increasing capacity of server systems, bringing the much-discussed jump to 40 GbE / 100 GbE in the data center network in the budget. This step is inevitable, because the traffic moving mainly between the servers (East-West, OW) and only the result to the client (South-North, SN) is delivered. Currently this ratio is 75 percent / 25 percent (OW / SN).
The current hype around Software-Defined Networks (SDN) will first complete the current trends Data Center Bridging (DCB) and switching fabric in the data center, and later spread in the campus. The advantages in the management and automation of networks with flexibility make SDN equally attractive for data center and also for the campus. This development fits in very well with the customer requirements in terms of higher efficiency through industrialization of IT.
The Campus LAN will be the effects of virtual desktops (VDI), desktop video applications and the increasing mobility "result" and insert 10 Gigabit Ethernet in Access. Especially the increase of mobile devices is the use of new wireless standard 802.11ac (also called Gigabit WLAN) and requires new network concepts. Besides the quick dissipation of the resulting mobile data on 10 GbE access switches number and variety of mobile devices will be a challenge. A large number of users will expect the best wireless connectivity on any device. This will come in the top 500 as well as to authorities, hospitals and hotels. From a security perspective, here's a new use (equipment, profiles, user-based) is required - without the "user experience" limit. In the future, more solutions with a good value for money, offering attractive quality and reliability, make the race. "
Olaf Hagemann, Extreme Networks: "It is quite clear that the bandwidths continue to increase 10GbE is now the default network connections. You do not need crystal ball to predict that 100 GbE in core 2014 is increasingly prevail Terabit Ethernet is though... still some way off, but as a synonym for the next stage after 100 GbE already ubiquitous. A question will be the extent to SDN will prevail in width. Here is still a lot of marketing in the game. However, there are products without the SDN option and support for protocols like OpenFlow and OpenStack have difficulty establishing them in the market. Extremes will provide this option in any case for the customers. "
Mark Harden, F5: "Networks need to be controlled from a cost point, as well but also be agile in order to respond quickly and cost to the business claims to safety requirements must be adhered to, what is in view of the flexible access of employees, customers, partners and suppliers to corporate resources plays an important role. In this way, each terminal can be used. This leads to improved productivity, growth and customer satisfaction. "
Frank Pieper, Juniper: "SDN makes for a great change in the networking industry for Juniper, we believe that the impact of SDN are much stronger than expected by many previously Theme networking is redefined, and we will have new winners and.. losers in the market watch thank SDN, the networking industry that offer extend to their customers around two critical services providers now have the opportunity innovations to deliver faster, first, at the same time customers can integrate them. Secondly, the cost of running a network is drastically reduced. "
Ralf Koenzen, LANCOM: "Generally speaking, particularly in our key focus areas of safety, availability and bandwidth, we expect a lot of development potential. Thus, vectoring for ADSL connections - if this trend continues and is introduced - at low prices, much more bandwidth for many connections offer. Besides, the increasing availability of fiber connectivity is significantly more performance routers require, the ever-improving LTE network coverage opens the market for more, equipped with additional features such as Wi-Fi "All-in-one" devices. Moreover, new wireless internet ensure standards and a great interest of mobile operators in the so-called "LTE offloading" (shift traffic away from the cellular network) for a further proliferation of wireless networks with seamless for the user changes the data traffic. "
Jörg Delete, Netgear: "In the coming years, the penetration of 10 Gigabit technologies will play a major role in the networks of small and medium enterprises Productivity and competitiveness today together directly with the network infrastructure used, which in turn demands on network security increased and administration of the technologies used networking products must also be available at a adapted to the SME Award. Thus, for example, 10-GBASE-T copper switches and affordable storage systems in focus. Today's situation is such that it are dozens of solutions that provide enterprise functionality, but mostly for medium-sized companies are too expensive or too complex to manage, because the products were designed primarily for enterprise networks and are then scaled for the middle class., the need to change the network vendor, and that is why it has taken on the task Netgear to develop products that are tailored in terms of technology and price to meet the requirements of SMEs." (Hal)

About Author:
Tim Richard is helping in IT exams training and working with W1D.Net as an exam writer.