Mobile Phone: Changed the view of the world

People in Japan are watching TV while traveling in a train
Mobile phone is a device which was not so available before 50 years from today in this world.But now more than half of the population of this world uses mobile phones.People was not able to think that he will watch TV on his mobile phone while he is walking.But the blessing of 3G has made this possible through mobile phone.People are now making their payments by this mobile phone.In the African countries where there is no doctor,by taking the picture of the blood sample through a microscope attached mobile phone and sending the MMS through this mobile phone people are getting treatment through this mobile phone.E-banking is an easy task which can be done by this mobile phone.People can track their location through a mobile phone.Mobile phone has given us the facility to browse internet through which we can get connected with the whole world.

In some developing countries in Asia like India,they are providing the farmer valuable information about their crops and farmers are getting advantage by using mobile phone.In Bhutan "Jakat" was done by this mobile phone.
People can talk and see the people on the other side through this mobile phone.So,there is no question that the scope of thinking is much broad now.Now we can think many exclusive things which were quite impossible just few years ago.

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