Annoyed with local ISP broadband connection? Then Go for WiMax

Are you still using the broadband at your home?Are you getting annoyed about their services when you do not get the facility when you need most?Then you do not need to depend on those broadband ISP's landline connection.
Generally local ISP provides you the connection which is wired and through optical fiber.When the weather is not good at those days they may switch off their server to get rid of any damage by thundering.So,you will not get service on those days.Also if any wire get cut off then also you will face the outage in service.So,though you are paying full amount,you are not getting the service at full.

So,to avoid this situation the best alternative is to use WiMax.As WiMax is an wireless service so you will not be dependent on the wire and you will get the service relentlessly.You can also use WiMax for your office also.With WiMax you will be able to move anywhere but the broadband connection is fixed.If you have a laptop why don't you then get the facility of seamless internet?
The only disadvantage by using WiMax you will fill is you will not get service if your workplace is over 5-6th floor.Cause their antennas are not at that much of height.Otherwise WiMax is better for browsing.

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