Broadband Communications over Power Lines (BPL / PLC)

PLC (also known as BPL) is a technique for sending high speed data through the medium voltage power distribution network
The idea of sending data through the power distribution network is not new
Utilities use LF for network control and telemetry (typically < 0.200 MHz)
Schools have used carrier current system for “campus radio” systems that operate in the AM band (0.530 – 1.700 MHz)
What makes BPL different is that it uses frequencies between 2 and 80 MHz
BPL or Broadband Over Power Line is a technology where the data is carried through a conductor to reach the remote areas. For this the electrical power transmission cable is used as the transmission media.
The power line electric transmission carries high voltage power then distributes over medium voltage and at last this is used inside the building as a low voltage. This power line transmission can be used in each stage. All power line communication system uses the technology of impressing a modulated carrier signal on the wiring system. Different types of power line communication system uses different types of frequency. The propagation problem is limited just because of the limiting factor for each type of power line communication.
BPL or PLC is in the eye of the beholder:
  1. In-Home: LAN replacement or Broadband connection Sharing
  2. In-Network: Broadband to customers or DSL and cable competitive
  3. In-Building: LAN/WAN connectivity inside or to building
  4. In-Control: Home appliance automation

Current Communication  Deploys and operates BPL system for both residential and business area customers.It can also function as a fully equipped ,complete ISP(Internet Service Provider).

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