Google Plus : The Real Killer of Facebook !

Yeah!Google plus is going to be a real killer of Facebook.Do you want to know what is the point that it is Going to minimize the popularity of Facebook?The point is its real killing features.Please check the features by clicking here.

May be your are not ready to agree that you face problem in Facebook.Example - Suppose you are a teacher and one of your student is your friend.You do not want to comment your student on that status then how can you help it in Facebook?But in Google Plus the feature "Circle" is a real solution for this one.Separate your circle.Student is in student is in student circle and Friends are in friend circle.So,no problem.

You have a video in your mobile but you want to upload some picture form this video then instant upload is the real option to do this.

You want to make a group chat you have also this option in Google plus.It's named "Huddle".

"Sparks" is an option which you allow you to get the related things that you want to watch or you will like the topic.


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