Dr. Ashir Ahmed Connecting ICT to Rural Bangladesh

Towards solving social issues by using ICT, Dr. Ashir Ahmed is carrying out research in Kyushu university, Japan as an associate professor and as a project director in Grameen Communications, Bangladesh. After receiving his Ph.D. in information sciences in 1999 from Tohoku University, Japan, he joined JGN (Japan Gigabit Network) project to establish a NOC in Tohoku region.  In 2001, he joined AVAYA in-region R&D labs (former bell labs) to R&D on Avaya’s SIP based VoIP products. Dr. Ahmed joined NTT Communications (the largest ISP in the world) to include home appliances into SIP framework. Since 2007, Dr. Ahmed is offering his ICT skills for social development works and is creating new opportunities for the unreached community in the world.
The way that he thinks is "The way that technologies have been commoditized does not serve the poor, the largest community in the world.  Many problems in health, education, business, and agriculture can be solved simply if developers, managers and distributers of technologies consider the requirements of this largely unreached population. Kyushu University in Japan and Grameen Communications in Bangladesh undertook initiatives to explore the field of social-needs-based technology and product development. This talk will introduce some of our innovations: ePassbook as an electronic gadget; a social information platform to bring new business opportunities to rural people; a portable clinic for the unreached patients. Each of these projects has been developed with the involvement of industries, academia, government and the community which the product will serve. However, a central entity is required to effectively collaborate with all these organizations and to deploy them for the target population through social business. Our Grameen Technology Lab in Kyushu University is a model to respond to these needs"
 On 4th July he came to East West University,Bangladesh to share his experiences and shared various information about his projects.His recent projects are GramWeb,e-Passbook,Portable Clinic,IGPF,Renewable Energey,IROP(International Research Opportunity Progam)
Contact Address:
Ashir Ahmed, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Advanced Information Technology, Kyushu University
W2-648, Ito Campus
744, Moto'oka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan
Tel: 092-802-3632
Email: ashir@soc.ait.kyushu-u.ac.jp


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