Mobile VoIP - Bangladesh Is Going To be The Biggest Outsourcing Location

The outsourcing business which is related to VoIP is going to touch $1 billion within 2015.This outsourcing business can bring a good future to the country named Bangladesh.In BASIS software Expo 2011 this was the topic of discussion.I personally agree with the topic of the discussion that Bangladesh can change her fortune with the business of outsourcing.This discussion was organized by REVE Systems.
One of the keynote speakers Sukanta Dey, ex-President of Tata Teleservices told in the discussion that the mobile carriers are outsourcing their specialized works like billing,customer care,IT service and network management to some expert and specialized companies.
As Bangladesh is listed among top 30 outsourcing destinations in the world,this is quite sure that in future Bangladesh is going to get a lot of work.
Now the question is how VoIP will correlate this with outsourcing?Now think a company from Malaysia wants to handle all billing related calls by Bangladeshi people.Then VoIP can change the total model cause we know using VoIP the call rate is lower and in that case it will take an important part cause the calls are coming from overseas and if any customer needs to call by the agent then he or she can also make the call with lower rate.


Thanks for the explanation, I never thought if VoIP can be used to contact the mobile device.

Thanks for the information. It's always good to know what are the trends in telecommunication market technologies.

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