5 Predictions of Telecommunication in Bangladesh in the Year 2012

Bangladesh, a developing country in the Asia is growing faster in the field of Telecommunication.The use of telecommunication devices and telecommunication facilities are increasing day by day in this country.WiMax has taken the place of ISP(Internet Service Provider) in Bangladesh.3G is coming to add another dimension in GSM technology.People are using more smart phone than before.Considering all these things below are 5 predictions which may occur in the field of telecommunication in the year 2012.

1. Introduction to 3G in 2012:
The magic of 3G is going to be touched by the mobile user of Bangladesh.The magic of 3G is really something different which is going to be implemented in the coming year 2012.Most of the private mobile operators has already upgraded their network to make it compatible with 3G.People will like to see the faces of the people who they are talking to and will love the magic of video in 3G.

2. More Smart Phone Usage in 2012:
People have already started using smart phones in cities.But outside the big cities the usage of SmartPhone are not that much.But in the coming year with the exploration of 3G People will use more smartphone that this year.To make the proper use of 3G all need to use smartphone.All the magics and applications are based on those smartphones.

3. More Corporate and Private user of WiMax in 2012:
As the WiMax providers are expanding their network and it was written in thier license terms that withing 2 years the WiMax providers need to cover 60% geographical .So,they will expand their network outside the metros.So,the WiMax providers will add more individual users of WiMax in the coming year 2012.

4.DTH (Direct to Home) instead of Cable 2012:
As most of the countries are planning to use LTE(Long Term Evolution) so the spectrum required for LTE will be freed up which is been used by the TV channels .To make it real most of the people need to use DTH to see the satellite channels.So,in the coming year there is a possibility to start the business of DTH.

5.More WiFi zone or Internet Hot Spots in 2012:
As most of the corporate people in the big cities use Laptops and smartphones in Metro cities,so the need of WiFi zone will become more.So,all the shopping malls,big resturants and public places are going to be WiFi based and online advertisement will become more popular.


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