“Mustafa M. Hussain” - Changing the Definition of Telecommunication In Bangladesh

Mustafa M Hussain has considerable experience of the telecommunications industry including its market, standards and regulations. Amongst the recent engagements that Mustafa has carried out are: The Implementation of Technology Integration Solutions, Telecom Technology & Regulatory Strategy Management, Network. Management, Operations and Rollout, Project Management, Marketing and Sales for a Telecommunications company, Tasks related to Product Road map, Product Proposals, Product Presentations, Solution write-ups, Technical Pre-sales, Concept papers, New Venture Roll out, New initiative and business opportunity, Design of Telecom Business models and innovative strategies. Mustafa operates effectively at technical, marketing and strategic management levels and is a competent and practical engineer in both academic and commercial environments. He is also a PR/Communication specialist.
Mustafa M Hussain holds MSc Engineering Degree in Telecommunications from King’s College London. He is an Assistant Professor of East West University in the department of Electronics and Communication.
Mustafa M. Hussain is the first person in Bangladesh who introduced the new equipment named “Swissqual” in Bangladesh. Leading telecommunication operators in Bangladesh are now optimizing their networks using this tool.
Though Mustafa M. Hussain is from the Telecommunication background, his working interest is not only restricted within this region. His presence is in all those places where something creative and upto date is going to be happened.
He is also actively involved in telecommunication research work and have more than 20 international publications.
If anyone has more interest about him then he can CLICK HERE.

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