CMEC is the main contractor to Implement 3G in Bangladesh Not Huawei !

 China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) has signed a contract with Teletalk Bangladesh Limited to implement the project “Introduction of 3G Technology and Expansion of 2.5G Network” .For implementing this publicly important project the company has engaged the world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators, i.e. Shanghai Alcatel Lucent Bell and Huawei as sub contractors. Their network vision is a planned act project over three years and includes: Initiation of 3G Network and Modernization of Teletalk 2.5G CORE network.
Please be noted that CMEC is engaged in the business of acting as main contractor of the international engineering contracting and the export of complete plant, its business scope covers over 120 countries in five continents worldwide. Its business sectors involve in power generation, transmission and transformation, light industry, textiles, food, building materials, communication, railway, harbour, telecommunication, broadcasting and TV, ship-building, metallurgy and mining.


All the incident did not draw as much international attention as it was needed. Later in the year 2009 more than twelve countries around the world deployed navies on the Gulf of Aden in order to fight the issue of maritime piracy. The United Nations passed four important resolutions on the anti piracy issue during this time.

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