Unable To Log In To myLot From Yesterday!

Those who do not know about myLot i just want to tell them myLot is a forum which is open for the people worldwide and this forum pays its member for posting discussion and answering in the discussion board.This is a kind of very decent forum with very decent people who shares there knowledge and experiences through this forum.
Yes, i am unable to Log in to myLot account from yesterday.The day before yesterday i was also facing problem to log in to myLot.It is already 24 hours over and still i am unable to log in to myLot account.I think millions of users of myLot are facing the same problem.It is very painful when you cannot do one thing a single day which you do everyday.I am eagerly waiting for the responses form my friend in my lot.
I am missing new discussion from the friends.Hope they are also dying to use myLot and every now and then they are also checking myLot and getting depressed experiencing that myLot is not still ok.

I have exam tomorrow but still i am trying to login to myLot to check for some new discussion.Hope myLot will come back soon and i will start my new discussion.
Friends and readers please let me know through the comments if myLot comes back in between this time.
Happy myLotting!
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