How to Recover Deleted File In Windows PC?

May be you have deleted some important file or picture from your windows mistakenly or after the system crash you are not getting some file.Then what is the solution to get those files?Is there any solution or you will loose all those data?

Don't get worried.You have solution.In most of the cases you will get the deleted files by using some recovery software which finds you deleted files.But in most of the cases they are very expensive and to recover large amount of data the price is about .2 million.So,for the general user it is not possible to buy those software.

For the general user there is one software which is named as Recuva.Recuva is such kind of software which will tell you after deeply scanning you drive whether if that file is recoverable or not.If it is recoverable then by pressing the "Recover" button you will be able to recover the file.This is not only functional for hard drive.It can also recover data from external hard drive,digital camera and pendrive.You can download the software from HERE.


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