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After passing out the B Sc. people enter in the job market and they do not carry any industrial or job experience.But the telecommunication company that is offering job must need some quality among that guy and they also question the boy accordingly.They try to judge whether the guy that they are hiring whether he has the capability to learn the things that they are going to teach him later or not?So,they try to ask question which are basic and according to this they judge the interviewee.In telecommunication field there are lots of question which are basic and the person need to know.This is not possible for me to list all the questions related to telecommunication job interview.But i will try to publish them in this blog in parts.This is my first part of the job interview question.Below are some sample job interview questions with answers:

First of all try to remember that the people in the interview board do not have enough time to judge you.They also want quick answers but having the main point.So,do not try to explain in a lengthy manner and try to be to the point.It will help them to judge you.It also shows your smartness.
Question 1: What is modulation?

Answer: Modulation means sending one signal with the help of other signal to a long distance.We use carrier signal to send the base band signal to a long distance.Generally the frequency of the baseband signal frequency is less so we use the carrier signal with high frequency to transmit the baseband signal to a long distance.If you want to through a piece of paper to a long distance then it will not go to a long distance.But if you try to throw it wrapping up a brick piece with that paper then it will travel a long distance.Modulation is like this.

Question 2: What is Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation ? Which one is better?

Answer: In amplitude modulation we modulate the amplitude of the signal.But in frequency modulation we modulate the frequency of the signal.

In amplitude modulation the coverage is very high but the quality is not that good.But in Frequency modulation the coverage is not that high but the quality is good.

Like in Bangladesh Betar we use Amplitude modulation that is why it is having a large coverage area but in FM radio station we use frequency modulation so the coverage is not that much but the quality is high.

Question 3: What are the steps to make the signal from analog to digital?

Answer :To make the signal from analog to digital we do the below steps:
  1. Sampling
  2. Quantization
  3. Pulse Code Modulation
 Question 4: What is quantization error?

Answer: To make the signal from analog to digital we do Quantization which means leveling the signal in some certain levels.While doing this leveling the signal loses its originality and the push to the upper level or to adjust it to the lower level some error happens which causes the error.This is called quantization error.

Question 5: Why we do modulation?

Answer: 1. We want to transmit the signal over a long distance so we do modulation to send it to a long distance.
2. If we do not use modulation then we might need a large size of antenna which is not possible in practical case.

Question 6: In the air the signal is analog or digital signal?

Answer: In the air all signals are analog cosine or sinusoidal wave.There is no question to have digital signal in the air.

Question 7: What is mobile station?

Answer: Mobile station is nothing but our Mobile handset + SIM (Subscriber Identity Module).

Question 8: One E1 is having how many timeslots?

Answer: One E1 is having 32 time slots.

Question 9: Which type of technique we use in WiMax?

Answer: We use OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) in WiMAX.

Question 10: In GSM we use CDMA or TDMA?

Answer: We use Time Division Multiple Access in GSM.

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Ans 7. is wrong MS=Mobile Equipment (ME)+ SIM
Ans 8. E1 have 32 channels (Channel 0 is sync and Channel 16 signalling)

@ Faisal ..thanks for correcting me.

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