Techniques to Make Home Made Mother's Day Cards

To gift our mother buying something new is one thing and making something for her is different.When we make something for our nearer or dearer one the emotion gets involved with it and the person will also can feel the love towards her or him.
Same in the case of Mother's Day card.Making something for your nearest one in the world is very special and will make your day special.Then why not try something new like below samples?

 You can make the above mothers day card by using one hard paper.Then you need to fold it.Now put two stones on two sides of the line "Happy Mother's Day".Above the line you can do some kind of design.You need to cut some small pieces of fabrics like the above one then by folding the cloth you can make the above dress and make the card more beautiful.Instead of using the clothes you can use flower and paste it on the cards.That will be another Mother's Day Card Design.You can also use plant leaves to make the card more colurful.
 For the above card you need to have one paper then you need to fold the paper.Then you can use Noodles and by pasting the noodles you can write "Happy Mothers Day".The flower designs can be made by either paper or cork sheets or fabrics.You can make different designs.
 This is a lovely design on the handkerchief.I just love the design.Just buy one white handkerchief or handkerchief with any color.Then you can paint it on it or by sewing on the handkerchief you can make different design.This is the beautiful one and have lots of emotion in it.
The above card is very simple to make.Just take one hard card paper then cut any kind of fabric and write whatever you want to write.Then you need to stitch it on the card.Now your mother's day card is ready.


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