Net Income of Grameen Phone Increased But Profit Decreases

The top ranked mobile operator in Bangladesh is Grameenphone.Recently one data analysis proved that though its total income increases but the net profit decreases.The income per share is also decreased.This data are been recovered from the first quarter of this year 2012.In the mean time the number of subscriber increasing rate has also decreased.The net profit per user has also decreased and the investment in the network has also been decreased.Though the internet data usage has increased.

Income Per user:
Though there has been nothing described about this in the Tuesday meeting but in the mother company website (Telenor website) it is been specified that Grameenphone has lost 6% income per user.They has pointed out the reason as the variation of dollar against BDT.

ARPU (Avrage Revenue Per User):
This is also been decreased in this quarter of the year.The ARPU is not 203 taka which was around 216 taka in the previous year.

Internet Usage Increases:
Though new users are not added that much but the number of internet users has already reached to 58 Lakh and 20 thousand (5.82 Million) which was only 24 Lakh last year.This is a rapid growth.Grameenphone is hoping that it will increase more in this current year.


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