Zakaria Swapn's Article in Priyo Tech About Spectrum Fee in Bangladesh and Some Questions

Today i was reading one article written by Zakaria Swapan in Priyo Tech,which is a technological blog in Bangladesh and Zakaria Swapan is the Editor of this blog.In the article he was comparing the spectrum license fee with the license fee of India.Also he was telling that the license fee should be mitigated like India.

His points were that if the licensing fee gets mitigated then the operators will not impose much more charges of the calling rate and data rate.He was trying to tell that Bangladesh government should mitigate the license fee and if it happens so then people will be more happy and they will be able to use the facilities by spending a little amount of money.Which is kind of patriotism.
But from my point of view,the scenario in India and Bangladesh are not the same! Cause in Bangladesh most of the companies except Teletalk are outsiders.Airtel is from India,Grameen Phone is from Norway and so so.So,they will transfer their revenue to their home country and Bangladesh and the people of Bangladesh will get nothing.So,the maximum amount of money which we can get from the telecom operators is the spectrum fee.So,from my point of view Bangladesh government is doing good by imposing a more amount of money for the licensing fee.

But in India,most of the companies origin is in India and their money is not going to get transferred outside their country. So,if they can minimize the licensing renewal fee then the people will get better service with a low price.

But in Bangladesh operators are not thinking with the people.Their policy makers will impose much more calling rate.They do not really care whether they are paying more money or less money for the renewal.They only care about their revenue.

We have seen these scenario when Grameen Phone just started their business then the call rate was like 7 BDT.At that time they did not have to pay a big amount for the licensing .

I understand the big amount of licensing fee is good for two operators in Bangladesh and lots of politics are going behind the licensing scenario but still the high amount is good for Bangladeshi people.

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