Bangaldesh Army Asked For the 1800 MHz Band to BTRC !

Yes,Bangladesh army asked for the 1800 MHz band to BTRC.On 28 th March they had a meeting with BTRC and they also presented one seminar on the Spectrum usage in Bangladesh.
This is to be noted that the large area of spectrum is owned by Bangladesh Amry in Bangladesh.When the asked for the 1800 Mhz spectrum,BTRC told to the journalists that they will not ask for the whole bandwidth rather they need some couple of Megahertz in 1800 MHz band.
They also told that as Bangladesh Army has asked for this band there is no way to say no to them.It is very easy for them to grant and pass the formalities to import the equipments for 1800 Mhz band.
This is also to notify that as 1800 MHz is user friendly as the equipments and transmission process is much more simple than  other bands commercially the mobile operators were using the band.
Just for privacy Bangladesh did not explain anything to BTRC for which purpose they need this bandwidth.

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