Mobile Consumers Likely to Click on Retail, Weather, Dining and Sports Ads

A small study of mobile users found that mobile ads relating to retail stores, weather, dining and sports resonated well with users.
In general, the study by mobile ad agency, Mojiva - of just 100 people though - showed that more than 60% of users click on mobile ads at least one a week. When seeing an ad, half of users indicated that they would play a game, download an application, or visit a Web site after seeing an ad -- but only 22% said they would make a purchase, and only 40% would download a coupon.
  • Graphic ads were sufficient in capturing attention. Exactly 85% of users deemed 'normal banner ads,' 'video ads,' 'ads that let me interact with them,' or 'animated banner ads' as the forms of marketing they would likely pay attention to
  • Text ads still perform modestly with 13% of users most likely to pay attention; however, only 2% pay attention to expanding screen takeover ads
  • Marketing offers related to magazines, social/dating, airlines, traffic and banking had the least effective performance.
Also of note, Mojiva released their April unique user count, which is sitting just over the 100 million mark in the United States and 471.4 million globally.

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