Printed newspapers have higher memory recall than same story on iPAD

According to a study of iPad users, people who read news stories in paper form are more likely to recall details of the story than those who read the same article on a tablet device.
The study, by French company, Miratech found that readers are more likely to skim over articles on an iPad than in a newspaper.
The study asked a representative sample of participants to read similar information from a printed newspaper first, and then from its iPad version. Participants in the study were already iPad users, so we avoided any bias associated with learning how to use the iPad (discovering the functions, playing with the zoom, etc.).
They were allowed to freely manipulate both the paper and iPad versions, and we monitored their behavior as they read. Miratech used eye tracking technology to follow their gaze path. After reading, they measured how well the user had remembered the articles and adverts.
Although no there was no significant difference in reading time, for concentration and retention, paper was found to be the clear winner.
This increased concentration results in a better retention of printed articles. After reading, only 70% of participants recall an article read on an iPad, compared with 90% for paper.


Yeah!!! As a lifelong newspaperman I naturally love this. It is sad, however, that newspaper readership has fallen so low since I first began in the business, at least here in the U.S.

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