PayPal Sues Google for stealing PayPal's Trade Secret

This time the friction is with not with Facebook.This time PayPal is blaming Google.
On the very first day Google launched its mobile payment platform service,PayPal makes a lawsuit against Google.They are telling that PayPal was talking with Google for a good number of time to make a payment platform together.For these  reason they have also shared some secrets among them to make the collaboration and also some valuable and secret things from PayPay are shared with Google but at last by hiring one employee from PayPal named Osama Bedier.Bedier was working with PayPal from 2002 and after leaving PayPal he was the Vice President of Platform, Mobile, and New Ventures.
Bedier is also carrying the same post in Google.Significantly, PayPal is claiming that Bedier transferred up-to-date versions of documents outlining its mobile payment and point of sale strategies to his non-PayPal computer just days before leaving the company for Google on Jan 24, 2011.
Google still did not react about this lawsuit.

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