Google Drive is Already Been Launched !

After all the rumors and all the discussions Google has finally launched its Cloud service or new service of Google which is Google Drive.The users will get 5 Giga byte only by registering themselves in the cloud.The users will be able to upload and preserve the google docs,google pictures,videos,pictures  and PDF documents.The organization has been told that they have designed the service such that the users will be able to live in it,play in it and also can do work in it.

The video is excellent!You can check this:

The service is been integrated with the Google docs and Google plus.The service can be installed to MAC,Android phone/tablet and PC.Though the service is still not available for the IOS but shortly it will be available for IOS.The facility has screen reader so the blind people will be able to use that facility also.
By using the screen reader facility you will be able to get the search result just by uploading pictures.If you upload a newspaper page then you will get all the related information about that newspaper.If you upload the picture of Statue of Liberty ,you will get all the pictures of Statue of Liberty.You will also be able to open PDF ,HD Video,Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop documents and in total 30 documents like this even if you do not have those programs installed in your PC.


Google Drive is excellent but it is not still available for Windows.When it will be available it will be a great one.

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