How to Get Higher Pager Rank of Your Blog !

May be you are having a blog or an website which you like most and working hard to make your blog or website a good one.But your blog is not getting upto the mark.Cause the pagerank of your blog is not good.This is a real pain.
I was also experiencing the pain.Cause i was posting some good contents but in the search result my blog was not coming in the upper position.Then i searched the whole web for several weeks to get some tips cause at that moment i understood that this is not only about content.There is some technical thing that also matters to establish your blog in the web.
The first thing is that you need to make the pagerank of your blog higher.At least "Pagerank 3" so that your reader gets your blog on the first page in the search result.
Now the question is how to do this?There are two ways....

1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) ,which means that you need to select some words which are related to your blog and you need to use those words in your blog post frequently.So the search engine robot gets your post in a higher rank and shows it in the first page.This is a good technique.For the words you can  check google keyword tool.

2.You must have some quality backlinks.Backlinks means a link which is connected to your website with other high page rank website.I am using the word "higher page rank" cause if the link is not from a higher page then it will not help you to upgrade your page rank.

So,how to get the backlinks from higher Pagerank pages?This is not that much easy but i have some tips to get some backlinks from higher page rank pages.

 How to get higher BACKLINKS for free?

You can do the below things:

1. Submit your blog URL to some High Page Rank blog directory and get the nice widget from that blog directory.If you check below my page your will get these kinds of blog directory where it is possible to submit your blog.

2.You can put your website URL as a comment to some High Page Rank Pages.Some higher page rank websites allow you to comment you and submit your blog URL.How you will put the link?Just do the below thing.You can write in the comment as :

"Your post is very nice.It helped me to gather some new and important information.You can also visit my blog <a href=>YOUR BLOG NAME</a>"

Put your website URL in the "" and put the blog name to YOUR BLOG NAME.

3.Make guest posts to higher page rank blogs and leave your blog url in your post.In my blog also there is an option for GUEST POSTING.You can submit an article and leave your website url.Which will help to get an url for free.

How to SEO your blog?

1.First of all check some word or phrase in "Google Keyword Tool".It is totally free.Like if your blog is related to technology then search by "Computer Configuration".Enable the advanced search option.Select the Global Monthly Search and Local Monthly Search and select the competition as "Medium" 
2.Now you will be able to find the word which is highly searched in the internet.
3.Now select the "Keyword" that you want and write an article based on that keyword.
4.Use that keyword in each line.If you are writing 300 words article then use your keyword at least 10 times.

Hope the above tips will work.You can see my another post which will explain you to get 1000 backlinks for free.

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Having a higher ranking in the web must have the effort to post continuously. I is true that getting a higher page rank will also be attained by using search engine optimization like White Label SEO, which is usually being used today.

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