Reasons Not to Get The Best Facility of WiMAX In Bangaldesh?

WiMAX is now very popular in Bangladesh cause it is providing high speed and also unlimited download.But are we really getting the good speed and the best service of WiMAX in Bangladesh?I can tell you surely that no,we are not getting the best service now.
Now i can understand the difference cause the line that i am using 50 Mbps line.Can you imagine with comparing the speed in Bangladesh?
The reason is that the WiMAX users are not operators are not using sufficient bandwidth for transmission.
When the user is in mobile(like in a car) the Doppler frequency affects the speed and the connection also gets unstable.
Simply speaking when the user is in high speed and comes closer to the transmission source then high frequency is needed and when the user go away from the source it needs greater frequency.
So,if we want to get the exact speed then the WiMAX operators need to increase their bandwidth.
Actually the WiMAX operators are cheating us.As the users are also increasing to get internet they are also decreasing their service.

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