Yahoo Sacked 2000 Employee !!

Yes,yahoo sacked 2000 employee at a time,which is highest in its history.After selecting in charge of Yahoo ,the new CEO Scot Thomson sacked total 2000 employee at a time which is a record in Yahoo's history.

The percentage of sacking is like 14%.Cause Yahoo is right now having 14,000 employees.Scot has already filed a case against Facebook regarding copyright issue.
This is assumed that Scott Thomson is doing all these just for the good of the Yahoo and to save Yahoo.But this is very difficult at this moment.He is also planning to release some advertise platform which is new and has in his mind.
But this is true that Scot is giving importance form the user point of view and taking this in mind he is rearranging the total service.He is also giving importance to the mobile users.
This is noted that,Yahoo is a popular web portal and is having a strong mail market.But this is very weak compared to Google and Facebook.Google and Facebook has got the target advertisement facilities but Yahoo is not having this technology and facility.

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