Google Is Going To Launch Augmented Reality Technology !

Many organizations in western world are working to make the implementation of Augmented Reality.Google is the most updated among them as it progress is remarkable.Recently Google has just published the spectacle which is based on Augmented Reality.
Augmented Reality Glass_ Google

The spectacle that Google has launched is very simple in design.There is also a transparent video screen in front of the eyes to visualize the video.
The developers of this product is very much conscious about the response in the market which is described by BBC.Though Google still did not told anything about the promotion of this tool.
The "Project Glass" which is a special project of Google which is working on this technology just shared the information telling that they need some important suggestion about this tool.
Google has confirmed that if someone wear the glass then he will be able to use 14 programs.
 If any friend gives any message to you then the message will come out as a pop up.
If you go outside it will give you the information about the temperature.
It will also show you the direction of the path that you want to go.
There is also a sound system which is integrated with it.
It can also be used to do video conferencing.

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