Global iNet 2012 Has Been Started in Geneva,Switzerland!

For the occasion of the completing 20 successful years of "The Internet Society" Global iNet 2012 is held in Geneva,Switzerland.The opening ceremony is been held in Geneva International Convention Center (GICC).
Jimmy Wales creator of Wikipedia speaks during the opening plenary of the Internet Society, Global INET 2012 conference, held at the CICG, Geneva, Switzerland.

The main article is been presented by the Father of Packet Network Mathematical Theory Dr.Leonard Clenrok who is a professor in California Los Angels University,Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wallace,Secretary General Dr. Hamadun Ture ,who is the Secretary General of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and President of Internet Society & CEO of Internet Society Lin Amur.
The speakers tried to focus on the future internet technology.The Internet Society Started their journey on 1992.Though internet society started their journey with the slogan "Internet for all" but still there are some places in the world where there is very less number of internet user.
Though in some of the country people treat internet as the basic need but in future it can be treated more than basic need.The speakers told that the internet is now in the teen age and in future where it will go we can imagine.


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